Hello, welcome back podcasters, welcome back to another Edition another podcast with me. I am your host Jared Johnson, co-founder Platinum, pest & Lawn with my wonderful wife, Jennifer Johnson mother, of our three little children with more to come. I am sure that we are Pest Control Tulsa, where Tulsa’s Premier pest control company servicing the greater Tulsa area for various pest needs, such as at bed bugs and silverfish and scorpions and spiders and ants and mice and termites, and the list goes on and on and On., Plus we do we control as well. We can fertilization so if you’re dealing with any type of weeds out of your yard, you want you to look good. You want to leave your home with a Perfect Lawn and the pest gone. Then it’s time to give us a call, but first of all, we want to thank you for joining and in the podcast. We are excited to have you here. This is your first-time welcome if you are a regular welcome as. Well, if you are a regular podcaster, you know that we are no stranger to trivia. I’m in this podcast we’re going to ask you all sorts of fun facts, I’m working at or we’re going to give you all sorts of fun facts that she isn’t fun.
Questions but when it’s all said and done, we just want you to remember one thing right, and that is how you can get in contact with us. Another way that you going to be able to get in contact with us, you’re going to have to Google us right so you’re going to have to have some Google skills, or at least some very basic Google skills, meaning that you have to know how to turn on a tablet or phone or computer here, I need that know how to go to Google and type in the search bar you’re going to need to know how to type as well and what you need to put in the search bar, which can you type in the search bar is Pest Control Tulsa and press enter.
It’S that simple, just typed Pest Control Tulsa and then what’s going to happen? If you’re going to see our website, you going to click on the link, we’re going to come out we’re going to take care. Of that way, you don’t have to deal with it within your past issues. You don’t have to deal with your lawn issues. We can handle that all okay, I’m not even join them. We’Ve done a lot of podcasts on ants. Lately, we’re going to continue to podcast on Aunt um, but some of those facts that we’ve gone over we’re going over how much can lift and it cool if 20 times its own body weight. So if that’s a, if ants were people write that mean the second-grader could actually lift up a car. I’m pretty unique. Now answer have lungs and they don’t have ears okay. So if he asks don’t have long as they don’t have ears, you think it can be hard for him to survive, but that’s false. I’m ants are very good about survival, they’re very good about their Coney surviving right, I’m! So if you had any ants in your home that are surviving in your home that we do not want to survive in your home go ahead and give us a call right. I, like I said before you just have to look up Pest Control Tulsa. Okay, that’s it just type that in automation come up and we could you just give us a call we’ll make sure those paths will make sure those ants do not survive in your home any longer. Okay, they don’t have lungs, they don’t have ears, but yet they can still hear they hereby sensing vibrations in the ground.
Right. That’S one way that they here now they actually breathe actually have their bodies are full of these little holes that they absorb oxygen in the right arm and also the carbon dioxide actually escapes, though saying whole so similar breathing. So when you bring your breathing air into your mouth or your nose right and then your exhaling, so your auction that when your ex Helen, the carbon dioxide right will ants, are similar as well right. So they have these little holes and that’s how they get their oxygen and they release at the carbon dioxide through those assholes as well. Here are some other fun facts. Okay, so sometimes ants will fight right, okay, a little disclaimer here, if you want, if you see ants biting in your home or on your property, don’t place bets right, you might get busted for gambling. I don’t know how that works.
I don’t know if there’s an underground Aunt gambling ring, but we don’t want to start that we don’t want Tulsa to get known for its Aunt gambling ring right. So if you see ants biting on your property or maybe on the front property or near anywhere near your property, don’t place bets, just call us the next time. You go down the road, and you see that billboard. You know which one I’m talking about the one that says: Pest Control Tulsa, okay, next time you see that pullover Jordan. The number right gives us a call will come out we’ll take care of those and make sure they don’t fight anymore. Well, actually, here’s a fun fact for you did you know when ants fight that usually fights to the death? Yes, that is correct, so normally it’s not just a little bra. When ants go at it, I mean they’re going at it until one of them dies right. Even if one cries is still going on it until one of them is done right glad we’re not that way, but anyways that’s a deal with the ancestor store with Aunt. So if you see that happening, your property, like I said, just Google Pest Control Tulsa right, give us a call, will come out and will eradicate the issue,
make sure you don’t deal with them anymore right, and so we get a lot of calls on ants whenever People start seeing them on the inside and they come inside for different reasons, for various reasons. One reason why they come inside: it’s because there could be a lot of moisture on the ground outside of the conditions could just be to dry. How much also pushes them on the inside as they search for moisture I’m oftentimes, people will orchids all kinds of the crimes or might spill a sugary, drink or some juice, and now attracting it’s also and you’ll see him come to that juice or come to That come not spill and they’re there, just being nice or just helping you clean it upright.
So if you see that happeningI’m just going to give us a call – and we can come out and take care of it and not only do we take care of ants, we take care of this answer. Take care of carpenter, ants, spiders brown, recluse spiders, black widows, spiders flies common house flies drain flies gnats would take care of termites subterranean termites with wings swarming termites flying ants with wings scorpions bed bugs are ringworms webworms bagworms on the list goes on and On and on and on we’ll take care of mosquitoes fleas ticks you name it. If there’s a passed out here in Tulsa, we’re going to Raticate and get it taken care of for you not only that we do also. We also do we control, so we will treat your yard with pre-emergent applications to help prevent weeds from showing up. We will also add a treat with the post. Merge applications will take care of broadleaf weeds, know your grassy weeds Pony and crabgrass Dallisgrass. Really any type of way that could be out there in your yard. We’Re going to oversee the fast. Can the Fescue Lawns we’re going to fertilize will do lawn aeration will get it all done for you. So really all you need to know is how to get a hold of us and again the way that you get ahold of us. If you just go to Google and you type in Pest Control Tulsa, and I click on the link will come out – and I remember when you choose Platinum, pest & Lawn will leave you with the perfect one in your past gone and your first service is just $ 1: that’s correct! You heard that right. Your first service is just $ 1, went platinum, Pest & Lawn


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