Hello, podcasters welcome. Thank you for joining with us we’re. This could be the fifth and final podcast. The morning we are February 3rd. It’s a Saturday temperature is slowly starting to rise. However, it was has been hovering around 30 degrees, a little chilly, but not on typical. For this time of year. Things are going to get colder this week or next week and then they’re going to warm back up again, so you need to be listing from Tulsa or from Oklahoma city or you listen to texas or Wyoming or Arkansas Missouri me listing anywhere in the world. That’s so what that’s? What’s so great about technology? These days you can as long as you have wi-fi or internet access or on your phone or if you download it, then you just take it with you. You can listen to it anytime, anywhere right, and so, if you’re around the Tulsa area, I think you owe it to yourself. If you’re looking for pest control, the company I think you owe it again to your family. I’d really find the best pest control Tulsa has to offer, and so you need to start searching for that now. Maybe that searches, legit yes I, maybe you’re a listen to us cuz. You want to get some pest control. You want the best Pest Control Tulsa that that is available. If so, we can meet you. That is a smart move, a very good thing to do, and congratulations keep that up. Keep doing that very, very good, very noble. In order, in order to do that, so keep going at that. Keep making it happen. But that’s what we’re doing today is we are. We are talking about bugs from talking all sore 7 7, 5 platinum, pest & lawn on the co-founder planet passed along with my wife, Jennifer Johnson, mother of our three children, aka superwoman. That’s what I call her sometimes superwoman cuz she is super duper awesome and the best she is the best and-and so if you are looking to have any type of pest control at your home or not or any weed control your home as you’re. Turning into it to the right place by what you got to do, is you got to give us a call? You might have possibly seen one of those pesky calls Tulsa billboards around town, and that might have been how you got all this information, if so great I’m, going to help you out, but we’re ghosts. How you found us? We are glad that you’re joining what this one glad that you’re listening to this podcast. So some things that we do. You know that we take care of weeds, so pre-emergent applications over for a lawn that prevent weeds from germinating that prevents him from coming up, and so we will put those applications on the lawn all day. Long during the spring and also during the fall. Then also we fertilize the yard. One makes sure it stays clean and green eyes will fertilize it and we do overseed, fescue, lawns and and and would do lawn aeration as well, but we also take care of pests such as fleas and ticks and grubs, and also mice and rats. We do moles and gophers. Are you flying insects like mosquitoes yellow jacket wasp, hornet houseflies we handle has plays as well do carpenter bees? We also do wood bees as well and destroy insects. We are going to do it. Termites want to make sure that you’re home, safe, termite, free cuz, they can do a lot of damage. Termites can and so I swore make sure your home sister might freeze. Well, we handle all the services we do. Bed bugs and cockroaches also I’m. So if you want any of those services performed on your home call us at you might have even got one of the mailers millers that say pest control Tulsa those mailers are ours, also he’s going to reach out to as many people as possible and give them the opportunity to contact us and really have their home done right and performed by and by good professional Georgia reviews. We have over a hundred views all five-star reviews on Google, and so that’s what to look for when you are looking for a pest control company or any companies, is the research amount I’ll take a look at those reviews, see how they’re doing right now we’re confident that we’re doing well with those reviews. So so so it’s important to take a look at that and anything about that as well I’m when choosing to choose the company okay. So today, let’s talk alright, let’s have some real talk. We can get real with it today. So here we are in February pest, control, February ridiculous. What type of bugs are open in February right now is a great time to get started and two to jump on Tremont. We are getting a lot of calls right now and believe or not. We can cause for fleas. It’s not uncommon for a city called to leave this time of year. Mice, we’ve had a lot of calls recently from my eyes now is temperature drops and guess where the mice want to go, you might want to go inside your home. So when did mouse jobs yesterday, my store just everywhere inside these homes, and it’s so we slept in. We took care of the solution. We took care of that right I’m, so we solve the problem at 4 at for those people for those homeowners or better. Yet, if you do not want mice inside the home it’s best that you call it’s okay, you can get on your computer and you can actually google pest, control Tulsa, just google that and our information will come up and you will see us there on all on that. So just do that search I’m, give us a call.

Pest Control Tulsa can help on those mice, so here’s the deal is mice are prolific breeders me and they multiply like crazy. So if you just have a couple of miles coming to your home, one week will, before you know it, they can. They can be everywhere right, you’re, my skin, my skin starts bringing it 2 months old and they can have a number of litters a year. They have a number of babies a year, so so it gets out of control really quickly I’m, so specially, if you have any type of field next to you or any type of development. This happened to you once he brushes hog those fields once they start tearing up the ground. Well, guess what the meister looks for a new home, I’m cuz they had a home and then they start looking for a new one. Cuz he’s gone right and so that home sometimes is your home, but you don’t have to let it be your call, but you got to be proactive about it and give shout. In fact, just any of the signs around town there’s a lot of signing around Tulsa there, any signs that say pest, control, Tulsa and so do that those take care of those I will be out there today to help you out and make sure you don’t deal with those, but those might just take care of I would take care of fleas and ticks do all sorts of flying insects like mosquitoes are buzzing around. They just managed just an inconvenience for people who are one thing we handle. We take care of it. We also take care of other passes well other bugs, besides the mosquitoes okay. So there are, of course, there are mosquitoes. Pest Control Tulsa also take care of a wasp and yellow jacket wood bees and carpenter bees will take care of spiders black widow, spiders brown, recluse, spiders, wolf, spiders, ants, carpenter, ants, you know we take care of all sorts of different type of dance is well will I will take care of bees, not really bees, but we do take care of bed bugs and also termites cockroaches, as well centipedes and millipedes moles and gophers you-name-it grubs. What will handle it? Locations on your yard so we’ll make sure those weeds don’t come up. We also true for the weed to do, grass weeds, like the planet. Grass, Dallas grass crabgrass. We handle it all right and then we also take care of all sorts of different types of bugs all your perfect lawn in your past gone it’s time to take action. Just google search, Pest Control Tulsa and that search allegiant to us clicking are linked and we’ll come out there. For you remember when she’s platinum pest & lawn, we want to leave you with the perfect lawn in your passcode on your first service. Only $1


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