Good morning, podcasters welcome back to another podcast, we’re so happy and excited and thrilled that you’re joining with us. Today it is a nice chilly morning. Tall is definitely in the air. Now, I’m now that it is November 8th, 2017, you yesterday, we finally had some cold weather I come through, but over the weekend it was hot as 80° mid-80s who’s. Warm, I buy it when that happens. When you get this warm air that comes through, especially during these cooler months, what happens if it’s going to do a few things number one? Pest Control Tulsa She can get new weed that which I can come up like crazy and get some Danny lines at that pop the roof. I’m also Pastor going to start moving into the home as well so far, there’s a lot of stuff that can happen. There’S lots of the Tappan whenever you get these warm fluxes during the cooler months, I’m in so anyways. My name is Jared Johnson. I’m your host this podcast series and today we are talking about ants, but I am a co-founder of platinum pass along with my beautiful wife, Jennifer Johnson mother of our three children and I’m sure there will be more. But she does a lot behind the scenes for the business would not be in existence without my wife, Jennifer Johnson, and so what we’re doing so. I actually love my answer. A few questions that you might have questions might have is: who are we well? We are a family-owned and operated company servicing the greater Tulsa area. We started the company a few years ago. Our goal in our aim was, it was to become the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer, and – and so we are in to achieve that purpose – we are aiming to achieve that goal, but we can’t do without you. We can’t do without customers can’t do without people does the service and that that’s what we are doing today. We are talking about a pass, we’re talking about long. I’m we’re talking about ways to keep your home free, app s and to have a Perfect Lawn and also keep your past gone and so you might ask yourself what how do you get business times going to get in contact with you?

Well, I’ll! Try people just refer us for their friends and their neighbors, and we are happy when they do that seriously. That’S probably the biggest accomplishment that we can have it when someone refers they’re at their neighbors over to us and end in this one way that people get in contact with us another way the people contact us is through Google, just Google Pest Control Tulsa now, when They, Google those words when I type that in and we’re going to come up number one. They click on a link when we come out there, we take care of them, and so that’s what we do. That’S our promise and I answer that’s the service that we do provide now. Imma. Give me one welcome you for joining the podcast. We know that we have many people that listen to us regularly. I don’t want to thank you. We have many people who are there the first time for some podcasters, and so we want to welcome you as well to this podcast series and if your new don’t be alarmed or don’t be frustrated. Pest Control Tulsa If you don’t remember everything that we say today because you’re just simply not going to remember everything that there is, you know you’re just not going to learn everything there is to learn, and so you’re not going to the pool., But at a moment’s notice, I’m in So what we want you to remember, or what we want to stick inside your head – is how to get in contact with us now the way that you are going to get in contact with us. This simple, all you do! Are you just Google Pest Control Tulsa? This type of those words I more information will pop up and that way we can get it. You can call us. We can answer the question that you have who can help you out any regards and that you would like to do I’m so that’s what we would do for you, I’m now back to aunt’s right now. This podcast series is about Aunt. There are lots of differences. It’S out there and there are lots of fun facts about an offer. Since I didn’t know, there are over 12,000 different species of ants worldwide. That is a lot and all of theirs. Over 12,000 different species worldwide, here in Oklahoma here in the Tulsa areaKohl’s on Cromley, two different types of species that he has never won, are going to be the number to the two species that we get the most activity on the most calls on it. So those are very common. That’S what we are that’s what we are doing. That’S what we’re talking to you on today about so not even care if they’re over, since you don’t care if they’re carpenter ants get in the just, don’t really care all that much!

That’S fine, too call us right. You need to look this up or next time you’re driving. You see those Billboards alongside, the roads. Are you at the Billboards? It’S pest control, Tulsa, just pull over Jaden and information. Give us a call we’re happy to answer any questions that you have or come out and remedy any situation that you do have his well. So some interesting facts about ants right well, here is an interesting fact about ants, don’t have lungs, but you might ask Jared if they have one, how do they breathe how’s this possible? How can they be alive? How can they survive if they do not have lungs? Well, here’s the answer: they have holes all throughout their bodies. They absorb oxygen into the absorptive through these holes, Pest Control Tulsa I’m in tan it carbon monoxide to those holes as well, I’m so their door purpose, and so by doing that, their boobs over there oxygen, you’re, able to survive and they’re able to do that. They’Re right – and so I def how they breathe – that’s how they get their auction, that’s how they never get, what they need, so they can move around Island function, help provide support and help to the Collin okay. But if you just don’t care how they breed air, I mean you just wish that their derriere was a non-existent I’m. We can help you out with that as well, but you got to call this again, but really you owe it to yourself to really provide the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer to start a search and search for that I’m going to coffin. Your search will be this to us, but we don’t just take care of ants and like carpenter, ants, and odorous ants. We take care of spiders like brown, recluse spiders, black widows, spiders, wolf, spiders, a hairy, spiders scary, spiders, black spiders, jumping spiders are big wheel. A lot of calls and spiders fleas and ticks mice and rats flying insects like carpenter, ants, and carpenter bees and mosquitoes and wasps and Yellowjackets a red wasp and paper wasp and mud daubers and dirt dobbers cicada killers. I will still webworms bagworms in armyworms and grub worms as well.

When your service is also for people who are dealing with termites, subterranean termites, swarming, Termites Termites with wings and between album. We also need to take care of people you’re dealing with cockroaches, like German brown. A cockroach is oriental cockroaches. I’ve also scorpions and silverfish, I’m with you Beatles and bed bugs I mean you name it. Pest Control Tulsa We can take care of it right, but we also do. We also do other information or other services like moles and Gophers imma do lawn services. Well, I pray immersing applications and post-emergent applications will take care of those dandelions and those broadleaf weeds in the grassy weeds, like nutgrass nutsedge Po Anna Dallisgrass, crabgrass weed lawn aeration. We do fertilization the yard as well, for both fescue in Bermuda Lawns, and so I may see with Platinum, pass along we’re going to leave you with a perfect lawn in your past. But you got to contact us. Just look us up on Google type in Pest Control, Tulsa you’ll get all of our formations. Give us a call, will answer any questions that you have. We love to hear from you but remember. We need you to platinum, we’re going to leave you with the Perfect Lawn, and your passcode on your first service is only


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