Pest Control Tulsa Alright podcasters, thank you for joining us again. Hopefully, you listen, the other for the podcast. We’ve been open complete this morning. This podcast is going to be the fifth and final podcast in the morning tomorrow to bring you five more podcasts you’re the afternoon. That’s right! We are full of information, want to share that information. You want to share that wealth of knowledge to you, no matter if it’s sunny, no matter if it’s cloudy, no matter if it’s raining or snowing or sleeting or hailing or the tornadoes in the area, we are going to bring that information to you, baby. There are tornadoes in the area, but we can do the podcast from the storm shelter. That’s! What’s so beautiful! That’s what’s so great that we can do that with you buy those podcast, you make it happen. We can. Pest Control Tulsa We can do what’s right and we will shine. Will shimmer will shine. I will make you happy you’ll be happy forever join with us on this podcast and I am so what we want you to do. If you want you to contact us with any questions that you have in different ways, you can do that you can email those questions to ask. Infoplatinum pest & lawn. Com, very good, easy way to do it, no more another way that you can do it. Also very simple: it’s just a call us at 918-376-0857. He also why and also you can just look this up or if you got any of our flyers and safe pest control. Tulsa those flyers are key hold on to those flyers. That’s one way to gm contact. That’s also. My name is Jared I’m, the hostess podcast series today, I am joining with you today or forcing my wife is not joining with that. She is well. If this was a video podcast, you would love it because she is beautiful and she’s. Pretty I do not observe you what color superwoman some people, color wonder, woman cuz, she’s, amazing, and all that she does. She handles the business and she keeps everything going with our three children. We are having fun together and we are living life and we are enjoying life, hopefully, you’re enjoying life as well. We made a movie about my wife to call that wonder woman might have seen it and I’ve been a marvel comic. One I have not seen it, but I hear it’s great so so join in and watch that movie, we never get it whenever you do get a chance to do so. I strongly encourage you to do that, but if you’re not watching the movie, if you want to join in more learn about past and weeds and lawn, and when you join into the right spot here when we start the company seven years ago, our aim was to become the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer, and I only feel like we’re accomplishing that you know that’s what our goals are to please I’m right now we don’t have a hundred twenty-three google reviews, all 5-star google reviews who want to keep that up. So that’s how we know that’s how we can gauge how well we’re doing and how we can do better that’s what we want you to join with us become more customer. That way, you can write a review of non-bias reviews and let us know how you’re doing right on. Let us know how we were doing that way. We can prove you’re always looking to improve, always looking to do better by saying we want to do better. We want to do that, then prove it there, and so that’s what we can do for you. But it’s important to reach out to us that weekend that we can help you right at so you can reach him at 918-376-0857, also reached online at platinum, pest amazon.Com or you just google search s or yahoo or bing search s just going to type in pest control Tulsa. Those are the three keywords that you want to type in. That search will lead you to us and we will come out there will get you all taken care of. Thank you for wondering what how that’s going to affect drug activity, how it’s going to affect weed control out in the yard, on the turf on how things are going to look right, but not many people like the range with the amount they were right, now, less you’re waterfowl. You let your goose or a duck, or maybe a fish or a frog, and it’s some sort of amphibian I’m sure that you might enjoy the amount of rain that we didn’t right now. But if you are neither of those which you most likely are not any of those, then what you need to do is you need to call us, because we’re going to give you the lowdown on how the rain effects of both of your Wii control and your pest control out there. So a lot of people see if it was more important than him to cure much easier to hand. So what you want to do you want to get a treatment done on the new yard on your house as soon as possible. It’s in the way that you can do that to me fairly simple I’m. What you going to do is next time you see the billboard around Tulsa. We have lots of signs in Toronto, so or maybe you might even see our car or vehicle is traveling up and down the interstate, the one that says: pest, control, Tulsa and you’re, going to jot down that number. That’s on that vehicle and give us a call and get that taken care of for you misconception people think that, because it rains that that washes away the pest control application that we put on your home, a true or false will the answer is false. Pest Control Tulsa

Pest Control Tulsa Okay, so what we treat a home, we spray on their home, we applied to the home, but once our product dries, if bonds, the services that we were able to treat it so that what that means is that means that rain is not going to wash it away. She might ask what words that what breaks down will actually what breaks it down. What breaks in the products when we treat on your home is going to be sunlight and oxygen. Okay, let me see that again. Sunlight and oxygen are actually the catalysts. Is that break down other pest control treatment on your home, not necessarily rain? You know. Yes, if you get flooding, conditions can have some effect on your home and on the treatment of them. For the most part, it’s just sunlight in oxygen. Sooakdice people have bugs in rent on the west side of their home. During the summertime, that’s because that’s how the home is receiving the most sunlight rights as bring them the products the most of their on the house, try, and so you make sure you want to apply those, and so just that next time you see the billboard or any flyers. If you see a flyer that says pest control Tulsa all that information, that’s on the fire, because that’s why I was going to be from us right, and so we can make that happen, for you can make it well for you. But what happened? Is it rains bugs want to come inside the house because it’s dry inside the home and so I also different buzz? You get a lot of calls on aunt’s right now, so we’ll can I will take care of ants, spiders cockroaches bed bugs please text mice, rats, scorpion silverfish will take care of i. Think I said might as well take care of mosquitoes wasps, yellow jackets, all sorts of flying, ants carpenter bees, carpenter, ants, you name, it will take care of it, for you, I’m really are aiming to leave you the perfect lawn and your pest on it. So we can’t handle that we have station locations need to be watered in and which is happening right now, we’re going to a lot of watering, but also once the sun comes out next week. We do to be popping people’s yards like crazy. Do you want to get a jump start on that? So what do you pre-market application? Would your lawn aeration and overseeding fescue lawns also will treat for clover for broadleaf weed into for everything that you need to have done. Basically, and walls do the lawn, overseeding fescue will do the lawn. Aeration will do I also do fertilization services in your yard also, but in order to have her services me to give us a call to just google search pest control., but, remember, I, find the festival on who want to leave you with a purple on and your past on gives call 918-376-0857. He also reached online salon.Com Pest Control Tulsa


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