All right. Welcome back Tulsa. You’re listening to another podcast. We are pest control Tulsa. Pest Control Tulsa
And my name is Jared Johnson. My wife is Jennifer Johnson and we are. Founders of platinum pest and lawn where we leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone. And so podcasters you listen to us. We’ve been giving helpful 10 tips as far as what to do for your home to help keep your home from getting past having them in your home from you have to deal with it. Nobody likes dealing with the past. And so we’re here to make sure that that does not happen for you. We are a family-owned and operated company a local company here in the Tulsa area. So we use us all of your dollars stay the Tulsa area it’s not like we use term nag’s or Sarson those big national companies where the dollars will actually. The Tulsa area. All your money is staying right here which is going to help help the community help benefit the. And so that’s who we are we are a family-owned and operated company. We’re committed to getting the job done right. So you don’t have to do that. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us on the Internet platinum pest and lawn dot com. All right podcasters if you’ve been listening then you know that we’ve taken a break for a little while.
We did about 50 podcasts in the month of July. And so we completed that. And so now we’re moving forward. We’re here the month of August we’ve taken about a week off but we’re ready to come out strong with some great podcast Delingpole sorts of insects but today we’re going to be speaking about ants. If you tune in class last podcast we also spoke about ants and we’re going to be speaking about ants for the next few podcasts as well simply because they are so prevalent here in the Tulsa area. They’re just kind of everywhere.
And so what we want to do is want to make sure that they stay free of ants. Pest Control Tulsa is here for you!
And so Gordon Google pest control Tulsa don’t do that right now. And. And you’ll see that we’re number one on Google going click on our on our icon there on our Web page and then I’ll pull up or her information right. So if you have any questions whatsoever regarding ants or any other past discordant give us a call and we’re happy to come out on this. You are answering questions that we can over the phone. So we know if you’ve been to you know the way that we work and so we do a lot of trivia when dealing with these podcasts. Some things that we talk about in the last podcast as far as trivia goes we talked about the number of species that there are around the world there’s about 12000 those by the way around 12000 species advance worldwide and can live 20 times body weight. So if you put that in perspective if an ant were second greater than a second grader could actually lift a car by the car by themselves saying 20 times their own body weight. We talked about how long some lives some of them live for many years.
And the amount of offspring they can have which remove the babies. You know right now we’re going to read babies my wife die.
But I can’t imagine giving birth to millions and dealing with that. So good thing we are not. And so we don’t have to deal with that nonsense. Below are some things that we have gone over Also as far as dealing with or I’m sorry about trivia.
Fun trivia with ants. So but I mean if you are if you’re dealing with ants which you’ve got to do is you’ve got to find pest control tolls that can be as right as the platinum Pesta lawn.
And so we’ll get cheered will get taken care of.
So here’s some more fun trivia about ants. You know Instow has ears. OK. Well, things don’t have ears. How do they hear? How do they communicate? Because they have so many ants in their colony that they communicate somehow. It’s a very organized hierarchy they’re very organized Koli. They have to in order to survive and get the jobs done. So you would think that somehow with communication they’d be able to hear that they have ears they’d be able to make sounds possibly like other animals to communicate and and and do it that way but that’s not true. They don’t have ears but they hear quotations around they hear. By actually by feeling vibrations. Right. So they feel the vibrations through their feet as they’re walking they’re very sensitive their fear touching the ground vibrations happen through the ground they can feel them. And that’s one way that they actually communicate. Pest Control Tulsa
So they don’t actually hear it with ears but they hear with their feet which is kind of crazy if you think about it.
And so that’s what they’re doing. And that’s one way they communicate. The other ways as well. So if you see you know if you see a trail of ants on the outside your house or possibly on the inside of the house or hopefully never in any of your food areas.
Go ahead and google pest control toll so we’re number one on there go click on our Web page you’ll be able to see all of our information and tips as far as getting rid of advance and preventing them from coming into your home. But one reason why you see walking in trouble is that in different ways than most a lot of other animals. It’s like we say we grow how they. Have the chance here. But also.
The pheromones behind them that tell them all sorts of things. It’s kind of like signs like if you’re walking and leave that billboard sign everywhere you went. Or leave little sticky note pads everywhere you go. That’s kind of what the pheromones are. You know they’re leaving these notepads the signs and know where they’ve been and let them know where it is. Know what they need to do. So they’re constantly doing that constantly leaving the pheromones behind. I’m sensing another way that they do communicate. One of the reasons that they do that is so when they eat or when they find food they know where they’ve been. They knew where the food is where they can find it easily in share with the rest of the colony. Right.
But if you do see a family and you know warning Mount or anything along those lines. Go ahead and call the best pest control tonal center that’s going to be. Yes, we are the premier pest control company in the area that will take care of these scenes for you.
And that way you don’t have to do that but that’s what we do. We enjoy doing that. We want to make sure that you do stay pest-free that you do not have to deal with those ants personally. So that’s another way they communicate.
They communicate through pheromones. OK. But wait there’s more. There’s lots of fun trivia with dealing with bugs search with ants because there are so many of them out there. There’s so much information out there on them.
Now let’s think about this. Let’s say you and your neighbor had a disagreement and you guys decided to duke it out. Right. Do it mano a mano. And that and to really fight it out but disagree. Let’s go over the line. All right. So one neighbor does not use and platinum passed along. Let’s say they just have weeds everywhere. It’s typically what happens. Now if you do use the platinum personal lawn as you do then your lawns would be looking great.
And so you kind of hash it out because of those weeds on your neighbor’s yard Lewton kind of tacky. And so it comes to blows and comes to fight. When you guys are not going to fight to the death. Right. And so if you have a disagreement you’re usually not going to kill each other over it. However, the answer a little bit different. Now when the ants fight oftentimes to death you know they’re not messing around. Right. They’re going to fight to the death. And this is really the soldier ants that are going to be doing the fighting. But they’re really to let up. The Pest Control Tulsa
continue on until one ant is dead.
So it’s a good thing you’re not an ant and you’re not a neighbor that gets on the other ants’ nerves. And you know it comes down to a fight because I can guarantee you’re one of those who are going to die by the time the fight is done. OK. But here’s the thing. He doesn’t want to deal with it. You don’t want to deal with fighting on your property. No, don’t deal with fighting on the inside of your home. So if that’s happened to you. Your good pest control Tulsa call us will come out. We’ll get that taken care of you reaches the 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Or you can find us on the Internet platinum past and more on dot com. OK.
We not only take killer ants we took your spiders or take care Brownlow’s spiders were spiders orbs spiders. You know we do mosquito treatments treatment’s fleeing take treatments to grab worms or worms webworms you name it we’re going to take care of it right. Carbon Rience says it’s Tillich’s. Pest Control Tulsa
Really timepass is going to bother you.
Well, worms will take care of it for you. We’ll tell you here in the.
Miles you guys do not have to do that. But not only that but your first service is going to be $1. Yes, that’s right you heard it correctly your first service is only one dollar. We all start treatments so we can control and so will take care of your weeds we’ll put down a pre-emergent application on the post-merge application will control the broadleaf weeds and crabgrass PO and a Dallas grassing the grassy weeds also. Would you give us a call would come out and get that taken care of for you? Remember with a platinum pass along we’re going to leave you with the purpose of law and the past con. Pest Control Tulsa


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