Pest Control Tulsa  Alright, podcasters, we are coming with it today we are coming with it now we’re coming with it strongly, fast, accurate, intelligent. We give you the knowledge but know how good that you need to make sure that you are informed that you are motivated and inspired to keep the bugs away from your home and also leave you with a perfect lawn and your pets gone right today. It was a great kate to set up a disaster when it comes to pass when it comes up with weeds around your home in and run her home today was that was a setup day. It was like 10 it is up for a disaster there at your house right, and so, if you don’t want that to happen, we don’t want that to happen to you too, but we’re going to talk to you about why. That is why I am today and different things that we can do in order to help you out how to make sure that you don’t deal with those to make sure that you don’t deal with pat and make sure you don’t mess with weed in or Pest Control Tulsa around your home. In my name is Jared on the hostess podcast I drive a truck around town and on that truck, it is final doubt. I’m has a rap that says so, that’s what we do. We provide those pesos to pest control weed solution, those in the greater Tulsa area. We want to make sure that we leave you with the perfect lawn and your past phone. That is our aim. That’s what we are inspired and trying to do there for you. If that’s what we want to keep up and that’s what we want to make happen. But in order for that to happen, we need help from you, meaning call union for a machine. Let us know what situation you’re dealing with. It will devise a plan. The right plan for you and for your home is going to help you outright. That’s what we do. Hopefully, you’re enjoying this beautiful day today start out nasty right. Just that nasty nasty, rain lots and lots of buckets of rain cats and dogs come down. I mean it was pretty. It was pretty crazy right, Disassemblyi’s, so pretty nasty, pretty crazy. It was happening it’s coming down. We don’t want that to happen anymore right. We just want you to be happy. We don’t want you to see any more bug anymore past. We don’t want you to be drenched on rained on. We want that moisture that the stay in the ground, and we can. We can help you with that right. We can. We can help those bugs in the password from your house. If that’s all you have to do is just find any of our flyers that say, pest control Tulsa know there’s a lot of them floating around town, so any of those will do so just grab any of those flyers and we can make that happen for you. I did get it going. Okay. So what we’re going to do today is we are going to talk a little about the rain about bugs pest weeds us quick at this point. What’s on everybody’s mind right, and we can talk about it all day today because I have an all-day really all we had so much moisture. This last week has been absolutely remarkable. Absolutely incredible! I the amount of moisture that we had I must come down out of the sky, and so, if you’re concerned about how that more she’s going to Pest Control Tulsa pick the bugs around your home and also the weeds around your home I, do yourself a favor and just call us. Take some action just go to google pest control Tulsa. Does your homework do that that will give you a phone number to call that phone number zars to give us a shout we’ll come right on out? Oh man, there was a rhyme for you right on now. Okay, so that doesn’t think about it! Just pick up the phone: do it typing those numbers percent? Call us we’ll be right out there, for you will make it happen okay, but you need to be proactive about it, be proactive. So what happened to rain is it makes for preventative treatment for this year late on your house to prevent them from coming on the inside of the rent, the past, from coming in on the inside of the other home in time to the property right. That’s what you wanted! You want to make sure that you jump on that and get that going for you and until the way that’s going to happen is and if you need to call us when we got there before it is doing that, then application we hope. So, if not jump on it right make sure that you don’t deal with those suckers in the future, those boxes past and the things that everybody’s dealing with the right make sure you don’t deal with those in the future, it’s time to jump on and make it happen. So that’s what we will do. We will jump on it, make sure that it does not happen, but you need to reach out to us, and maybe you heard about us from a friend. Yes, you can just reject your friend. Ask what her number is, or just you pick up that magnet yoyo an electromagnet on your refrigerator. The magnet will save pest control Tulsa. That’s what the manual says to post that on your freezer on the refrigerator and I’ll. Have all of our information contact us we’ll get that squared away. Cuz I have enough for you to do that. Okay! Do that and it’s so the next thing that they will do actually come out as will be up preventive treatment on your home, make sure as we how to get more rain this next week make sure that the bugs I don’t come into your home I’m trying to stay dry and warm prevent that from happening I’m.

Pest Control Tulsa  So that will actually be. The next step is to prevent them from coming to your home, so so I! So let’s, let’s do that. Let’s be smart about that and that that’s an expert mode of action. There so see I from wheat that it’s in that soil, but you just don’t realize it there are tons of them. Those things are just sitting there waiting to germinate, and so we can get a lot of rain like this app similar to the reason why I’m, a farmer plant is filled before trains right, so you plan it and then you’re hoping for the rain come right after I got the rain. Now, what’s going to happen this next week that some of them come out we’re going to some warmer temperatures the winter and come out like crazy? It’s just what happened is very common. That’s exactly what happened! So you don’t want that to happen to you, we salute, you that smart just going google search, pest, control Tulsa. That will all of our information will come up at that point. So just call us, but we do take care of spiders and ants and fleas and ticks on mice and rats and moles and gophers. We also, you know, take care of silverfish centipedes millipedes crickets Beatles. We handle mosquitoes flying insects like flies drain flies, wasps, yellow, jackets, away in wood bees. Carpenter bees we take care of a silverfish, scorpions termites bed bugs roaches mosquitoes, you name it. We will handle it for you. When else do pre-emerge, applications post emerge, application for weeds will do lawn fertilization will treat for your fescue lawn aeration overseeding. The best goes well we’ll make it happen for you, but we will get that done, but you got to give us a call. I got a shout-out to make that happens when coming right on out for you, 918-376-0857 nelson Pest Control Tulsa regions online at platinum, pest & lawn., com /, plug in your past, go 918-376-0857.


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