Hello, podcasters welcome back, welcome back podcast of welcome back to another Edition, welcome back to add to join us today with this podcast is a beautiful morning. Actually pretty warm for this time of year. I mean it is 5:30 in the morning right now it is 52°. So it definitely above average, is first temperatures are concerned. The temperatures are going to plumb me here shortly and so, but hopefully, you’re enjoying it in Gears thing that you might not even be listening to it right now when this was recorded, affecting know you weren’t, you aren’t listening to it right now. Is this being recorded cuz? It has to be uploaded, Pest Control Tulsa I’m in transcribing everything else so and then so just know that right now it’s a little bit warmer for December 21st. We got 4 days until Christmas. Hopefully got all your Christmas shopping done and I just keep in mind Christmas shopping. Lots of things are Christmas shopping down? Some people don’t like bugs affect a lot of people, don’t like buck and so just keep in mind give a gift certificate for Pest Control right, and so, if you want to give a gift certificate to Pest Control, you just look this up and reached at 918-376-0857 or you Regions online at Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com, but I just know some people just call it Pest Control Tulsa, because we are the best pest control in the Tulsa area, is servicing this area and making sure that that provide Solutions of both past and turf in the Greater Tulsa area We are family owned and operated company operating in, and we are committed to leaving you the Perfect, Lawn and Pest, Pest Control Tulsa and your past is gone that we treat a whole variety. Different paths me. Oh, I don’t know if you’ve dealt with mosquitoes before we handle mosquitoes. I don’t know if you’ve handled Housewives before we handle house flies flying insects, wasps, Yellow Jackets, mice, rats, you name it. We can come out there.

We can get it taken care of when you get it all squared away all situated for you now, that’s something that we can do for you leave it off for a preemie impaction package to make sure that we take care of all your bugs. Have it at an affordable rate in the dancer? That is this something that we do, but we take care of mosquitoes even termites and roaches to take care of roaches and spiders ants, you name it we’re going to take care of him. What we can handle that situation for you and so are a few ways that you can get in contact with us anytime. You see any of our marketing around Tulsa is so signage Billboards whatever it is, it says: Pest Control Tulsa. That is our formation. Pest Control Tulsa It’S important! You pull over Jai done that information, possibly even save it in your smartphone if you have a smartphone, but the point is, is that we can get you taken care of, but you got to get you gotta. Look this up. You got to give us a call that way we can do. We can make it happen for you as well. So are you might ask yourself well, do I need Pest Control? Do I need weed control? The answer is yes, everybody. even if you’re not sick, but I’m not seeing any bug. That’S a great question. I’m not seen any bugs right now. Do I need Pest Control? The answers absolutely need Pest Control if you’ve not seen any bucks back, it is very important. Image of pest control, especially for not seen any bugs, Pest Control Tulsa because those bugs are going to come inside. Eventually, you are going to see bugs unless a treatments made there on your phone and so it’s a preventative treatment at the make sure you don’t deal with those bugs coming in on the inside the home, but there are a few ways to get in contact with This a pest control Tulsa just take that flyer pin on your refrigerator put that bill magnet on it.

However, you get that fire stick and to stay, do whatever you got to do right, but just make sure it’s there. That way. It’S constant, reminding you that you do need to have a preventative treatment to get that barrier, that triple layer of Defense around your home, I’m to make sure that the pest does not come in and make sure that your6 best free okay. It says it’s important to do as well, in the reason being is because, well I don’t know, do you remember every single lesson that you had in school, maybe in elementary school or high school or college my answer is no. I don’t. Let my the human brain is a is built to remember and retain all this information. So what we want you to remember how to do is actually get in contact with us right and the next song drive by the billboard on Highway 44. The big billboard that says Pest Control, Tulsa just pull over, don’t be a jerk about obey all the laws, just pull over and got that information back say they say that number in your phone says to me are number and we’re the ones that can help you And we’re the ones that they can really add really make sure that that you don’t deal with any passed in the near future. Okay, but you got to give, Pest Control Tulsa is called in order Ted to make happen right now, we’re sitting on for keywords. We need two more keywords: I’m in order really make this podcast complete, as well as a couple more minutes in order to make this podcast complete. That’S what that’s, what we want to do and that’s what we’re aiming to do, I’m in so we’re going to talk more about bugs right now we’re entering the coolers how many year, although it’s warm right now, but it’s going to drop off for sure going to Plummet here by the end of the week, so here in a couple of days, temperature going to drop down to the teens possible to have a white Christmas. I don’t think it’s it’s really going to happen, but yeah Christmas is a great time at the spread, the cheer.

Hopefully, you are spreading cheer as well, but the thing is with that, with this past there are lots of different paths that come on the inside. If you want to know what type of purses are just look us up, you know you can just give her first part from your friends hate. You know who Pest Control, Tulsa is and they’ll probably tell you who we are and if I know exactly who you are, and so don’t be, let out of the loop. But we don’t just take care of a pest like mice and rats. We take care of, scorpions is silverfish and centipedes and millipedes I’m taking care of beetles ladybugs earwigs mosquitoes flies house flies, drain flies, gnats, Yellow Jackets, wasp termite, subterranean termites termites with wings and blues spiders, Pest Control Tulsa black widow, spiders, wolf, spiders, yellow spiders, jumping spiders. We take care of termites subterranean termites with wings, I’m ants with wings carpenter, ants carpenter, bees. If You Name It, We can handle a week and taking care of it for you, please, in Texas, or a big one, but anyways roaches German brown roaches oriental cockroaches. If it’s a cockroach I’m we can get him squared away as well, but you got to give us a call, just search Pest Control, Tulsa. We want to leave you with a Perfect Lawn and your pets gone. So that means we also do lawn services as well. Sweetie Turf Services, we do, we will spray the lawn application sheet for broadleaf weeds grass winter grass. Nutsedge nutgrass also want aeration lawn overseeding. We do all that, but you got to reach out to just give us a call 918-376-0857 or you can reach us at Platinum. Pass amazon.com for your first service is only $ 1.


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