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Welcome back podcasters welcome back to another Edition, podcasting dealing with bugs and dealing with past I’m. As you know, they are prevalent here in the Tulsa area, so you might be listening in Tulsa, you might be listening. Oklahoma City might be listening in Kansas or Texas or Canada. I hear Canada has bugs a lot of bugs and dad might be listening to Ostro. Yet I hear they have some crazy scary ones and actress in pretty dangerous pass happening over there in Australia now, but either way. The point is that if you listen to this podcast you doing a good thing right because you’re educating yourself you’re learning and that’s what that’s. What we want you to do right, want you to learn, want you to educate yourself so where you are happy on that you’re. Turning in, we are just thrilled that you’re here with us today. If so, I am Jared Johnson. I am your host at this podcast series, I’m also co-founder Platinum, pest & Lawn with my wonderful, beautiful, lovely Superwoman type of three children, Jennifer Johnson, I’m sure we’ll have more children here in the future, but as of right now, its 3 or youngest is 2 months old. So probably a little time before the number for I’m coming along the way, but at but we are Pest Control Tulsa. We are Tulsa’s Premier Pest Control, I’m company we are servicing, we are. We are a family-owned and operated company servicing the greater Tulsa area, taking care of their pets needs and taking care of the lawn and turf needs, such as taking care of weeds and fertilization, could keep the lawn clean and green price of platinum. Pest & Lawn we’re going to leave you with a perfect lawn in your past God, but the way that you don’t have to get ahold of us you’re going to either at the college. So you can find us online, I’m you can call us at 918-376-0857 or look for Us online at Platinum, pest & Lawn, okay, guys today we’re talking about hands, and so, if you’re doing dance, just look no farther. If you’re listening to this podcast right now, you’re saying hey, that’s me: I got the answer.
I got a big ant problem. Well, do this right, hopefully, you’re at a computer or you have I devise an electronic device such as a phone or tablet whatever it is right. I’m just going ahead and Google Pest Control Tulsa right to go and do that your number one you’re going to see us. We are Platinum. Pest & Lawn you’ll be able to see our website just click on it that way. You’Ll have all of her information. So you can get ahold of us, we can get it so we can eliminate your hands. Take a chance on if your chances are. Is that if you are trying to get rid of ants on your own, that is going to be a problem right. That’S going to be an issue, so I will take care of it for you. I will make sure it will make sure that the ants don’t bother you anymore, one of the reasons why people oftentimes fail when trying to get rid of the ants in their own is simply because of the products that are available able to you to homeowners. Now, with Aunt, it’s important that you use the right products because they are all about their colony surviving until they can sense if products are harmful out for him. So it’s important to use simply or strictly non-repellent products when dealing with dance and in the hard part for you is that most of the products sold over the counter to homeowners or actually be classified as a pallet. So if you’re not sure if you, if you have known repellents or repellents I’ve or what the situation is next time, you’re driving down the highway, that billboard, you know which one I’m talking about the one that says Pest Control Tulsa could pull over on the information. Call us, I will let you know, I will let you know as far as you get situated, but that thing is we’ll be able to take care of.
It will be up to eliminate it and that’s this for me the important thing for you, I’m just so you know that you don’t have to deal with those ants anymore, any longer right, and so the reason why I homeowners usually felt with With getting rid of these answers because what’s available to them are repellents what will happen if they’ll take that can of raid or they’ll take whatever says yo? What will kill ants? No spray that area no treat the area next to the answer, gone right, homeowners feeling pretty happy pretty good about themselves, I’m until a week or two later on bam. Answer back, so you might be listening to this and say hey that happens to me. He knows to wait so yeah that that could be happening to you. Well, here’s. The thing is: if that’s happened, you before the pastor, you done with the right now just go and look us up. Look up Pest Control Tulsa right, just search that gives us a call. Will come out we’ll take care of him and we’ll make sure they don’t show up in a week or two later? If they did, you can always call us back when you come out for free. We offer a money-back guarantee, so we’re going to come back for free to eliminate those ants until the answer actually taken care of until you’re not dealing with them anymore and then advanced. Just aren’t seeing around your home on your property more right, that’s our commitment, that’s what we will do for you, and so what happens? Is these ants if you use a nonrepellent product they’re going to walk across is not our problem product they’re not going to know it’s there that I can know it’s harmful to their colony and they’re, going to get it on them and they’re going to share It you’ll see if they’ll go and touch each other no bump each other know where they do that they’re sharing the product right. So it’s going to spread throughout the colony and then it’s going to act. Then it’s going to kill them all and the Ants we will say sayonara aunt’s right, that’s what will let him have it? I’m where the repellents.
The did the reason why they disappear on us because they know that that is bad right. That is hard for the colony, so they’re just waiting for it to calm down, and I went waiting for it to wear off right, I’m so if you’re doing with these ants or any other type of bugs, I’m just going to Google Pest Control Tulsa, really That it’s that simple, it’s all you have to do is just Google that call SEPTA what will come out and get it taken care of. We don’t just take care of ants, spiders brown recluse, I’m sorry, brown, recluse, spiders, black widow, spiders. We take care of ants carpenter, ants, odorous, ants, carpenter, bees, wood bees, we do flies moths drain flies gnats. We take care of termites subterranean termites flying termites ants with wings, mosquitoes wasp, Hornet mice, rats, bed, bugs Grubbs webworms armyworms, you name it a word and take care of it right, either or services that we do provide Ross. Do we control so we can fertilization? So I would do pre-merger applications will aerate a lawn aeration, overseeding Fescue, I would treat Bermuda Lawns will treat broadleaf weeds will do grass seaweed such as crabgrass Dallisgrass point of grass I’m, but really all you need to know is that if you call Platinum pass tomorrow, We’Re going to leave you with the Perfect Lawn in your past gone but you’re going to have to contact us and so the and, if you’re going to find this is you’re going to search Pest Control Tulsa. Okay, that simple just search! It clicks on your link. College going to have all are all of our information there. You can reach us at 918-376-0857 or you can reach us online at Platinum, pest & Lawn., Calm down. Remember when you use platinum, we’re going to leave you with the Perfect Lawn and your pest gone, and your first service is only $ 1


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