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Good morning podcasters this is Jacqueline Bollinger and I will be your host today. I am the marketing assistant here at Platinum, pest & Lawn in Collinsville Oklahoma, and it was founded and run by Jared and Jennifer Johnson. Who am I am working with now? I am so happy that you’ve decided to listen in to hear about you know what who we are, what we do, how we do it and why we do it well. The first thing you should know is that we are Pest Control Tulsa. We want to be the premier pest control and Lawn Care that is offered in the greater Tulsa area we go out and we service customers out in Claremore took out in Nowata. We do inspections for termites pretty much anywhere and if you have a problem with your lawn or a pest, we can take care of it for you and we want you to know that we are family, owned and family-run so that when we come out to Service, your home, it will be like we’re servicing our own and that your family is always first and foremost in our minds whenever we are going out to service now, I’m just so. You know if you’re curious about any of our services or need to get ahold of us. Our office number is 918-376-0857 or you can take a stab at doing some internet research and just type in Pest Control Tulsa, and we should come right up and you can go to our website. Www., Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com and dumb. That should take you right to us now. It is the afternoon and it is November 29th today and I am noticing that some of the very brisk cold weather that’s coming in and I am excited, I love that it feels like fall and that the leaves are changing. Color, it hasn’t exactly been the most consistent weather. It’s been a little up and down lately some 71 degrees. But right now it’s more to scope, weather and scarves are my favorite scarves? Are my favorite accessory.

I know a lot of women do handbags or shoes or jewelry, but I am definitely a scarf person. I am definitely into the big thick woman ones that are knitted by hand, and I can’t wait to pick up that hobby myself now today. I want to you about a very particular Pest and we’re going to discuss the millipede today. There are the millipede is common in Oklahoma and it is found here and then it can look like a caterpillar with more armor on it. A lot of people mistake it for centipedes, but that is not really true the millipede. It differs it’s at characterized by two pairs of jointed legs on most body segments and they are, they usually have than a millipede, because in Latin Milla is for a thousand and it means that they have a thousand feet. No, no millipede has a thousand feet. The record for it, I believe, is something along the lines of 700 or something, but there’s always the funny way that something got its name, and we thought that they have a thousand feet, but they do not and they do eat decaying leaves and other debt Dead plant matter, and sometimes they eat fungus and plant fluids, but that is not a majority of their diet. Generally, the millipede is harmless around humans. They do not bite, they can become household or garden pests if you do have a lot of them, but they don’t do any severe damage whenever they let me know are in your home, they don’t have any Venom or anything like that. Did you defend themselves with chemicals that come out of their body, but that doesn’t really do anything to a human being, which is good news now, whenever they do start to breed, they do have an interesting way to breed they carry their eggs and they transfer. So the males will transfer their their sperm to the packets of eggs, which the females carry and then they’ll just lay them around.

And I don’t randomly hatch and that can become a problem if it, because who knows how many eggs they’re carrying on their backs and who knows how many get into your home? But damn you know if it does get to be a huge problem, then you can always look us up. Pest Control Tulsa and we can be there in just a day or two to get those taken care of for you and it’s interesting to know that there are 12,000 species that have been described already and that might range to 15,000 through across the entire world. A lot of people kind of thing that they look like aliens and that they’re really weird, but now they’re everywhere, they’re all over the place and if you’re thinking about how long they can get a typically it’s not very most of the millipedes found in Oklahoma about a finger length on some of them can get a little bit bigger than that, but nothing too bad. And if you are I’m running around getting a lot of stuff done for your family and you see that you are having a problem with any millipedes Earl, any little harmless or white creature. You can just give us a call at 918-376-0857 and we will come right out to take care of that. For you know, we also offer other services as well. We can get rid of centipedes. If that is an e that you have, we can do brown, recluse removal or fly removal. We also offer to get rid of roaches aphids wood, destroying insects, silverfish stink, bugs springtails scorpions, anything that you have we can take care of and if, in the event that the millipede population becomes much too great for you, we can be out within a day now, When you do call in or research a pest control Tulsa.

And you want to get your first appointment book with us as a new customer – that first service for you is just going to be $ 1. Pest Control Tulsa Yes, you heard me right 1.0 $ 1, and that is going to be one of those things where customers kind of question whether it is legit or not, but it is legit legitimate. We want your first service with us to really stand out to you. We want it to be memorable, we want you to tell other people about it and we do get referrals often and hopefully if you do call Nur referral. That’S the greatest thing to hear when, when someone likes our service so much or thinks that we’re good enough to you know to be trusted with one of their friends, homes or Lawns. So if I text you are a referral just to give us the name of the person that referred you and they cannot get an extra special gift from us but know that the first service for new customers will be $ 1 and we can be out there As soon as this week, so thank you again for your time, taken out of your day. To listen to me, talk to you and just remember, to have a wonderful holiday season be positive and thank you so much for your time have a wonderful evening.


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