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Good afternoon podcasters, this is Jacqueline viewing chair, also known as Jackie Bollinger at Platinum pest & Lawn Care here in Collinsville Oklahoma. I am here at the main office – and I am pleased to be here with you today, to host this podcast for today, this nice November afternoon, home if we are a family-owned and family-run company – I owned and run by Jared Jennifer Johnson, the wonderful team that they Are – and I am so happy that you are here tuning in to listen to what we’re all about here and what we do and how we do it for your information. We are Pest Control Tulsa. We provide Pest Solutions and lawn care for our customers in the greater Tulsa area and when we do service the greater Tulsa area, we want to make sure that we are giving you the best service possible, and you can always confirm our customer service by going online And searching Pest Control Tulsa and I looking for a website, www. Platinum, pest & Lawn., Calm and giving us a call at 918-376-0857, again, that’s 918-376-0857, and what we do here is we want to let you know that your family and your home are important to us and. We are thinking of you when we are servicing your home to make sure that you don’t have any harmful pests or harmful, harmful Critters in your home, and on that same note, hopeful past such as wasps can be quite an ordeal during the summer and we’ve had plenty of people calling in about those and most wasps are active during the day. They are not there, not active at night. They usually go back to their nests around dusk, and that seems to be interesting. Pest Control Tulsa I don’t think that they’re cold-blooded or anything, but I do think that they just have a schedule. They do have they Hive and they do have a lot to do on the next day. It was far as wasps go. You can have multiple different kinds of wasps and other insects that belong to the WASP family, such as Hornets or blackjacks, or yellow jackets, and things like that now as far as wasps generally go, if you have children or you have pets, you know that they’re eventually Going to get into them or try and try and touch one and whenever they sting it’s not like a bee. When the Stinger falls out, they can sting you a lot more than once, and it’s stinging insects like bees, hornets, and wasps in more than 500,000 people to the emergency room each year.

My brother has a severe severe allergy to Hornet and bee stings and he’s going to the hospital a couple of times with limbs that swelled up three times their actual size. So it’s not fun and we know that and we want to make sure that you have more information on them so that you can better. You know and get around that. You know Common home remedies for stains. Are you no white, vinegar or meat, tenderizer and water solution or baking soda paste things like that, but the best thing to do is to have your home treated for at these wasps and hornets and to make sure that they can’t come back or is your home. Now there are four thousand kinds of wasps in the United States and they’re all typically active during the day again on that and whatever it comes to say, a very common type of wasp or member of the WASP family. Pest Control Tulsa Here in Oklahoma, you have the yellow jacket and the yellow jacket is a very social insect and they do live in colonies at the nest can be sometimes as largest 4000 workers, and that is a lot to take care of. I know that we have had us some people who have actually had enough that large and it’s not fun, especially when you’re trying to move or when it has been a home that hasn’t been inhabited by anyone for quite a while. So, whenever we are looking at servicing for a wasp nest, it’s very important to know where the wasp nest is located or where that that Hive is located because the best thing to do is just remove those nests. Knock-‘Em-Down. Make sure that there’s nowhere for any of those creatures to go and I’m we are they do the funny thing is wasps, do eat spiders and other insects and they do feed on human food, which is the funniest thing to think about when you think of a Little flying insect with a stinger, just munching on something that you do: they love meats and especially Suites like bees and wasps, and but they don’t make honey. That’S the one drawback to liking, sweets. They don’t make honey the way we used to and mad, and that is one of my favorite things.

I love putting honey in tea or making cornbread with just a tablespoon of honey. It makes it so much better than one when it normally is made, but wasps are pretty handy. They do eat other pests and help keep other pests away from your home or off of any crops that you have and things of that nature. But if you’re, not a farmer and they’re just there in your yard, Pest Control Tulsa making a lot of new sense then feel free to search Pest Control. Tulsa palesa, I give us a call at our main office and we can come out and I just knock down that wasp nest for you and as far as that goes, you can come out and do yellow jacket Nest. We could do the European Hornets as well. We can do you know we can take care of any flying, the insect that you’re having a problem now, as far as what to look for whenever you’re looking for a yellow jacket, Nest or wasp nest, it’ll look like a honeycomb. It really will look just like a honeycomb that you would imagine in the commercials for the cereal, Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios, and it’s important not to get too close to the course. But whenever we come out you can just point that out to our technicians and they will take care of that wasp nest by flash freezing it and then knocking it down for you. So that’s pretty handy huh. I wish I could do that, but I wouldn’t be brave enough to take her right up to that wasp nest and do that myself. Pest Control Tulsa Now most yellow jacket colonies only remain active for one year, then the queen flies off to start a new Colony somewhere else, and that’s really the most important part about getting rid of them. As you know, if they don’t have an aster colony and there’s really nowhere for them to go but away from you and find some other place to go, and you know as far as a bee and wasp Services now for bees, if we, we would recommend For B services that do you call out of beekeeper and have The Beekeeper come and take them off your property, because you know sometimes if they are honey, bees and they’re endangered, and we want to make sure that we, we save those honey bees. You know, but as far as yellow jackets and red wasps and hornets, and things like that, we do service for those as well as flies and earwigs. We also service for mosquitoes and moths and drain flies as well. We want to make sure that.

Anything that flies crawls or bites is taken care of for you now as far as Services go. If you are walking around town doing some of that Christmas shopping, then you can see one of our Flyers, probably around town or what are Billboards and just take a moment and stop whatever you’re doing, and you can take a quick screenshot of that or you can Type in our information for Pest Control in Tulsa, and we should pop right up there and are you should see your logo. Platinum. Pest & Lawn at & R office number is again 918-376-0857 and you can go ahead and contact us and if you think that you are having a wasp and or yellow jacket problem, and we will be more than happy to come out and solve that issue. For you now, Pest Control Tulsa when you contact our office for the first time, the service you will be experiencing will be a $ 1 service. Yes, that is correct. You did not hear me wrong. One., Oh $ 1, and a lot of people are a bit skeptical about that. But we want to make sure that your first service is a memorable service and that we give you the best possible customer service that we have here. And we want to make sure that our technicians are able to answer all of your questions and make sure that when we come out you have, you know you have a sense of security and peace of mind that everything’s going to be okay, once we’re done now That will be a $ 1 service, so I just contacting our office and – and you know looking us up with that information, for you – no Pest Control in the Tulsa area, and thank you so much again for all of the time that you have taken Today, to listen to me, I give you all of that information and just have a wonderful, wonderful holiday season, and I will hear from you again whenever you too soon and for the next podcast so have a wonderful day. Everybody. Thank you.


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