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Pest Control Tulsa Welcome back podcasters welcome back to another edition, we’re so grateful that you’re joining with us today, and we are so grateful that you are that you’re being a part of this revolution. What revolution are you talking about? You might ask: will the pest revolution the revolution coming out in a living test revolution of not allow and pest enter your home, the revolution of weed to Germany into spring forth in your yard, giving you a headache and making you not become yard of the month? That is the revolution that we are at my friend. That’s the revolution. We’re going to accomplish so join the revolution you taking the first step. The first step is listening to this podcast and paying attention to the words that we have to say because we’re going and are you going to learn more than you ever knew you possibly? Could it be going to be amazing? So that’s what’s going to happen while I’m coming to you straight, my name is Mr. Pest control, Tulsa, aka Jared, johnson, and owner of the platinum pest, along with my wife, Jennifer johnson mother of our three children, also she’s the backbone of the company. Now, the backbone kind of part that kind of hold everything up, right, like with us, he knows backbones going to order sup keep us upright, so she is the one that keeps the company upright. She is fantastic, amazing and happy that I treat you’re long enough for her to marry me and all it took was a little bit of trickery. But. We got the job done I’m in so that said, that is who we are now in years ago, in the greater Tulsa area in premier pest control companies. Where is come to look when they’re looking to have their own tree for past and I’ll have their good lawn spray for weeds and said that is who we are, but we started the company seven years ago our train became the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer okay. So that’s what we are aiming to achieve in the ending to accomplished feel that we are so along our way with accomplished. We want to be part of that revolution to let us know how we’re doing wheel of honest feedback without honest feedback. Then we don’t know how we Pest Control Tulsa can improve. We want to be yelled proof, we always want to constantly be improving our services, and so that’s what we are aiming to do. This will work. That’s what we’re doing right now, but not do that yet give us a call. You can just go find any of our pest control Tulsa flyers now have all of our information on it. Nothing you can do is because your number, all the information, give you today I mean a lot of people find us online, but also a lot of people we retreat because they deal with that deal with different bugs and answers. We get a referral so I, don’t know our customers prefer their friends and their neighbors. Their loved ones made me feel that confident us they’re willing to refer us over to them and that really speaks volumes, is a huge compliment however people do that sober for referrals are big. One is big way that people do get in contact with this new find us. Some people just find us all on. You see our trucks driving around Tulsa google was fairly simple I’m. All they do is they go to some sort of smart device and then not not not me. They don’t go to me. Although I am a smart device, did they just still don’t go to me if I go to a smart devices could be a smartphone I’m, so people have computer so we will have laptops and tablets to buy some want you to type in pest, control, Tulsa cuz, that search to us, video, testimonials tons of written testimony was written reviews for us. We want you to join in, join with revelation, become part of it help us know what we can do to improve so far so good are. Customers are extremely happy and thrilled with her service that we do provide, and so let’s talk about the weather is cooled off a mother, we’re kind of on the up-and-up. Now on the cool mess and I know it still, winter I mean i. Guess that gets a groundhog didn’t see his shadow so more weeks of winter, so yeah I, guess I guess we do still have winter, but we’re on the tail end of that one recycling. Pest Control Tulsa Things will start warming up before you know it unless you’re already there in the home I’m. So if you have mice or if you just let’s say you-you see our truck fire truck tour trucks, a pest control Tulsa any of those trucks, maybe in your neighborhood or anywhere else, just pull over and done. With. I just got done our information. Okay, all that’s going to be on the truck so make we make it fairly simple for you do that of mice and had a lot of calls on my eyes. They come inside the home and people say haircuts in my attic have no idea how they got in my attic will. Let me tell you how to get up in your attic. You can probably do this. I haven’t done this, but you will like a video mouse, climbing brick wall or something like those online mouse climbing wall you’ll see how incredibly d, how incredibly easy it is from mice, climb walls and climb brakes. They’re just naturally built to do it. I’m just wouldn’t think they’d be able to do that. So what? If you have mice crawling around, maybe on the outside of the home or inside, at home, or up in the attic or anything along those lines, if you see any mice doing that what you got to do and we got to make it fairly simple right, what you got to do is, if you see mice, doing that, you got to give us a call right, just grab that pest control, Tulsa flyer and call us know when we can come out there. Pest Control Tulsa

Pest Control Tulsa We can eliminate that you don’t want mice in your home. You don’t want them around your home. We can make it right. We can make it better for you, but no you got to give us a shout out to call us to make that happen. Therefore, so yeah we can come out. We can take care of my Sanyo. We do that. Would you mind silverfish, goldfish? Okay, now we don’t take care of centipedes millipedes gophers, moles, termites, a big bed bugs we handle it all really I mean Bugsy. Then flies house flies. How many of you, by the raising hand, thought that that that you just couldn’t give her house flies answers you can we do wasp and yellowjacket, as well as a big we handle, is german browns yeah? We really take care of everything else. Do we control applications in the yard? Who else you post-emergent to old will treat with spot? That was broadleaf, weeds and grass and weeds will hit him up and that’s who will handle that there for you I’m, so do dogs do the grassy weeds if we fertilize yard, make sure get nice and fix, but we are choked out. We will also do all sorts of maintenance on it, meaning like will fertilize. The yard will also over to see the best you in bed, nutsedge, you-name-it, dallisgrass, kravic, kravic I, told me to happen. So if you want that to happen with you, google pest, control Tulsa after you google that then we’ll come up. Give us a call at 918-376-0857 and also reach saw online. Platinum. Pest & lawn memory choose the best lawyer for services, just $1 really do with the perfect lawn and your past gone Pest Control Tulsa


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