Tulsa, thank you for joining us today. It is a beautiful day of 45 degrees, but sunny tomorrow is going to be warmer and Wednesday was expecting a whopping 70 degrees right. If you have not have your yard treated for him for a pre-emergent application to prevent weeds from coming up into your yard. Now is the time to do it. We have these warm temperatures right along the way that are going to bring weeds, germinating and those are going to pop. Now only that, but we’re expecting rain. Next week the mixture of warm weather rain is going to make weeds. Go crazy, just send that we are going to go crazy with this weather that we’re going to experience here in a little bit and get your pre-emergent application. Taking care of. My name is Jared Pest Control Tulsa because we provide Pest Control Tulsa solutions and turf solutions everyone in the greater Tulsa area, and so we did both pest & lawn service, and so if you’re wanting any of those what, is this baskets call? But we can have that for you, but we don’t just take care of pest like bed, bugs ants, spiders, termite, grubs, moles gophers, please text a mice and rats of different road centipedes and millipedes and silverfish springtails of boxelder bugs we take care of really everything that that that we do that that we can handle there for you, and so that’s what we do. We would take care of all of those I’m raw skin damage, bed bugs and termites cuz. We handle those as well. What would you take care of mosquitoes a lot of people, don’t realize we take care of mosquitoes, but we handle those also. So if any of those were the service you want, if you want to come one of our customers, we can mend, you ever want to become one of our customers. That’s important, and so would you got to give us a call? Maybe a friend or family member referred you on over to us. That’s great! Those are those. Are fantastic referrals that that’s a huge compliment when someone trusts us enough to refer their friends, their family, and their loved ones, and it happens a lot. So that’s what we aim for that or you can see any of our any more billboards around town. That’s a pest control Tulsa just jot down all that information. Okay, just just look at those that don’t have our formation give us a call from that as well. So I thought of the company about 7 years ago, we found some core principles and those core principles are very important to us. Those core principles are honesty, integrity and countability, and hard work. Okay, those are our core principles for that right Pest Control Tulsa company for you at so we can make that happen. Open orders that to happen, you got to find us. You can google search s if you just google pest, control Tulsa, that’s her to lie to us and we are happy happy happy to bring you a moral or service to make you happy again. We can. Pest Control Tulsa can do that for you. So that’s what we will do and so right now we’re so forth. I’m the weeds here in Oklahoma everybody’s going to get weeds in Oklahoma if their homes are not treated, that’s just the nature of it. You know it just doesn’t stay Bermuda forever from you, as a great grasp of that will take over the kids up and help choke out the other than those trees. Are you sure, most likely going to want to put some fescue some type of fescue underneath there and make sure you get some good grass, growth, and stuff for the week don’s umbrella, but really the only often to do have auto on is doing a pre-emergent application as if that’s what we want to do, you want to do a pre-emergent application for you, I’m out there near and in your property in your yard, and so what that’s going to do it right now we’re doing these blanket treatments. Are we coming to do is like a dream? Is there for you, but in order for that to happen, you got to give us a call. So anytime, you see any of our signage that says: pest control Tulsa, take note of that right. They’ll have all of our information for the pre-emergent application. What that does that creates a barrier of crabgrass, dallisgrass, and nutsedge of Atlanta? All sorts of grassy weeds from coming up and popping upright are going to prevent that from taking place right time in so make sure that you do that. Make sure that you get those pre-market applications in that’s a right. Now is the first pre-merge application right now, the best time to make that happen. Also, there’s another one in late spring soap, mid-march in March, beginning of April I’m, you have another pre-emergent application that that’s important to have and get that taken care of, and so I don’t wake. You don’t hesitate otherwise, you’re going to be playing catch-up on weeds. It’s, not a game that you like it’s going to pop those weeds independently on that. So just give us a call right, you’re, just look up, Pest Control Tulsa that’s actual, will meet you over to us and we are happy to come out there and get that right thing taken care of for you, and so you might see yards out around your house or maybe in your neighborhood, that that are colored. Maybe there’s green on those yards, maybe blue on those yards, yeah, but maybe some color to him. A lot of people think that that colors, actually that actually herbicide I’m going out on you, you are, but it’s not that’s. Actually a die is called a truck or just so.

We can keep track of where we spray and so, but that, let you know it gives you an idea of who all have had their yards treated. It’s important to have your yard treated as well, so we don’t just take care of creamers’ applications. Do yard treatment, treat crabgrass and dallisgrass will fertilize your yard. Also, lawn aeration and overseeding fescue lawns find the past long. We want to leave you with the perfect lawn and your past is gone I’m, going to take care of all sorts of different type of pass like black widow, spiders brown, recluse spiders I will handle wood, bees, and carpenter bees and why no fleas and ticks and mice and rats and gophers and moles will handle all sorts of things as well. Besides, will handle bed bugs are horrible, mosquito, yellow, jackets, centipedes, millipedes I will take care of scorpions and silver fishing termite iu neighbor we can handle it for you make the happy got a call. If you can reach out to us at 918-376-0857, also reaches the platinum pass the lawn. Com make sure you were able to read all of the reviews. We have over a hundred five star reviews and we’d love it. If you were one of those, when does reviews as well, so just reach out and write a review for us, but I bet just search for sat platinum pest & lawn., com or even better. Yet you can google search just google pest control Tulsa That information will lead to test, will come out there and get you taken care of when we choose a plan to pass along. Your first service is only $1. We want to leave you with the perfect one and your person


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