Good morning to all say, good morning, Oklahoma good morning, anybody that’s turning into this podcast. Well, if you’re in the Tulsa area, you probably woke it up to two buckets of rain right, buckets, and buckets of rain, buckets, and buckets of moisture. I’m here in the Tulsa area, it’s still dark. The son has not come up and is not penetrated. It shining raised around the wonderful Earth that we live on. I’ve been so it still looks like night time over here, but the rain is falling. Use heating street lights filling up the streets, the ground is absorbed in the moisture plants. Can I grow which and plants growth and guess, what’s going to thrive, that’s going to be a bug, so Pastor and Thrive weeds are going to thrive, so you can have passed yours have weeds in your yard.

Pest Control Tulsa So it’s time to do something about it, but the first thing is that you listen to this podcast that that means that you are motivated to do something about it right, I’m in so I am Jared Johnson. I am the code platinum pest Alright Tulsa welcome back. We are happy that you’re joining us today to be at the podcast. Thank you for joining in and thank you for listening. Hopefully, we will leave you a little bit more information by the end of this podcast and what you had whenever you start this podcast, hopefully, your life a little bit.

Hopefully, this will be an enjoyable time and an enjoyable experience for you to turn in today. If you join us before, if you’re a regular, I would welcome you if it’s your first time we walk them. Yet. Thank you for giving a shot. Thank you for giving us a try here, but if you are a if you’re regular, you know we are no stranger to that. Does some pest trivia and so we’ll have some fun facts come out your strong and hard today, but first of all let me introduce myself.

I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host today, I am the co-founder of platinum, pest.anyone that has to listen to this podcast over here until says it is still morning time. The sun is not quite at come up over the horizon and we are getting rain. We are getting lots and lots and lots of rain we’re getting moisture. Moisture is good for the earth and the mouse by what is going to do here in countries is going to keep everything great when things are green. Those are ideal conditions for pest, but also for weeds to grow, so so the rain I produce more past inside your home and also creates more week they’re in your yard, but lucky for you.

We have the solution right and so welcome. If this is your first podcast we’re happy to join us if you are ready to listen, listen or we welcome you as well, I mean you know that we are no stranger to trivia, so we’re going to throw some fun fast, hard fact that you about past About weeds and that’s what we do write the first will, let me introduce myself. I am Jared Johnson.

Pest Control Tulsa I am co-owner of platinum pass them along with my beautiful wife, Jennifer Johnson., Pest Control Tulsa Most people, I find Platinum pest. welcome if you’re from Canada welcome if you’re from Australia welcome if you’re from Texas welcome here from anywhere that’s the beauty. Technology. These days, you can get the information to me, no matter where you’re at or around the world song to have an internet connection. So that might be. You might be vacationing on a beach somewhere, Mexico or in Hawaii or the Caribbean Sea, on a cruise ship, where you might be at the office right just trying to gain more information about Pat well, if that’s the case you’re, making that the right First, step right out of your chimney into this station, you tune into this podcast very important.

I have a further growth and and and information and education about the pest right about past about lawn control, that weed control that that temp think if you want further information, the best thing for you to do is to Google Pest Control, TulsaDaniel CR information. I am Jared Johnson, I’m I’m your host today, I’m also co-founder Platinum, pest. The edition you may be in Tulsa, he may be in Oklahoma. The city might be McAllister, you might be in Kansas, you might be in Texas.

Where were you? Pest Control Tulsa Are we welcome? You might be in Canada or Alaska, or Hawaii or Australia or Laos, or anywhere around the world, where there is pass, which is just about everywhere, but that makes me a good decision right now by Joni into this. Podcast shows that you want to educate yourself. Keep your keep yourself informed and educated inspired. I was just a lot about you write and send some more than welcome you if you were joining in if you’ve been to our podcast before we welcome you this your first time joining us. We welcome you as well.

I end up the way that most people find us is actually going. Google Pest Control, Tulsa, okay, that simple, then Google, those words and Dad them and they press enter, and they give us a call. We answer any questions, they have. We come out and get it. You don’t take care of getting things squared away, okay that’s, who we are. I am your host today. I am Jared Johnson, co-founder Platinum, pest. You want to welcome you to the podcast to another Edition glad you were joining us today.

It was it this your first time. I want to welcome you or, if you’re a or if you are a regular, Pest Control Tulsa we want to talk to you as well, but it shows us that you are. It is great that you listen to the podcast. First of all, that shows you that you show us and yourself that you care a lot about education. You care a lot about him for yourself and educating yourself up with all the different paths that run the Tulsa area. Also, we control how to prevent your yard from getting weeds and, and so what we want to talk to you today it’s we were talking to you today about it we’re going to talk to you about bed bugs Bible before we do that. I want to introduce myself, I am Jared Johnson. I am a co-founder of platinum, pest


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