Play podcast welcome back or so glad that you’re doing what they say on this podcast enjoying this overcast when we say that’s: okay, it’s okay to be overcast; okay, to be gloomy because the sun shines always around the corner and then we’re having this little front roll through is going to cool things off on things have been kind of warm lately, and so it’s nice to actually get a little bit of cool weather, Pest Control Tulsa Libertyville weather change, the name you don’t care about the weather, maybe you’re in love you’re in Hawaii, for the south pacific somewhere on the island, maybe you’re enjoying life, that’s a beauty about technology, I mean you can listings podcast really anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world. I mean you can be in Australia, I’m sure we got podcasters over there and I’ll struggle there joining you got all sorts of freaky little bugs are there in Australia and Canada and I could be anywhere, but I’m Jared Johnson. You probably heard my voice before. I am the founder, this company, I’m also a co-founder of platinum, pass along my wife is, the other founder, I’m we start up the company 6 years ago. Our goal is to become the best pest control, Tulsa has to offer, and we get to go reviews from people who refuse and let us know they give us the feedback of how we’re doing which we greatly treasure this google reviews. Let us know what we can do better, what we can improve upon, and so we want to provide you with the best service at that is actually possible, and so what you Pest Control Tulsa do is you can call us at 918-376-0857 or you can. Reach us online at platinum Pest. Hello podcast for the slow listener, slow fans, you want, we received in the mail, okay and we don’t receive fantastically, but we are willing to receive an email. If anybody wants to write to us now, we’re happy to receive it and it affects met them.

Females can actually just be emailed to us an email that info apartment pest. Low podcasters welcome back. Thank you for joint on this podcast. Hopefully, you’re enjoying your day. We finally got a little cool weather here in December. Today is December 5th. Yesterday I was in Bartlesville store near 80 degrees. I think it was 70 degrees in Bartlesville. I woke up this morning in the 30s man I felt lovely, but it’s good to have some. Finally, so my winter weather here right now we’re looking at 41 degrees, I’m on my way to Beggs Oklahoma for a termite inspection, just passing duck creek right now. So it’s a way out here, but what’s the word a day, Pest Control Tulsa I don’t think I’m prejudiced., although you would anywhere no matter where it’s at so I have for whatever reason I can’t think of the word, that’s alright podcast really not that important, I am hosting your podcast here’s, my name is Jared. I’m on town applied in the past, along with my wife mother of, are at three children and soul you have been. We have been treating bugs and killing pests for a while. Now some people just call it pest control Tulsa, because that’s what we do is we focus on the Tulsa area, pest control, company servicing the greater Tulsa area. We provide solutions to pest and also turf if anybody needs a turf treated, Pest Control Tulsa they need weed golf near the yard. Amelia, perfect, lawn and pest give us a call. We come right out, we answer questions they have when we, we do come out right away and we get them taken care of, and so, if you were needing service, if you have some past that you’re not quite sure what they are or may be or maybe something else right, maybe you’re getting weeds in the yard I’ll.

Let you don’t want around it’s time to take action and inactions fairly simple. All you have to do is contact us at you reached 918-376-0857 or you can. Reach is online at the platinum pest. Hello, podcasters welcome back to another podcast. Hopefully, you are enjoying yourself and hopefully, you will listen to this podcast because I either want to laugh either want to love you I want to cry. How are you want to kill bugs you want the bugs to die either way. We are happy that you’re with us we’re happy that you’re joining us on this podcast and we are thrilled and excited that you said how fast on display through google, how you might have google pest control, Tulsa, I’m to find us or whatever it or any other way, we’re glad and excited to come in for pearl amateur with us and that you’ve decided to listen to this podcast him. Pest Control Tulsa It’s a lot to us that you’ve decided that we only have 24 hours at the end of the day. Everybody is created equal in the fact they have 24 hours in a day. Nobody is figured out how to create more time, but it is sad. Pest Control Tulsa We are happy that you’re using some of this time, I’m dedicated yourself out bugs and not turf in about past, and so I’m Jared Johnson, your hostess podcast. We are a family-owned, it off the free company. We are platinum pests. Global cash is welcome back to another podcast. Welcome back to another edition, I am so thrilled excited and ecstatic and overjoyed and just loving life and loving that you were with us today, love that you are joining in with his podcast. Thank you for doing so. We are over a little cold snap, I mean it got pretty darn cold here last week and still low twenties and then things where I get a little bitter now when that happens, guess what the bugs do well when it gets really cold like that, the bugs are typically want to be outside, so they’ll come inside, enjoy the warmth from your home. So do not let that happen, but I am Jared Johnson, your host, this podcast, founder of platinum, pest.


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