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I am Jared Johnson co-host or actually the host and co-founder platinum pest and lawn with my beautiful and sweet and loving wife mother of three. Jennifer Johnson, she is no Wasow native. And so she grew up in the wall so I’ve never thought she’d live in a WA so. Does she live in the Oklahoma area? Until she married me I’d also spent some time in Oklahoma City from Houston but got here as quick as I could tell Oklahoma. We just absolutely love it here. Now I’ve done some pest control work in Oklahoma you know before we got married. We miss school and once we got married once we graduated Warner moved back to Oklahoma. The family environment is such a great place to live. So if you’re living here in Tulsa Oklahoma you made a good choice. Now again we are planting Tempesta lawn. We are pest control Tulsa. We are a family-owned and operated company in the greater Tulsa area. Now if you have any pet’s needs or pest questions or concerns you always give us a call or you can call us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or you can fit us online at Platinum pest and mon Cobb.
All right. Pest Control Tulsa
So if you’ve been listening you know that we talk a lot about all sorts of different kinds of bugs that are out there from fleas ticks to bed bugs to dust mites. You know when we do like Tribbiani a lot of crazy trivia like how long a roach can live with its head cut off. How long a mouse can swim before it drowns. That was. How long was it? Three days I think it was three days and now I can swim or me in the water before finally drowns. Right. Nature’s pretty cool there are all sorts of craziness out there. But yeah. So we like to ask Flugge trivia. Now today we’re talking about ants we talked about and the last few podcasts we want to continue that. There’s a lot of information on answers that are so prevalent here in the Tulsa area. And so we want to make sure that that you know that if you’re looking for pest control so that you’re going to find the right pest control by giving us a call. Platinum pest and lawn. And that way we can get that taken care of for you that way you do not have to do it. OK. Now just to recap we’ve talked to a lot of different plants we’ve talked about the different species or at least how many different species there are. The answer was 12000 species over the world.
Well, I suppose it’s not too much when you’re talking with the whole world and other insect species have quite a bit more in 2000 and less time.
It’s a lot. It’s actually six times. You do the math. This is 2000 pounds right than 12000 would be actually six tons. Little math where you come to just strong now. It can live about 20 times its own body weight. So if you were you would say your second-grade kid if they were and they’d be of the little car they could make partner easy just to put it where it needs to be Musante quantity and how they can live for many years and have millions of babies which is pretty insane if you think about it.
They also. If one dies right if a queen happens to die they’re calling going to live for a couple of months without the queen. And so they really need to need their queen to survive. So if you suspect that you have ants in your house around your house do not waste any time. Google pest control Tulsa call us. We’ll come right out there and eliminate this.
She will get it all together for you so you don’t have to. Right. That’s what we do now.
Now, what do you call us right? What we do is we take care of the ants we take care of the bugs. You know we know and take care and take care of all sorts of different insects as well. OK. So we’re learning that. And today we learned that the ants don’t actually have ears and they don’t actually have lungs. So they actually breathe through perforations so little holes that are all around their body.  Now they receive the oxygen they emit the carbon dioxide through those same little holes that are located on their body all around their body.
Now we talk about how they don’t have years but how they hear through feeling vibrations to their feet. Well, that’s one way that they communicate. That’s kinda the way through pheromones tell them where they’ve been where they’re going. Kind of like giant Post-it notes everywhere. And so when they walk they read those notes right. Pest Control Tulsa
They read those signs. So it’s kind of similar that they’re sensing those pheromones is what’s happening. Now with fights. How long do you think the fights for you just kind of gives a couple of jabs done to the other summits kind of like a lot of other animals around the world? Well, that’s not how it’s done in the IT community when asking a fight it’s a fight to the death.
So if you’re the one if you’re the aunt that’s picking the fight you better make darn sure you can beat your opponent because if that’s the last time that does that.
And the reason why is I mean the last time you’re going to be dead right now like we said before they leave that fellow behind. They know where they’re going.
They know where they Ganton and we’re the key for they’re calling surviving. But if you don’t want an ant colony to survive on on your property from Google pest control Tulsa clicks on the first link that’s going to be will come out and we’ll get it taken care of. We can kill all the economies on your property that we can make sure that they do not survive. Right.
All right. Now we talked about how ants can be frustrating. You know especially when you’re there in your house and you have the home all over your counter they’re calling all of your food they’re calling your feet they’re in your hair. May is super annoying. You know even when you have the picnic you trying to eat in there all of your food. But did talk about how they are actually a benefit to the environment and they live in large colonies or large groups and inconsistent with millions of fans. Right. So if you’re the type person does not want millions of ants living on your property go ahead next how you pass by that billboard that says pest control Tulsa just pull over and jot down the numbers. Pest Control Tulsa
We are number one that way we can get out there and we can get that all taken care of all situated for you right.
So it’s a pretty crazy time for the different types of as there are with Target poisoning and how their job once they are adult once their job is just simply to lay eggs right. Just pump out the eggs all about manufacturing for them. We talked about males. Their job is just to reproduce. What a job. I guess the workers are out of work. Forage do certain task soldiers order to protect the quality. So.
Let’s talk about ants fighting to the death. This would be those would actually be the soldiers and said do that right.
So they’re going be the ones that protect. Now get this. Economies have soldier ants. You know that we talk about protecting the Queen from the colony. They also gather food but they’ll kill food actually and they’ll actually attack other colonies of ants which are their enemies in search of nesting spots a place to have a nest and so forth. Right. So we kind of vicious the soldiers can. But this OK and then this is the interesting fact is that when they do that when they defeat another calling and they can actually take away the eggs that a few colonies those eggs will have. Now I’m not going to give you a little spoiler alert but works if you go over the next podcast. Pest Control Tulsa
What they do with those ants or what they do with the eggs from the ants from the colonies they’ve actually taken over defeated. Very interesting. Very interesting this is found in the insect world. The natural world out there so podcasters if you’re listening today you know we take care of ants we not only take care and we take care comparing it’s odorous ants Argentinean’s if you have any we’re going to take care of it we are going to eliminate it we’ll take care of spiders recluse spiders black widow spiders all spiders. We take care of fleas and ticks. Take care. Bed bugs. We take care of them pretty much if you have any past your name will take care of it. We take care of Termites and moles.
Those are some NoDoz and so we want to make sure that your home is free of termites and your home sees free of moles as well right.
Do we mention mosquitoes? What we do though you are we want to do webworms. Would you all sorts of different bugs. The newest pre-merge application so there were long companies so we take care of the turf so we’ve sort of wise we also treat for weeds so we’ll do Primos applications post-merge applications. We will also do broadleaf control of Grassie we control like Dallas grass pointed grass Johnson Grass crabgrass.
Grassy wheat takes care of that for you. So those will do pre-emergent post-humans will fertilize the yard will do Errey She also does seeding.
But the good thing for Tulsa’s you are first-served only one dollar. That’s incredible.
So give us a call and you reach the 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 3 regions that platinum Pesta in LA. Doc.


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