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I buy casters welcome back or so glad you’re with us, so glad that you are ready, I guess and talked and talked about mosquitoes and making it happen, and so that’s what we’re talking about today, but thank you for joining us. It is on December 1st of December. Finally, we made it to the time of the year that thing start cooling-off right, I’m into Christmas time, I’m looking pretty good out over here, and so we want to welcome you. Thank you for joining us today and I am dear Johnson, the host. I am also found her Platinum pest. Welcome back podcasters hoping you are enjoying this morning, we had a little rain, a little Haze happening near the Tulsa area. It’S got a lot of moisture and I went that moisture. What is going to happen is if you got some cool air moving through and so the combination of moisture and cool air we’re going to have some winter annual weeds, sharp property in your yard. Hopefully, you had a pre-emergent application, take place inside your yard or on your yard up to help prevent these weeds from Avenue by that. But if you didn’t, we can help you with that and if you did fantastically, you are smart, hopefully, we’re the ones that did it. That way, you had the best treatment possible for you, but I am Jared, I’m the hostess podcast with me. Pest Control Tulsa Some of that sells the marketing and also the servicing. I would make a great team. She got her degree in accounting and she is a wonderful woman, wonderful lady, that does a lot of work and, and she is it’s great, I’m so thrilled to be partnered up with her for life and for all eternity, and she is the brain to the grunt work behind the scenes, but some people We are family owned and operated company service in the greater Tulsa area, would provide turf Solutions, Pest solution. Anyone who has the need, would you just got everybody here in the area? That’S why we are happy to buy these past. These Turf solutions for you as well, some people just call it Pest Control Tulsa because of the services that that that we do provide a forum community service, rifle pest.

It is a rainy morning this morning, and so when the rain happens, the bug start coming in also had a lot of warm weather here rather Thanksgiving time. Pretty warm weather is great short, sleeve t-shirt almost December, and the kind of cool down a little bit, and so it looks like we have a little cool front coming through got a little bit of rain that gives us a little bit of a soaking just what We need it and then also I also it’ll cool weather coming in now, but with that cool weather means bugs and also means winter annual weeds had that happened in that take place at transpire, but we want to thank you for joining Sanchez podcast. My name is Jared, I’m your host today and I also founded a platinum pest. That looks like some clouds of come through a rolled in, and I left a little friends going to move through or what. But I wouldn’t mind it because it says been a little warm euro spin, shorts, and short-sleeve weather, but it has been beautiful weather, but little too warm for me considering it is almost December and Santa Claus is almost coming to town now. Pest Control Tulsa Hopefully you got to have a little turkey or turkey yesterday or not yesterday, but I’m Thanksgiving wherever you decide to celebrate Thanksgiving. Hopefully, you have a lot of gratitude in your heart and were able to see the things that you really reflect on the things that you are grateful for. But one thing that we are grateful for is we’re grateful for you. We’Re grateful for listeners that join this podcast for wait for customers. I am Jared, I’m your host and I’m also founded at Platinum, pest. I think put this at a 16 podcast for the day we bust them out today, and I were glad that you listen to us and we’re happy and we’re thrilled that you took the time to listen to us, and hopefully, you learned something.

Hopefully, you did a little laughter. Hopefully, you laugh a little bit I’m by that either way. We are very grateful that you did join with us and that you’ve been with us throughout this podcast series talked about all sorts of different passed on mice, rats, eyes, scorpion silverfish, I’m roaches done a lot about roaches. Ann’s about spiders move over a lot of Different bugs a lot of different insects and thanks for being along with us for the ride, and if you don’t know who I am my name is Jared on the host. These podcasts, I’m also the owner of platinum, pest. Today and – and hopefully your stomachs are full from Thanksgiving hope. You had enough turkey, jerky, and I hope you ate it. Hopefully, Pest Control Tulsa it was cooked in a manner to your liking. Some people like fried turkey, some people like turkey, that is sad, that it’s been smoked but either way. You know, I’m not really partial. I don’t really discriminate. As far as that goes, I mean I just like some turkey to give me some turkey, turkey, even some cranberry sauce and cut that cranberry sauce and throw it on there. Man, that’s some delicious stuff, so I buy a really good Thanksgiving time. Hopefully, you have a heart. Full of gratitude, hopefully, you’re thankful, you’re – able to express thanks for all that you have and it wherever live in this in this country after the veterans that help fight for it to express your gratitude for that, and but I am I’m on the host today. Pest Control Tulsa I’ll buy also in the owner of platinum testing lawn I’m with my wife and us. We set up this company about 6 years ago and our goal is to really become the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer that people have left some reviews for us to help us know how we’re doing along those lines on people have time to read. Those reviews for those root reviews are fantastic cuz. They help us better ourselves.

They help us do an awesome job or a better job, at keeping you happy and in providing you with the services that you do need in. So that’s what happens right and that’s what takes place in. So that’s what we want to do. We want to provide that service for you. We want you to be our customer, but you need to contact us in order to make that happen, as so if you just think the words Pest Control, Tulsa or number we are confident are never will just pop in your head, Pest Control Tulsa because we got that tool Out to see your whatever it’s called I’m at that’s going to make that happen. Okay, but you also call us at 918-376-0857, see I told you that number was going to pop in your head or you can reach Platinum, pest


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