Pest Control Tulsa | Bee’s Buzzing Around?

Bookbag podcasters. Thank you for joining with us today on this podcast, my name is Jared on the hostess podcast series, I’m. Also co-founder platinum pest & lawn I, with my wife, she’s, a beautiful wife, also does a lot so I pretty much married right. I did right on that and I chose the right person I like is there super duper skills and her beauty and her charm skills as a mother, but also we are in love still in love, making it happen. We make magic happen next thing you know, kids come out, she has 3 kids, we have three kids. Jennifer johnson is a mother of an of our three kids and she’s, a big part of me and I’m happy to have her along for the ride, but some people just call me pest control Tulsa although my real name is Jared Jonathan johnson, we service the greater Tulsa area, I’m, providing Pest Control Tulsa and also. We need solutions to those who need an area which is really everybody now the reason why I say everybody needs it. It is because here in Oklahoma, you’re going to get weeds right. If you don’t treat your yard to the yard is not sprayed his applications are not men in your yard. You try to have wheat, the pop it that’s just the way. It is, there are lots and lots of different weed seeds that are in the soil just waiting to germinate. So you got to make sure that that you are able to protect your hope. Take your yard from the weeds. That’s worth Pest Control Tulsa near your heart can be the spiders and. So that’s what happens as far as getting worse. Then we take care of them for you right so we’ll handle that just call and make that transpire, and it’s there’s a lot of different ways. You can finance or get ahold of us or get her information you reached at 918-376-0857. We also reach at platinum pest & lawn., com or anytime. You see a billboard in Tulsa near any billboard that says pest control Tulsa those are going to be associated with us. So what you want to do is you want to judge any information to give him those billboards and say that in your phone, it’s imperative that you do, that that you save in your phone, because I’ll tell you what’s going to be happening: dude come home late, one night and you’re going to see a spider or an ant or roach whatever. It is. A mouse runs across your yard, your house and he’s going to freak out too so much easier, just going to have our names or information to save your phone. So that way you just press one button and that and then you can give him a call right and so go ahead and do that the smart thing to do. We don’t just take care of pests like spiders and ants and wood bees and carpenter bees in mice and rat fleas and ticks and moles and gophers, silverfish and cricket centipedes in and I mean you name it. We handle it right with your bed bugs even bed bugs. Are you carpenter, ants, and wood bees, carpenter, bees, and mosquitoes are. They are big service that we do people love or mosquito treatment to take back there at their yard right in, and so that’s what we can do in that way they are able to enjoy the outside, enjoy their yard again right. That’s what we can do for you and hold off till we can chill out the yard as well, so really prevent the weeds from coming up in the Yard I’m, also treat for broadleaf, weeds and grass and weed to do lawn, aeration and overseeding fescue lawns also will make it happen for you right. We want to leave you with the perfect lawn and your past is gone reach out to us, and so just go to google Pest Control Tulsa okay, just google that that’s search will be to write to us directly to us. I wish. We are happy to take care of what you have transpired there for you. Okay, so make that happen, and that way we can get in contact with you now. Also, today we were talking about? Application, so we’ll get a call from someone that that says that maybe I’ll see nor sign and their yard and the neighbor’s yard they give us a call and say: hey I need you to come along with that blue treatment that you do, hear something that you needed to, or maybe don’t even know, but I’ll just give you a fun fact. Is that blue and that green, that you’re, seeing the yard people sprite? That is not doing that’s, not killing anything that coloration. Actually, what that is is that a tracking die, so the guy that’s putting to the tank for the purpose of being able to see where you trade, in where you were, where you sprayed that’s the whole purpose of it right and that’s what we will do we do that with you that would put that tracking die in there for you also. So if you want your yard treated, this is Pest Control Tulsa is going to be associated with our company and so make sure that you judge information from that sign that way. We can keep things right. Keep things happen. Keep things rolling for you, okay, so do that! Do that? Do that and then also what we’re doing we’re doing pretty much have a case right now. What you don’t want, you don’t want grassy, weeds, now, there’s you’re, still there still some winter annuals that are going to pop, like polenta, is going to take place. Flowers, you don’t want to let those germinate. Actually a lot of golf courses use that on there and get that going there unless you have a putting green in your yard.

If you do the great more power to you, that’s what you want, but that pouring grass is going to come up. So it’s important to the free march applications. Pest Control Tulsa Also you don’t want any. Also the total help with that in bed I’m at other other other other treatments of the weeds. For you as well social, less wright, don’t wait too late. Don’t wait too long, so much easier for banner problem his computer. It is the way that you’re going to call us as you’re, going to see a flyer. There are lots of flyers as pest control, Tulsa always going to memorize and get that done. Okay, and so we can do that there for you, okay, I’m now we’ll just take care of weeds yeah. We would do lawn aeration and overseeding fescue mont retreat, both Bermuda and fescue lawns. We fertilize lawns, will give nice and thick and you know we would do a soil test. We will do it all. We also treat for her pass. So we do on bed bugs are horrible. Termites are horrible, roaches and cockroaches. Cockroaches spiders fleas ticks mice, rats, ants silverfish. When we hear what all, but you need to call us just google pest, control Tulsa, you can give us a call at 918-376-0857 and also regions online at fighting and Pest Control Tulsa the, perfect, lawn and you’re gone


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