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Welcome back Tulsa walking back to the other podcast Edition. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you’re joining in with us. It’S like we’re a big family. If you are regular, listen, we welcome you. We thank you for coming and joining us today. Um. Hopefully, we said something before in the past: it is struck an interest or struck a chord with you hours or at panties you’re interested to keep we’d like to give a lot of facts. Take the fluff out and give you what we know to be true and accurate, and then also this is your first time joining. We welcome you also I’m. Hopefully, this will be an enjoyable experience for you and your tune in time and time and time again I will. I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host today, this podcast series – I am the co-founder of platinum, pest & Lawn with my beautiful, wonderful wife, Jennifer Johnson mother of our children,
and she is a great mother at that also helps in the Alps at at at work. And the business. At it, we wouldn’t have this business without her, I’m in so we are Platinum, pest & Lawn. We are a locally owned and operated cup company servicing the greater Tulsa area for their pest control need also for the lawn needs. Their Turf needs I’m making sure their yards are weed-free. So we will leave you with a Perfect Lawn and your pest is gone, but you got to call us right time. We are Pest Control Tulsa, okay, just know that if you want to get ahold of us, if there are any services that we provide for you or if you just want to chat, yes, some questions that you need to be answered, I know you can call us just reached at 918-376-0857.
You can also reach online at Platinum, pest & Lawn. Let’S get this party started today. If you can join in recently, you know, we’ve been doing a podcast series on and there’s a lot to know about answer everywhere here in Green Country. It’S a green country that is conditioned conducive to Aunt. Reproduction right had said they’re very common here to come inside the homes. It’s also very common with all the rain that we get kinda pushes them on on the inside, and so we’re going to give you lots of facts about ants about other bugs also, but really what we want you to know is, if you want you to know how to get ahold of us and it’s as simple as can be all you have to do is search Pest Control Tulsa. That’S it search that impressed and click on the first link. That’S going to be us, I’m Platinum pass tomorrow and give us a call. We’Re happy to answer any question that you have come out and Raticate any issues, whether it’s Aunt related or whether it’s another type of passes like bed bugs or my eyes are termites whatever it is, we’re happy to get it all done all taken care of. For you, okay, I’m! So that’s what we’re talking about today, we’re talking about Aunt. So, let’s go over some facts with ants: okay, we know the answer, don’t have lungs and they don’t have ears. However,
they can still here and they can still breathe right now. The way they do. That is a sense of vibration at their legs from the ground. So that’s how they hear that’s similar to user drums sense vibrations in sound waves right, and that really is a message to our brain and so there’s a similar, but they don’t have ears, they also don’t have lungs. But how do they breathe right? They still need oxy.
Will they have a little holes all throughout the body that actually absorb the oxygen and then they release carbon dioxide through those to those holes as well? Okay, so answer pretty unique in that sense, so it’s breathing in your house or listening in your house without ears. If those creepers are doing that, don’t stand for that, go ahead and Google Pest Control Tulsa call us will come out we’ll make sure that those and do not breathe again, and they don’t hear again without years. That’S weird! We don’t want that happening, you’re home. I’m sure you don’t want that happening to your home as well. Okay, I’m also asking the 20 times their own body weight. So what that means is that, if that means, you have second graders picking up cars all the time. What should be a super-easy way to park? You just pull up to an area that needs to be parallel. Part 7second, grader, get out, look up the car and then place in the parallel parking the spot. So there are some benefits if we were ants on. However, we would look a little weird: you wouldn’t have loved to have holes all over the body. We wouldn’t have to look a little freaky, so I’m glad we’re. I’m glad we’re humans, okay, but if you do see any ants growing up to be humans, that’s not good! In by any means, so if that’s happening to go ahead and Google Pest Control Tulsa after you, Google that then just call your doctor and then – and maybe they can have an explanation for you, I’m going up there small ants we can.
We can Raticate him any of the normal and they’re here in the Tulsa area will take care of them for you that way, you don’t have to deal with them. Okay, now, when ants bite that usually fight to the death right, so don’t start any Aunt. Betting gambling Rings gambling ant bites right, that’s probably not good. We don’t want you to get a rubber reputation for that. We don’t want toast to get that reputation. We don’t want you going to jail right. So when ants fight they they they they like death. But don’t start gambling on the right, that’s just not good. It’S not ethical right and so also queen ants have wings or say shed after they start a new Nest. I don’t know if you knew that, but that’s a fun fact. So you’ll see an ant with wings. Will those are queen ants, getting ready to start a new Colony right, I’m so so they have wings that they’re looking to go start a new NASCAR starting to calling. So if you see that happen, if you’re seeing any ants with wings around your property number one that could be termites, you want it to give us a call, you want to give a reputable company a call or they could be ants anyways. What you want to get rid of also? So if that’s happening to you, give us a call just search Pest Control Tulsa, that’s all you had to do cause upper happen to go out there and take a look or you can text us. The picture will just make sure that that that you aren’t dealing with what any of those past there in your home so call so we don’t just take care of ants what. Do spiders eat roaches brown, recluse spiders, black widow, spiders German brown, roaches oriental cockroaches? We take care of the bed, bugs fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.
We do ants, odorous, ants, carpenter, ants, wood, bees, carpenter bees. We do termite inspections for buying selling home, so Daffy reports we take care of armyworms bagworms grubs at you name it. If you have a pest infestation will take care of it wasp. We also take care of that, and so we take care of the whole Ray a whole array of different insects. Y’All still weed control so will treat your yard for Will you pre Merchant applications will treat for broadleaf, weeds and grass seaweeds like Dallas grass and crabgrass and dandelions are a big one. I’m also put down at fertilization that that that slows down the growth of your lawn. So you don’t have to cut as much as well so there’s all sorts of tricks how about you wanted to find out those trucks going to give us a call right. It’S ok, Google Pest Control Tulsa clicking on links, give us a shout, we’ll come out there and get it taken care of for you. You can reach us at 918-376-0857. You can also reach us online at Platinum, pest & Lawn., Calm, the remember when you, when you choose Platinum, we’re going to leave you with the perfect one and your past gone, and your first service is just one


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