Welcome back podcasters welcome back to another edition. We are so glad and excited and thrilled that you’re joining with us today, depending on where your listing from you could have Pest Control Tulsa some great. Whether you have some sunshine dress of sleep should some snow to know what part of the country what part of the world you’re listening in from I’m right now in Tulsa Oklahoma, it is just pouring rain. I am in the vehicle, and I am driving up to bro I, actually get some termite inspections done and that’s what that’s? What we’re doing? We are moving and grooving along the interstate that the toll road to turnpike some people call it up to go I check for termites over in a home in Grove Oklahoma. So if you’re here in background noise that background noise is caused by the torrential downpour, that’s happening right now, and so you might even see or car or vehicle on the interstate if you’re listening right now live and if you see a vehicle that has pest control Tulsa on that vehicle. You know that is the one that you need to do something that’s, the one that you need to pull over or not pull over unless you’re a cop, but even if you’re, all sorts of law, so I’m on the right now I mean that with that rain coming down the way it is worth it for eating the way it is. It might be a little difficult to really make that happen. You know, did you really write down the number, because you might not be able to see it? We got darn near white-out conditions here, but with the rain, and so my name is Jared I’m on one of the owners of platinum pass along with my wife, my wife is the other owner I’m we have three marvelous children and I were just discussing whether or not we’re going to have more. We just don’t know quite yet what the future has in store for us. If you, like my son, I’ll, ask my son what he thinks is going to happen for a since. Like I’ll, say: hey, you have a soccer game today or do you think you’re going to score a goal and he said no one can know the future, but I will play. My heart is so I, don’t know if I will or won’t cuz. Nobody knows the future, but we can tell you the future when coming to bugs and pests and weeds. That future is, if you don’t have any protection on your home, run your yard. You are going to get bugs you’re going to get weeds here in Oklahoma. That’s just the way. It is it’s. So if you don’t want weed to-and if you don’t want past inside your home, it’s time to take action to action fairly simple. All you have to do is go to a computer or tablet or smartphone I’m, some sort of electronic device that has a wi-fi connection or the internet whatever it is in it in there. You want to search pest, control Tulsa I want units pest, control Tulsa, that’s what you want to type in there. That’s what you want to search and by doing that. Pest Control Tulsa That’s turtle beach to us at least your website, and it will be able to help you will be able to help guide you through the process will be helped will be able to move along on that cuz. That’s real! What we want to do is write. You want to move along. We want to move forward. We want to make sure that you aren’t dealing with any bugs or weed or make sure that you are protected right and so, in order to that, you need to take action, maybe proactive, so we can be bragging about it. Now, if you’re not going to remember everything that we go over this podcast app, that’s completely understandable. Nobody is I’m, not even remember everything that I am everything that I say this podcast yeah I can’t remember everything. I said before it’s just the way. It is right about what you can’t remember, and what would you want you to remember is how to get in contact with us, which is fairly simple. All you have to do is grab a flyer, any flyer that says pest, control Tulsa just grab that fire and jot down any information say that information, your phone cuz I’ll, be a simple way to get in contact with us. So here’s a question: what happens when it rains so I’m only happy, when, it, rains, I’m, only, happy, when, it’s complicated, that’s a song by I have no idea who I, hopefully, you’re happy, not only when it rains, I hope, you’re, also happy when it rains. You want to make sure that we are all happy, no matter what the weather conditions are. But if you are concerned about whether affected weather has on your house when coming to pest like spiders and that everything we’re happy to answer those questions for you just looks us up not even passed by a billboard. We got lots of work to do I pass by the billboard that says: pest control Tulsa. If you pass by that billboard, awesome pullover, be nice, be smart about it, be courteous and jot down all of her information. That way, we can get a hold of you and get in contact with you, okay, but go ahead and do that, but rain does have an effect on the pest that you start seeing inside your home and also the Wii they’re, going to start popping theirs in your yard. Right now we’re getting tons of rain inches1 inches of rain, and we don’t get me wrong. We have definitely needed it. We have been so dry, we need the saturation, we need the moisture and we are happy to get it. Pest Control Tulsa

Pest Control Tulsa We are thrilled to get the moisture, but what happens is what is once you get this rain and then next week the sun’s going to come out right, it’s going to get warm. Is it going to warm back up and I want that sun comes out and starts getting warm with all this more store, dad will love. Those seeds are going to germinate. A lot of the weed seed is going to take off and start germinating. Now you do not want that to happen. Okay, you know what this week to start Jermaine, taking off. So, in order to prevent that, we offer pre-emergent application, so we don’t know what a pre-emergent application is or if you just want to get a pre-emergent application, it’s time to take action. Just call us right just go. Hopefully, you saved our number for that. Billboard, the pest, control Tulsa one, and that way you just called last week and they give him a shout, and we can help you out when you, whatever we need to do in order to put a smile upon your face, is definitely something that we take care of his definitely a treatment that would be provided. It definitely is a service that we provide. We all should do more than for your march application. Would you rather we control applications such as will fertilize your yard or make sure it gets nice and thick and green that way it chokes out. Any weed is I think about coming up in Pest Control Tulsa the yard. You don’t want any. We don’t even think about coming up in your yard. That’s just nonsense! We don’t want that to happen. You don’t want that to happen either. Okay, and so we also treat for Dallas grass and crabgrass and nutsedge retriever, dandelions and clovers god bless me I just sneezed and I, but we treat for other weeds. Also, we do will do fescue lawns will receive your best you’ll do lawn aeration. We do it all really we can handle it all for you. We will treat it off for you, control for spiders and ants and carpenter ants wood bees, carpenter bees will treat for termites, subterranean termites with wings bed bugs are really bad I’m. You don’t want the bed bugs around your home. We treat for many more things such as yo such as wasps and mosquitoes and fleas and yellow jack would do mosquito treatment. That’s huge over here. We want to make sure we stay thorough and active on that. But if you are services, give us a call yet to search for us just google, pest, control Tulsa, all of our pest Control Tulsa information come up, will give you a call we’ll come out. Your first service is only $1, but we want to leave you with a perfect lawn and your past gone you just reached at nine one, eight three60857. Once again, it’s 918-376-0857. My name is Jared and I’m, with platinum pest & lawn


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