Welcome back to also walking back to another edition of podcasts from platinum pest and lawn dot com. I am Jared JOHNSON I am your host. I am also co-founder platinum past Mont with my beautiful wife Jennifer Johnson formerly known as Jennifer Gaylord.
No relationship to the Gaylord Hotels. Darn. But we are platinum past and long we are family owned and operated companies servicing the greater Tulsa area. We take care of all sorts of past and we do we control we do turf and its so platinum person long we’re going to leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone.

If you want to reach us you can always reach Platinum pest and Lynda.com. Or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Well how are you doing Tulsa. Is that what is it. August 25th we’re going towards the latter part of August and the weather’s beautiful right. We haven’t had weather like this and I don’t know how many years. So nice cool temperatures in the upper 80s. Life is looking good for Tulsa right now. So we’ve had lots of rain in August and seasonal rain. So we’re getting lots of rain. It’s happening but what we’re doing what we’re talking about today Tulsa we’re talking about bugs. If you’ve been following along you know we’ve talked a lot about bedbugs. In fact, this is probably going to be the last podcast in regards to bed bugs. Then we’ll switch over to another topic. Come next podcast. But you know we let a lot of information out there about bedbugs. There’s lots of information about it.

I mean you probably Google a lot of information up and bugs you probably Google pest control Tulsa and that’s us and M-Pesa. Pest Control Tulsa
We leave you with a perfect one your pest gone and we’ve done that. Or you have probably done then you found information about bedbugs by doing that. So there’s a lot of information out there but what we’re here to do is we were just here to educate right and educate teach you about bedbugs teach you about the issues that they cause. What happens when people find bed bugs in the bed bugs and so forth. So we are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to that bugs and other pest issues. But if you take anything from all these pets. Pet podcast if you just take one thing with all these podcasts it would be that if you have bedbugs or view of a friend with bedbugs or a family member or bugs or if you know someone with bed bugs or if you know someone that you think is going to get bed bugs to have them look at Pest Control tools.
There we will be the best Pest Control Tulsa for that.

Whenever they Google pest control also we’ll be there click on our link will come out. Even just call us and we’ll give them a lot of information about bed bugs. Let them know what they need to know when dealing with them right. Now some things that we have talked about with dealing with bed bugs as we talked about ways that they actually make them into your house are by transporting them. So whether you go into the movie theater and one jumps on you or they come in another way. The most common way I would say that we encounter a bedbug entering the home is mostly through people. Traveling right. So staying over at hotels coming back in when they leave bed bugs or a family member during that period that’s traveled a lot and they see your house in NIXEY know why you got that. Sure you’re hit with the bug right with the bedbugs.

So we want to make sure that you don’t. That doesn’t ever happen to you. We want to make sure that you’re educated. That doesn’t happen right.
And so you can find all sorts of information by looking up pest control Tulsa all that you know about bedbugs here in the Tulsa area and what to do to eradicate them and keep sane at the same time that that’s another thing as bedbugs just mess with the mind so much.
So it’s hard to stay sane dealing with that. But because a lot of people don’t stay sane in dealing with them. But you can’t because you’re better than that you can make it happen. Right. But we talked before about 20 percent of Americans either have had a bedbug infestation themselves or know someone that had a bed bug and face infestation of bedbugs happened all over the country.

I’ll tell you this about 80 percent. So bedbugs are becoming more prevalent. So much so that 8 percent of people are concerned about encountering bedbugs at hotels. Right. 52 percent with public transportation like subways buses that type of thing. Forty-nine percent are concerned about finding bedbugs and catch and bring them home in movie theaters. Val earns 44 percent in retail stores and then not only that in medical facilities 40 percent medical facilities 30 percent are concerned about finding them actually in the homes that they live in. Thirty-two percent are or are fearful of actually getting employment or your friend’s home. So so but actually the fear of getting bitten is like the worst fear from all those people that were.
There were interviewed and all those people that were surveyed.
So what they’ve probably done that they are in the Tulsa area you know they probably went ahead and googled pest control Tulsa and they pulled a pact because they probably found our Web site went out there and gone taken care of. In fact, I’d say. You know when we talked about people getting them from hotels and that type of thing another way that they come in and we get a lot of calls on people buying used furniture or phone towers being given away to them.

Right. And so you don’t want to pass up on to the ticket. Well, guess what.
Oftentimes the furniture is infested with bed bugs and so people get bedbugs that way. OK. Now.
Now with that with bedbugs whether it’s your friend or whoever it is if they think that bedbugs you know they probably get those bites on them.
I think it’s chiggers mosquitoes either way. The best thing to do is just to look up pest control tools because that’s going to be us and we take care of miscues we take care of takes we take care of chiggers right. Also, take care of bedbugs. And so we do all those things so we can make sure that we can get get a handle on the situation right like in this situation. And here’s the handle we’d put that handle on the situation grab it and take care of it eradicate it how it needs to be. But you’re not going to do that trying to do it yourself. You’ve got to have professional help. And so you’re going to want to get pest control Tulsa and you want to get the best pest control in the Tulsa area and so that’s going to be. So we can help him get that taking care of by getting that done for you. OK. Now get this now.

So out of all the people that took this survey 13 percent of people who responded said that they said that they knew someone who in their home has bedbugs so in their home. So 13 percent of people.
Who had bedbugs inside their home. Pest Control Tulsa
OK. And then and 33 percent discouraged those who had the infestation from entering their own home.
I think that’s a very wise move. You want to discourage people from entering your own home if you know that they do have bedbugs right until the bedbug situation is under control. And that’s why we keep reiterating and we’ll continue to reiterate that if you know someone with bedbugs give them the steps to take what you want to have them do as you want them to Google pest control Tulsa. We’re going to come up top of that list we’re going to call this room coming out there and take care of those bedbugs.

It’s happened before well we’re we’ve come out there to inspect the bedbugs. One thing said that bugs we don’t we inspect we find bedbugs we pointed out to the customer they’ll call another company for a quote We’re much lower than those other companies. But another company will come out and look. I’m thinking of one, in particular, it was one that the bigger companies were not going to name names here but they came out and looked at the bedbugs they couldn’t find any. And the homeowner had to point out where those were located because we had shown the homeowner earlier.

Now you know I’m not you know I don’t know about you but I don’t have very much confidence in someone that’s coming to treat my bed bug infestation they can’t even see the bed bugs if I have to point them out. So we don’t want that to happen to you. But not only that but with bedbugs, a lot of people think that they actually transmit diseases they don’t you know they’re just really annoying and they mess with your head but they don’t actually transfer diseases. And in fact with with with the survey a lot of people mistakenly thought that bedbugs prefer dirty homes or they’re more prevalent among the poor in class it’s not so prevalent along all of your wealth structures all financial classes and and and so it doesn’t really matter. Dirty homes clean homes. Bedbugs are there they’re there from one thing and that’s to suck your blood. But you take care of bedbugs.
We take care of carpentry. We take care spiders we take care of fleas ticks moles mosquitoes termites webworms bagworms armyworms. Your name. We’re going to take care of scorpions. We do we control as well. So pre-merge applications post-merge applications will take your broadleaf weeds grass weeds will leave you with a perfect lawn and your pets take care of pests you lawns Bermudan lawns.
So give us a call if you see any of these services you reached 9:28 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 and also reaches online at Platinum past Salon.com.
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