Welcome back podcasters, welcome back listeners, welcome back anybody she’s turning in and anyone who can hear the sound of my voice might be on a boat near that song, I’m On A Boat, I’m on a boat. You could be on a boat in the car. You could be an airplane, possibly be on a skateboard or maybe riding a bike or maybe you’re out running man in your concert, you’re not going out two birds, one stone to educating yourself and now you’re making it happen. So I’m today we are talking about past no more particularly ants before we get too much into it, and it’s typing what we’re doing today, I’ll. Let me introduce myself, my name is Jared Johnson, I’m your host of this fabulous podcast series. Thank you for joining, and if your regular listener, you know that I’m asking all sorts of questions and needs are actually fun podcast and want to get everybody involved. Want you to learn, wants to laugh, wanted to be entertaining for you. That’S who we are. We arrest Control Tulsa, where Tulsa’s Premier pest control company service in the greater Tulsa area, I’m really taking care of a people’s Pest Control issues in their Turf needs. I make sure everything is hunky-dory and everything is looking really good, they’re all on their property. We believe people with a Perfect Lawn and pest went, I’m a. We are Tulsa’s premier pest control company service in the greater Tulsa area. We were really just a family-owned and operated company just small-time, but solving your past issues in a big way right into the way that most people get in contact with. This is a must-watch. You know how to use Google Music to the computer, and so they get what they get on the computer right, they type in their information, and then they did go to Google and a tie pin in Google they type in Pest Control, Tulsa right and it up. We pop here in the Tulsa area, and so we come out over people, give us a call. We answer any questions they have oftentimes he wants to come out and resolve the pest issues. They do have what happened to that as well, but you got to look cuz. I’ve got to give us a call alright.

So, if you’re enjoying this podcast today and if you are regular, you know that we ask a lot of trivia and will give you a lot of questions a lot of fun. Facts that are answered as we want to thank you for going with us today, and so all this out of all the information that you can receive out of all these questions and answers and everything that’s going on, I mean you’re, really not going to remember everything. Everything is going to stick inside your ginormous at Cranium, I’m in your head. Yes like So I Married an Axe Murderer. You know how Heather Trippin on that dude for his ginormous Cranium. Well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, then that to me that you are smart right, that you are intelligent and so and so hopefully that that’s the case and so we’re cramming everything in there today. I’m but not everything is going to fit, and I am things going to stay so there’s only one thing that we can have stick inside your head today. It would be how to get in contact with us right cuz. That will lead you to dig in the most problems resolved for you now. The way that you can get up get ahold of us. If you have to Google Pest Control Tulsa, what should Google Pest Control Tulsa? You just need to click on EarthLink. A lot of your questions will be answered on our website. I’ve been up there not feel free to give us a call, we’re happy to come out and take a look of any issues that you may have or possibly answer all your questions over the phone right, I’m what we are happy to do that as well, we want to make this convenient for you, I’m so sad, we’re talking about aunts and so we’ve, given some fun facts before about ants, such as how many different species of ants are in the world. Pest Control Tulsa I will currently there about 12,000 different species of ants at the world right I’m. So the question is how many different types of species of ants are living on your property right? That is 12000 throughout the world? How many are here, the Tulsa area? How many are in your backyard, I’m hammering in your house that that’s the big question.

So if you want that answered, he’s going to take a little bit of work on your part, but the way that you have to do what you have to be able to go to the computer yeah. I know how to type in and if you and you know how to type in Pest Control Tulsa again, I’m those keywords are Pest Control, Tulsa type, those in and then and then you’re going to press enter and you can get all of our information right. You going to be able to figure out how to get in contact with this super simple. All that information is right there, here’s a fun fact or may not have known when ants fight is usually to the death right. So it’s not like people where I mean you’ll get a left hook right hook, jab, never cut all that stuff. That’S not what’s Happening Here Right with ants off and doesn’t mean it’s the real deal, I’m in serious business you got! You got to make sure that you’re ready to go right. Cuz off time is going to be to the death. So if you see any ants fighting to the death either on your property or maybe on a neighbor’s property – or maybe your friend of yours, maybe a family member or a loved one, PC aunt’s, going to town, possibly fighting to the death, give us a call cuz. We don’t just want one ant to die. We want them all to die, I’m so next time, you’re driving down that on the highway., Billboard, the big billboard, the one that says, Pest Control, Tulsa just pull over right, then all the information I will go to come out and get it taken care for you Right that way, you don’t have to that way. You don’t have to mess with it right, but you got to give us a call to give us a chance to come out there and dress the situation. I’m back, but we know that you’ll be wowed. Pest Control Tulsa You’Ll be impressed with how well that we handle the problem. How well that we resolve the issue as well, but but but again you got to give us a call in order to make that happen. So some more fun facts, Queen soap, so some queen ants they can live for years and years and years they have millions of babies. So if you heard me right, they can have millions of baby so make sure they are having millions of babies on your property.

Okay, and when did you know for sure she needs to call to set up an inspection. So just what you really want, if you want the best what you want, you want Pest Control, Tulsa right, but you don’t want to get the best at that’s available to you, which is going to be awesome. Just take care of ants. We do spiders like brown, widows, black widows, brown recluse spiders over his hands’ carpenter ants. We took care of wood bees, carpenter bees. I would take care of spiders’ bed bugs and mosquitoes termites. We take care of subterranean termites, termites Wings, ants with wings. I will stew church services well, she won’t will treat your yard when doing pre-emergent applications and post-emergent applications with tree broadleaf, weeds or treat for Grassy weeds, Pest Control Tulsa like does grass and plant grass in everything that you need to make sure that would leave you with the Perfect Lawn your past, when you lawn aeration, would you overseeding Fescue? I will make it happen, but in order for that to happen in the order in order for us to make it happen. If you got to give us a call, so the way that you can find this you’re going to find this online, the way they’re going to find it by typing in Pest Control, Tulsa I’m clicking on the link, will come out. There will analyze your situation taken care of, but remember when you choose Platinum, Pest & Lawn.


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