Hey: hey, hey, hey, hey, Tulsa! Welcome, back! Welcome back to another podcast edition welcome back to life. You know what comes back to life. We’re glad that you’re waking up! You know you could be actually is your alarm is your wake-up alarm. That would be cool right. You wake up to listen to us, talk about bugs and lawn weeds, and that’s a fact about things. You know so. Wake up to the podcast just go ahead and skip all that, and some people just refer to us as pest control Tulsa, because we are taking care of all the piss out of the Tulsa area. That’s right! If you are a pest and if you are in the Tulsa area, you better start shaking in your boots, start those boots quivering because we are coming for you. We are done in for you to pass our goals to make sure you do not live, make sure you do not survive what. If you want to get ahold of us, if you are a human being, a homeowner that wants to get a hold of us, make sure that no pets or surviving at your place. We can do that, for you also just got a callus you reach to die today. 376-0857. You can also regions online at platinum pest & lawn. Com, where we will leave you, the perfect lawn and your past is gone okay. That is our goal. We are aiming to please. We are making that happen for you, and so did you rent your home I’m to make sure that things look good. Make sure that that you are happy with your home, that you aren’t bothered by the past right and so what we can go over those today but. We do provide a lot of services persons. We do. Bed bug treatments. Bed bugs are big. Lots of people have bed bugs bed. Bug epidemic happens right now we do termite, subterranean termites with wings flying termites. We take care of roaches, cockroaches, and roaches. We take care of fleas and ticks and mice and rats spider. Dance I mean we handle it all carpenter bees, carpenter ant. They really make it happen for you. So if you have any of those issues or if you do not want those issues, that’s even better be proactive about it. Give us a call, and are you back? You can look at that most people actually just look this up. They just google pest, control Tulsa, and that information leads them to us that direction to I think it was called. We come out there. We handle their situation, we had everything would take care of all their needs, everything they did. We leave smile it and they leave the smiley show smiling and she might have to get in contact with those are awesome in contact with her happy if you can get in contact with us by and by doing that also, but also what we do, what we can contact with us cuz. We want you to know. We talked about this podcast series. I, just don’t think it’s possible to remember every little thing, that’s mention I’m I, don’t think our brains are made to do that. So what you need to do you need to save her number on your phone and? So next time you see any of the flyers that are coming around tolls, there’s lots of flyers as a pest control Tulsa. It just grabs one of those flyers and jots down all the information from us on that flyer. That will make you happy because then I want you to see bugs once you do decide to do something about it. You’ll just that have all that number! All that information saved in your phone will just be one click away. Just one click away: that’s right! Is there a song that says I’ll be there to save the day, I’m just, one, call, away! Well, guess what that says: man that should be our theme, song, we’re, just, one, call away will be there to save the day. Superman got nothing on us because we are just one call away. To hear about that. That’s right, just one, call away, will make that happen. Will look at this all super duper for you, that’s what we’ll do for you give us a call to make that that have to make that transpired I’m. So right now, this time of year you might drive past the lawn and it is painted the color blue or might be paying the color green or might be paying the color yellow right. Those. Obviously somebody sprayed something on the door, but you just don’t know what it is. All you see is you drive by. You just need a different color, not the color that Bermuda is normally I was right. Now the Bermudas, indoor, dormancy and so right now is that Bermuda is kind of yellowish-brown. You know that that’s happening right now. The Bermudas kind of yellowish-brown, but then also there will be some walls will have brown or blue or green or whatever. If you want that type of treatment give us a call, I’m just driven by the pest actually do know a lot of different things would just drive by the pest, control, Tulsa, billboard and then pull over be nice about it. Of course, don’t be an idiot all the laws and all the regulations pull over, that information off that everyone gets taken care of, but right now you might see some yards with different colorization and that you might say what are they spraying on the yard? Will what they’re doing their spring pre-emergent application yard right, now. Poor to get those. Those are the most important treatments to get done. Those are the ones you definitely do not want to skip. So you want to get those done or the ones are different.

Colors have actually died. That’s not the herbicide this going down that’s actually just different type of dye in there. So you know I’m just giving you one of the pest control Tulsa flyers if they have I hope you save that because now is the time for your yard to look that way. Now is the time for your yard, or at least for us to come out there to that pre-emergent application and pain and get that died up in the yard. Just the way that you like it just the way that you want it do not waste any more time doing that um. But would you also do pest control services so Americans prevent weeds from coming up, prevent weeds from germinating Jim, brown cockroaches? We do spiders and ants and fleas and ticks in mice and rats bed bugs are so big, they’re, so prevalent. We handle the bed bugs. Also, would you please and ticks carpenter bees, wood bees? We will also but yeah. If you just wondering services the best thing for you just to google us very simple: that’s how most people find us I’m just going to a smart engine weather is google or MSN being or whatever it is I just type in pest, control Tulsa because that’s what everybody does just type that in and then we will come up and you will give us a call and we will handle all the situation will make it right will make you happy again right, but I would give us a call. That would mean to have you reached at 918-376-0857 or grease online at platinum pest & lawn. Com. Remember when you choose platinum pass lounge you’re the perfect, lawn and you’re pressed on your first service. Only $1


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