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All right all right all right. All right. Welcome back Tulsa. Welcome back to another podcast EDITION.
With me host Jerry Johnson co-founder of platinum pest in LA with my beautiful wife mother of our three children thus far. And so we are a pest control Tulsa and we are Tulsa’s premier pest control company and we offer all sorts of different treatments such as treatments for lead treatments termite treatments fly treatment fly removal mop removal. We do pre-emergent applications post-merge applications broadly we control crabgrass Errey Shoen over seating. I mean we do it all. You know we also take care of brown recluse spiders Blackwood’s spider’s ants and scorpions are big mice rats rodents and the list goes on and on and on and on. So pretty much if you watch a pest gone and you want perfect lawn then it’s time to give us a call.
You can also reach us at 9:28 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Pest Control Tulsa
Also, find us on the web at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. All right podcasters that you followed along you know that we talk a lot or at least we do quite a bit of trivia. So we’re going to continue the whole trivia thing. We’ve talked about you know fleas. How high can cruise jump? You know we talk all sorts of different bugs and trivia such as mice. How many mice one female mouse can be responsible for. We have talked about how long a rat can swim before it dies and that is it. Three days yes three days a day like three days trying to swim pretty crazy. We talked about roaches. How long virtuous can live without ahead. And that’s a lot. So anyway what we’re talking about today is we’re talking about bedbugs no kidding me and we’ve talked about bedbugs a lot recently we can continue this trend. Bedbugs are definitely a prevalent problem not only in the Tulsa area but throughout the country throughout the world actually. And one of the reasons why they are a problem is because they can be tough to get rid of if you don’t know what you’re doing if you’re not using the right products. They can be tough to eradicate. Virtually impossible for you to do it on your own. You really need a professional company with the knowledge and the know-how I’m willing to let that happen in order to get it done. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today. We’re continuing to talk today about bedbugs. And so that’s what we’re doing.
But really what we know we’re going to be a lot of fun facts today. But really the most important thing you know is that if you do have bed bugs go ahead and go ahead and google pest control Tulsa and you’ll see us on top just going click on our link and I’ll take you to her Web site you’ll be able to read all sorts of things on the Web site. Take a look at it. See how we stack up compared to other companies. Give us a call. The national average as far as the number of treatments it takes to get rid of bed bugs is between four and six right where you usually don’t want to sit saving you money-saving people money. That’s what we do and that’s what we’re good at. So if you do have bedbugs you want premium pest control company here in the Tulsa area that’s going to be OK to just give us a shout. All right. So bedbugs we know that those bedbugs are prolific breeders. Did you know that a female bedbug can lay over 500 eggs in her lifetime? Think about that. 500 eggs in her lifetime. That’s how many eggs a female bedbug can lie. If you think about new let’s say. You know if you gave birth to five hundred babies that be allowed to take care of wouldn’t it. How big of a home would you need to do that? But but but they can lay 500 eggs in a lifetime and not only that when those eggs hatch.
Guess what a short time later those new bedposts can reproduce.
So you can see how you see how the numbers get skewed really fast.
I mean you really get out of control fast. But. That this will happen so that’s why bedbugs are so prevalent also. They’re small they’re hidden. You know they multiply extremely fast. And so they can really really have it happen. OK. Now here’s a little information for ya. Did you know that did they need to eat before they meet? Right. So if you’re laying in bed and you yourself bit by bed bugs or if you just suspect that you have bed bugs going to google pest control Tulsa pick Marley. Give us hope will come out and we’ll take a look. Just make sure that you’re staying bedbug-free that your stance saying pass free. OK. Well, that does what they did they feed on before they reproduce for they mate and lay their eggs so that if you don’t want bedbugs there are a few things that you can do to help or vainer to help make sure that you don’t deal with the bit with the bedbugs here in the Tulsa area. One of those things you can do is definitely definitely that I cannot stress this enough to not pick up furniture on the street. OK. Use furniture out on the curb. I’ll be out there to go to the dumpster. Don’t touch it. All right. It’s probably out there for a reason. Even if it looks great I could be impressed with that box. So don’t do that. Don’t bring that into your home. Pest Control Tulsa
Also, buy this furniture and things off of Craigslist for other avenues as well. That’s another way you can bring them in and. All right. So. So bedbugs the thing is you just don’t want to if you don’t want to mess with them they suck but they’re almost like a tick.
I guess if there is a good thing about bedbugs they don’t really spread many diseases. And so I guess that’s one thing that is really nice to say about them. And so but either way wants to Biden them in their sleep who wants anything crawling on them in their sleep and biting. You know I mean that’s nonsense. And so most oftentimes it messed with people’s minds just you lay in bed and yet you feel something and all of a sudden you think it’s a bedbug if you do have a bedbug infestation. Right. And so. And so here’s the thing. If you think you have a bedbug infestation or if you do know someone who has bedbugs or if you just might suspect that you have bed bugs. Give us a call. You can reach us at. Actually just call in. Next time you’re driving down the highway you know I mean just look at that billboard. This is pest control Tulsa. Pullover and get there.
Get the number that’s coming our number. Just give us a call. We’ll come out there and we’ll inspect your home make sure you are dealing with bugs or if you are well developed the best plan possible to help them make those beds for you at your home. You don’t have to deal with it.
So make sure that that you just don’t bring furniture and things into your home. I know I know we have a client that gives us a call and they and they’re very embarrassed at first he said OK I’m embarrassed to say this and I don’t think less of me. But we had bedbugs. And I said you don’t want to I don’t think less of you at all. It happens right. You can be very clean. You can get bedbugs and so we’re trying to pinpoint the source of how they do get the bed bugs. And as it turns out they had a friend of theirs actually give them like I don’t even know what it is. It’s like a baby M.S. the baby mattress but like a baby foam pad. That way they can. They can sleep with the baby in their bed. And as it turns out those people they gave that to them had bed bugs and so before you know it they had bedbugs. They’re getting big in bed just becomes a bad situation so you just want to avoid that at all costs or you can mess with they don’t even you know to mess with picking up furniture off the side of the road or anything along those lines. And
make sure you if you do receive something you know from a trusted source or Craigslist or whatever. Make sure your local real well make sure that you don’t see any signs of bedbugs on it. So but if you do again you can always call us. You know look up pest control Tulsa. There will give us a call. Right.
When we deal with bedbugs we deal with spiders brown recluses black widows and Argentina and Argentina and carpenter ants owners ants black and his hands.
We take care of scorpions. Silverfish Mosse flies gnats drain flies. Mice and rats we take care of termites flying termites swarming termites black termites white termites soldier termites You know we don’t do too much bait station termite treatments but unlike Centrex corn, we don’t really do that because leukotriene better we have we just take care of a whole array of insects.
We also take care of the yard will fertilize we’ll do pre-merge applications will treat broadly freshly crabgrass dels GRASSET type of thing for you. But really what you need know is that when you use platinum Peston long we’re and leave you with the perfect lawn. But at the same time, your pests are going to be gone.
It’s kind of like a two and deal. Pretty cool. Pest Control Tulsa
But not only that I mean reaches that nine when a 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 you know also reaches online at Platinum pest and
Remember when you use platinum Peston on your first service is just one dollar. Oh yeah and we also take care of roaches Germans Brown farmer.


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