Low podcasters welcome back to another podcast welcome back to another edition. My name is Jared I’m your host, this podcast series, i, hope you’re staying dry, and that’s what’s great about life these days and 2000 is that you can listen is podcasting where you want to as long as you either number one have internet access or number to have downloaded the podcast. You download it that you just listen to it anywhere. You want to chat anytime, you know whether it’s on your phone or maybe an iPad or or or whatever it is as if you have already downloaded it, then I, then you’re good to go right on you can be out on a mountain. You are fishing on the lake, maybe in the pouring rain like where we are right now anywhere. But the thing is you: can you listen to it right? So it’s on-demand, remember the day’s tv show, and he had to be there washing the tv show at a certain time missed it, man, I’m glad those days are gone. Now are the days of pest control Tulsa, where everything revolves around pest control because we ride pest solutions in the greater Tulsa area, but a week together, and it was funny right. But if you missed it in your heaven forbid, you had to go up to use the restroom. You just might forget something right and then there was the on-demand thing and then you could report the DVRs and men how things you just really really gone for dinner in a river ford. So that’s what’s happening with pest control as well and we can podcast, and so you want to do I’m. In fact, you might even be seen that we can give this podcast anywhere. We want to get it right now, we’re actually driving in the cartermite inspection on road, but we’re driving back and we are giving you all the information that you need to know in order to be happy and thrilled and all the information you need to know about pest about what will it be happy in those areas that information come at you strong and fast. So if you see our vehicle that says, pest, control, Tulsa right now and I won’t grow. That could be us your most likely. That will be yet and just honk and wave at us. Hopefully you don’t, hopefully, we are being down and not up. We die. We appreciate that every round. You would also appreciate that I am sure that they would okay and so what we want to do today. I’m, the owner of platinum, pest & lawn, a wife is also the other owner of platinum, pest & lawn and together we are platinum and dad. So my wife is a superwoman. She is a wonderful woman we always how to get the dog. She does. She is just amazing, with capital, a capital amazing, how she is my wife and she’s, the mother of our three children. Don’t know if we’ll have more disgusting the other night, but I’ve been busy baby faces are hard, but let’s not get sidetracked here. If you want to get in touch with us, which I’m sure you do because you’re not going to remember all the information we want to save our information, your fault and so they’ll. Be fairly easy to find our information, and so, if you just go Pest Control Tulsa to google or yahoo or being whatever you like, but just type in pest, control, Tulsa and that person dinner you got to press enter. If you don’t the person who doesn’t work and then that search will pull of our information, you just give us a call, but we highly encourage you to save our number near phone information. Your phone that way you just don’t have to mess with it that we used to have to worry about it. It’s all right there. So when the time comes, or just one button, awaythat’s right just one by the way, there’s that song, it’s like I’m, only, one, call away, here to save the day Superman got nothing on me, I’m only one call away, so we can come see the day. See me for those pesky bugs, and so let’s talk about free applications, and so this year you might see people in your neighborhood might be in a friend’s neighborhood in the neighborhood, whatever it is, what it might be in the main roads was the main drive soon as it happened. If you’ll see a green lawn like a spray, greed or maybe you’ll see a blue or yellow I love, you think that blue is actually a treatment that down the yard that is the correct. That blue is not or beside the green is on a herbicide. Destiny tracker dies, so we can actually track where we treated or the other companies in the yard. So that’s what we do so if you will send me to take action for you, all you have to do is just grab any of our flyers or mail, or we just had to mail. Her go out this week, this ad pest control, Tulsa cause, that mailer and what that mail is going to do, is that meal is going to you going to call us and we’re going to come out there and get things taken care of for you, big things right and make sure that we prevent the weeds from coming up. This is like the only offense if you have on when dealing with weed, and so we want to make sure that we do a good job at it. After we don’t have have a chance to emerge dick right now and with the sun is going to come out, those weeds are going to start going crazy. We don’t just take care of, we will fertilize. You are that’s very important to fertilize the yard, make sure it gets nice and thick and chokes out. Pest Control Tulsa

Pest Control Tulsa Any weed doesn’t allow any other weeds to come through. That’s very happy that you did that at that nice pic that we took them out with the fertilizer right also spot treat yard for weeds willow lawn overseeding do lawn aeration walls to do a grand opening as well. What will do mosquito treatments or do pest control treatments as well? So what do general passes like spiders and ants and carpenter bees, wood bees, carpenter, ants, and termites? Subterranean termites queen there for you, but will also mosquitoes. If I said the house will handle those whenever those we washed yellow jackets will take care of anything and everything. Bull’s gophers, please text your name it will handle it well hamper at the bed bugs termites mice rats and roaches. But we want to leave you the purple one and your past. So. You got to get this call just google, pest, control Tulsa, that’s 376-0857 or you reach the pipe in the past. Lawn.Com. Remember your first service just $1 Pest Control Tulsa


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