If you have a house full of unwanted guests and are looking for pest control Bixby then look no further than Platinum Pest & Lawn. I Platinum Pest & Lawn we guarantee they’ll be absolutely satisfied for services and special attitude that each of our exterminators bring to each job. At Platinum Pest & Lawn we value the customer first and believe that everybody should be able to afford pest control services. If you visit our website at Platinum-PestControl.com you can find a list of glowing reviews left by happy customers we guarantee that you will be so satisfied with our services that you might be inclined to leave a review of your own.

Now at Platinum Pest & Lawn can provide you with a number of different services that range from rodents, insects, to stinging arachnids such as scorpions. If you have personally found a house full of scorpions and are frustrated with your inability to read your house of the scary bugs then you owe it to yourself to contact us at 918-376-0857. The first service only be one dollar and we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with how quickly we were able to make a difference in the square gives you will see in a house. It will take a few follow-up treatments to completely read your house of the past. Oftentimes other companies will offer an expensive one-time service fee that will not yield results in the long run.

Platinum Pest & Lawn is the highest rated pest control Bixby because of our commitment to the customer. We take pride in what we do in the services that we offer at incredible prices. Check our website at Platinum-PestControl.com for any special offers that may apply to your specific needs. For instance right now we have an offer for six months unlimited fate refills if you found yourself recently infested with mice. With mice along with many other pests it’s imperative that the exterminator locates where the rodent is nesting. All of our exterminators have been trained to seek out and locate any nests or colonies that may be hiding within the walls of your home. Beyond that, our exterminators are able to check around the outside of your home and in your yard for any outlying nests or colonies.

Certain pest not only annoying but they can be dangerous as well. For those stinging insects, biting arachnids, or wood eating termites you need to seek out professional help as soon as possible. Did you know that termites cause more damage each year to homes and tornadoes and fires combined. Finding and destroying termite nests is investment for the safety of your household as well as how much it would cost to replace lost material. Come to us for Pest Control Bixby,

If you take advantage of our special offers visit us at Platinum-PestControl.com or give us a call at 918-376-0857 set up your first treatment. The first reward cost you one dollar and we guarantee that you will set up more treatments with this based upon how effective our methods clearly are. At Platinum-PestControl.com we also find a list of positive reviews as well as a tab for frequently asked questions. So contact us today and move one step closer to living a stress free life and be able to relax in your home once again.

Pest Control Bixby | Are Pests Driving You Crazy?

If you recently found yourself inundated with unwanted houseguests and are looking for the best pest control Bixby then you need to check out Platinum Pest & Lawn. Where the highest rated Platinum Pest & Lawn in the region and if you visit us at Platinum-PestControl.com you’ll find a list of positive reviews left by satisfied customers. At Platinum Pest & Lawn we believe that the customer should come first and strive to reach a level of quality and excellence that is unmatchable by our competitors. We take each job very seriously and a trade each of our exterminators to do their job so that we get the most effective results. We do all this at a price that is unmatched.

At Platinum Pest & Lawn we handle a lot of different issues ranging from rodents, arachnids, to roaches and ants. With many pests such as ants it’s very important that the exterminator is able to locate because the cost of the investigation. What this means is that it will be a little locate any hidden nests or colonies located inside or outside of your home. Our exterminators are trained to be able to find and colonies in the yard along the house or inside the walls. The methods that we use making certain that the ants will take the poisons back to their colonies just in case anything is overlooked. Come to us for Pest Control Bixby,

All the chemicals that we use here at Platinum Pest & Lawn are completely safe for you and your children. Our exterminators are careful to take it one step further and only spray when insects will be such as insight cracks and along the walls. This way you never have to worry about any of her family is coming into contact with the chemicals even though the chemicals have been proven to be safe to use on humans. If you’re tired of having and crawl across the countertop for getting to your food lawyer trying to cook dinner you owe it to yourself to give us a call at 918-376-0857 that we can come out and review of those little annoyances.

Sometimes pests come in a scarier package than ants do. For the scary stinging insects we have a method that is guaranteed to read your house on these unwanted guests. No longer will your family have to wonder if there is a spider in their bed at night or scorpion in their shoes in the morning. Are you tired of waking up and finding us working in your bathtub and give us a call and set up your first appointment with us today so that you know I have to worry about these issues.

Your first treatment with us only cost one dollar and we guarantee that you will be absolutely satisfied with the services. Check out our website at Platinum-PestControl.com I get caught up on all of our special offers that we have going on right now. Also, be sure to stop by our review section of the website so that you can see what others had to say about the quality of our service. So reach out today and give us a call at 918-376-0857 and sign up for your first one dollar treatment. What more can you ask for from Pest Control Bixby?


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