Call us here at Platinum Pest & Lawn and see why we are the premier Owasso pest control company that people choose not only to save time but also save money. We do a great job as well as being able to. Are you a deal to where you’re not having to spend an arm and a leg or feel they are having to be bankrupted be able to get the proper termite treatment for your home or getting rid of the unwanted mice ski does for ants and spiders? Whatever it may be be be happy to work with you and get the necessary treatments you need as well as making sure that were taking care of the biggest investment which is your home. It’s all about making sure they were creating reputation in the area as being the go-to place all treat the weather be termites ants spiders silverfish carpenter ants roaches are anything that has that’s really tiny and creepy.

So rather than having termites or mice that are looking for their next meal my invading your home check out Platinum Pest & Lawn. Because we are the place to go for Owasso pest control and we can take care of your home both and winter spring summer and fall. If you’re looking for that mosquito treatment to where even in the summer months when those mosquitoes are looking for someone to bite they can buy they cannot come to your home due to the missed can provide on the foliage so that you can actually be outside with family and friends entertaining during the summer as well as having a fun time without being bothered by those pesky mosquitoes.

Calls for more information about why and you should look up Platinum Pest & Lawn to find the best Owasso pest control services. Here we actually service your home and your lawn both for every season winter spring summer and fall. We never want to leave you unprotected we never went your lawn to fall in disrepair and make it look less only around so that your home can be the envy of the neighborhood as well as be the place to go during the summer months because they are no mosquitoes. Call 918-376-0857 or go to today to learn more about the services that were offering and also if you have mice ask us about our six-month unlimited bait refill.

One of the things that we do to make sure that we separate ourselves from all the big-box franchises or corporate-owned businesses is that were actually continuously delivering on the deals. That is because right now one of our biggest deals right now is where you can actually get a lawn treatment and get it for your first time and get 80% off. Also we are now offering $200 off your first termite treatment as well. If you think you have termites or maybe if you want to be someone of our technicians out able to see if there’s any damage call us now. We also do offer home inspection so we would make sure that we do a thorough job for you.

I’ll also pest control Platinum Pest & Lawn’s just a simple phone call away. You can either call or go online. There you Mexican click on the tab on her website that the specials and then you’ll be able to see special after special after special devastating time and saving money. You just pick the one that works best for you and meet the needs of your current need and your home. So call 918-376-0857 ago to learn more about our platinum plan as well as getting your first line treatment for 80% off.

We Are The Best Place To Go For Owasso Pest Control?

If you’re looking for aggressive treatment to ensure that all the and welcome guests like mice do not come back. So use are unlimited bait refills for six months as well as choose Owasso pest control company by the name of Platinum Pest & Lawn. Where we want to be able to deal with all those mice that are either bothering home due to food or warmth in the wintertime. That’s usually why they are in your home because they’re searching for warmer temperatures as well as food indoors even when the weather turns cold.

Tell about making sure that we here at a loss of pest control company arguing exactly what we need to be doing to make sure that your lawn and be either indoor and exterior of your home is always protected from those pesky critters that are continually invading your home. If you are currently dealing with any of these issues and you need the best best help possible or the best place in Tulsa or Metro area of Oklahoma call us now at 918-376-0857.

Also ask us about her mosquito treatment where you can get your first treatment for only one dollar. So if you want to be able to be out in your yard again doing yard work on being in your garden or planting flowers without having to be invaded by infestation of mosquitoes and we can axes have the specialized equipment out to your home for either your front your backyard next to apply a missed on the foliage and the trees and flowers of your yard without harming your landscape failed to make sure that mosquitoes have nowhere to land our keeping the miniature vampires away.

It’s all about making sure that we are creating a customized plan for your home and for your family to be able to provide you safe EPA products that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor yard as well as enjoy your home without having to deal with an infestation of rats mice spiders answer anything else that crawls. So call sent 918-376-0857 or go to to learn more about our unlimited bait refills that shouldn’t get for controlling the mice in your home and keeping them away.

So ask us about our Owasso pest control and all the deals and current specials that we have from their first-time customers. So if you want to be able to get the best deal you might as well get the six month unlimited bait refill as well as get your first mosquito treatment for only one dollar and even get your first lawn service for 80% off. The deals keep coming and we want to be able to provide those to you as well as provide our month-to-month memberships right now.’s closet 918-376-0857 or go to to learn more about Owasso pest control company by the name of Platinum Pest & Lawn.


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