Have no fear when it is time to call in Owasso pest control company as you are going to be able to work with the five-star reviewed platinum Pest and lawn. Having accolades with the Better Business Bureau as well as NPMA, and the Oklahoma pest committee association, you are going to be able to receive a quote that is personally accustomed to exactly what is going on in your home. Let us provide you with a Perfect Lawn and the promise of pests gone. We are going to make sure to take care of your home like it is our very own.

Many people do not realize when calling different Owasso pest control companies that here at Platinum it has been so long since you will be able to receive your first service for only $1. Yes, you heard correctly, for only $1 you are going to be able to see how we are going to take care of your home like it is our very own. We also have optional monthly memberships that are going to provide you with big savings, so be sure to ask our friendly customer service Representatives about that as well. know that your family’s safety and health are our number one priority and what we are going to use to motivate us every time.

Our Owasso Pest Control company knows there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to pests in different homes. Depending on the foot traffic in your home as well as the different items you may have in your home, there is no cookie-cutter solution that is going to help provide the whole Community with ways to get rid of pests in their home. That is exactly why we are going to provide you with a quote as well as a detailed treatment plan of what you will be looking forward to when it comes to getting rid of pets.

There are a number of reasons why you need to give Platinum Custom Lawn a call instead of our competitors at Terminix, Orkin, and Mother Nature’s Pest and Lawn. Not only are we going to be the only company that provides you with your first service for only $1, but we are also not going to saddle you into any 12-month contract and will as give a courtesy call Via protocol to contact you on the way to every service. This is not a special request that you are going to have to make as the other companies make you do.

With no time to waste when it comes to these nasty Critters crawling around in your house so give us a call today at the number 918-376-0857 and we will be more than happy to take care of this problem for you. Whenever you look at our website at www.platinum-pestcontrol.com, just know that you will be able to check out all of our different testimonials As well as all the different services that we can provide for you today.

Owasso Pest Control | No Notices, We Will Kick Pests Out!

We know it is a bad time when you have to start looking for different Owasso Pest Control companies, but go with the right one the first time whenever you call Platinum Pest and Lawn today. With a five-star rating on Google as well as the promise to give you a Perfect Lawn and pests gone, let us show you that we are going to take care of your home like it is our very own. Feel good knowing that your first service is only going to be scheduled for only $1, so go online and receive a free quote today when you check out all the different services that we can provide for you.

You also have the option to sign up for a monthly membership with our Owasso Pest Control company. Although it is purely optional, you may want to ask more about it from our Representatives as it is going to provide you with big savings. know that you are working with a business that has accolades from the Better Business Bureau, National Pest Management Association, as well as the Oklahoma pest control association, we are going to ensure that you are going to be 100% satisfied with our services.

Our Owasso Pest Control company understands that different homes have different varieties of pest control problems. There is no one size to fit when it comes to pest control and solutions. Let us come into your home or ask you different questions to ensure you receive a fair quote as well as the treatment plan that is going to be perfect for you and your family. we are not going to put your family or scenario into a cookie-cutter box that we have categorized as everybody else’s problem. We know that our current customers love this about us and you are going to as well.

In comparison to the other pest control companies that are in the area, we are going to be the only business that offers your first service for only one dollar. Although we do have memberships available, feels good knowing that you are not going to be put into a contract whereas Terminix, working, and mother nature pasta and Lawn is going to do that for 12 months. know that we are going to give you a courtesy call every time we are on the way to your home, unlike the other competitors we mentioned. only go with the best in the business that has this in mind whenever you use our company today.

It is time to schedule a meeting if you are seeing any unwanted Critters in your home. dial us at the number I want 918-376-0857 and feel peace knowing that you are going to have the best out of your home to take care of the situation. When you go online to our website at www.platinum-pestcontrol.com you have the opportunity to submit an inquiry and receive a quote faster than what our customer service Representatives will be able to provide for you.


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