Choose your platinum treatment with Owasso pest control company by the name of Platinum Pest & Lawn. Where we can actually make the flies drop like flies. Also we can make sure they were getting rid of those termites that are eating you out of house and home to reconnect to save $200 off of your termite treatment with us versus the other guys. We can also provide you a six month unlimited bait refill to get rid of those mice that are infesting your kitchen or home.

With Owasso pest control you can save so much money using our services whether you’re looking to be able to get 80% off your first weed control treatment be able to make sure that winter spring summer fall your lawn is looking fabulous. We can also provide you a seven step treatment program that actually includes the pre-emergent as well as post emergent applications be able to get rid of those pesky weeds in front yard and back. Plus if you’re looking to be able to have a layer defensed rid of all those earwigs spiders crickets and ants we have you covered.

With all of her treatments if you are for some kind you get your first service with us for only one dollar. Also it would not hurt to be able to save some more time and money in the future by signing up for our month-to-month memberships that are no contract taking cancel at any time there’s no hassle there is no unwanted having you sign on the dotted line just nailed Sadie as much money as possible. The schedule first treatment with us today. And also understand more about Platinum Pest & Lawn and how we strive to always provide 100 Smit 100% customer satisfaction and being the best experience on the market.

Also we focus on always doing the best lawns and pest control in the area and we do the right way is if you want to see for yourself what other people are saying schedule now with us or reader reviews online you’ll be able to see what our happy customers are saying about not only our products but also our customer service and are highly trained technicians. Some calls and 918-376-0857 of go to There you be able to read or see how much money you can save using our our company and our services versus using franchise companies.

So choose Owasso pest control and choose your platinum treatment with us. Because we are Platinum Pest & Lawn and we have the best platinum plans that you will find anywhere else. If you’re looking to be able to treat those pesky critters or this past in your home as well as in your line sure that your lawn is the best it can be call us now by going to Platinum Pest & Lawn’s website we can actually just type in the website yourself by going on your phone on your computer and typing in or by picking up your phone and calling 918-376-0857.

We Are Able To Help You Today Find Owasso Pest Control!

If you’re looking for a owasso pest control as well as getting the platinum treatment as well as receiving technicians that are helpful and professional you have found them right here at Platinum Pest & Lawn. They will get you scheduled in a timely manner is perceived to be able to fit your needs and for your schedule. Also they have competitive pricing to where they are offering you top-notch service while not having to break the bank. So whether you have one residence or maybe have a resident and an office that needs treatment call them today and you’ll deftly think them because they go above and beyond for every client.

Platinum Pest & Lawn is the premier Owasso pest control company. Schedule with us now and get 80% off your treatment of your lawn or actually get your first service call with us for only one dollar for all new clients. So if you have heard of platinum before maybe you know someone that has used them you will hear good things about them after using their services. The technicians are always friendly and respectful of your home and he will be the cleanest and when they found it. It’s always easy to set up the treatments and you will not have any kind of issues in the future. So if you’re looking for a pest control company to be able to use now or in the future call our company now.

We are the premier place for all pest control termite inspections as well as home inspections. So actually looking to be able to buy or purchase a home and you need to have it inspected you know every nook and cranny as well as crawlspaces addicts or even basements you can choose from the platinum technicians here as well as have a termite inspection able to be very thorough make sure that there are no surprises in buying your home. So if you see any evidence of termites they will let you know and you’ll deftly be confident at their assessment and make the right move for you.

You’ll deftly enjoy the services you receive from Platinum Pest & Lawn. We are all about helping not only being helpful and professional but also being knowledgeable as well as respectful of your property and making sure that we’re treating your property like our own. It’s important for us to be able to meet customers with a smile on the face as well as 100% customer satisfaction with every single visit. So if you’re looking to be able to do our seven step process of getting the lawn treatment where we get rid of this pesky weeds call us now.

So call for more about Owasso pest control and more about our company itself and getting a platinum technician out your soon as possible to either do a termite inspection lawn treatment or give you a bait refill to be able to get rid of those pesky mice in your home. So call us now here at Platinum Pest & Lawn we would love to help you and love to have you as one of our loyal customers. Also ask us about our monthly memberships. You simply call and pick up the phone and dial 918-376-0857 or by going to now.


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