All right. So welcome back podcasters. Welcome back friends to the most informative podcast when it comes to bags and past and we control and keeping your family safe from any passing unwanted pest. We’re not your guests around your house. So I am Jared Johnson I’m co-founder platinum pest and lawn with my wife my beautiful wife Jennifer Johnson. We are the premier exterminator Tulsa. Give us a call we will take care of your pets and you’re we in your week needs so that we just do not have to deal with them right. It is hot. Tulsa comes on we know that it is mid-July. It is scorching weather. Nobody wants to be outside their working heat indexes in the triple digits. I mean are we going to keep our technicians hydrated and cool. It is just so hot and miserable out there right now we just do not. You don’t want to be outside. Neither do the bags. So when things heat up outside guess what’s coming inside right. Everything is nice and cool inside but here’s the thing. You don’t have to worry about it because all you have to do is to google exterminator.

Tulsa will come up top on that listing. Click on our web on our link and give us a call right. You can reach us at Putnam Peston line dot com or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. 0 8. Tulsa. I listen to the podcast you know. We are no stranger to Pest trivia. We have asked questions in the past. Exterminator Tulsa Such as how long can a roach hold their breath. OK, who knows that. I wonder who’s the scientist has said you know what. I wonder. You know I just wonder if I can hold my breath longer than this roach or this Roach is going to hold his breath longer. You know who thinks of that. But obviously there are smart people out there that think of these things and then determine that a roach can hold his breath for about 40 minutes. OK.

I’m pretty sure the road be Billy on that contest. I’m pretty sure that he held his breath a little bit longer than good old Billy back at the lab. So there are all sorts of research out there on bugs on the pass and on all sorts of critters that people just do not like to have around their homes. And one of those is going to be a roach one of them is going to be a spider. We have talked about brown recluse spiders and how bad they are. You know I mean I don’t know if you know anybody that’s been bitten by a brown spider. Some people have a worse reaction than others but either way, it’s not a good situation. You just do not want them around your home you don’t want them anywhere near your family. We talk about mice we talk to the diseases they carry. The same thing those Gemer Brazee carry a lot of diseases. And so you just don’t want any of these passed near your family anywhere around your family or anywhere near your home near your structure. You know living in your home. And if they’re not paying you to rent is time to act. Give us a call right. Google exterminator Tulsa.

We are told it is number one and Viktors a pest right we will get rid of that pest will evict them for you so you don’t have to deal with it. Right. You know I mean they have been painted. They didn’t live in your home uninvited unwanted. It’s time to have them hit the road soon. Over to your neighbor Jim. You know Jim doesn’t cut his grass. And so they’ve got plenty of places to hide over there. But if you like your neighbor then don’t send him there. Just call us right we’ll come out there we’ll get him taken care of for you. OK. Exterminator Tulsa
Tulsa we talk if you listen you know Phaidon in about 10 podcasts on mice. Recently we have been doing some podcasts on some moths and nobody likes Mosse. And you know if you’ve listened you probably know we talk about the Mexican jumping bean which gets its name because it jumps around. But we’ve identified the source of what caused it to jump.

And what’s causing it to jump is actually the larva a moth larva that’s actually inside the being. So when he said that the law was going to move around it’s going to squirm and it’s going to jump it’s going to give the appearance of jumping. You can relate this to going outside during the afternoon hours right now. In July when the temperatures are scorching. If you’re laying down on a blacktop. And you’re being wrapped in blankets. Right. I don’t think you’re going to sit still very long you’re probably going to move around and squirm and your cousin blank has to have the parents that they’re jumping. So this the same thing. I mean the reason the bean and it as it heats up they’re going to want to move around and try to get out there and try to release and so that’s what’s that’s why give that appearance. But the thing is we will take care of it. So if you know anybody that is dealing with mass tell them to stop the next time that they see the billboard that says exterminator Tulsa they need to jot down the number jot down the information give us a call. We will come out there and eliminate any person in any pest issues that they have. It’s just really that simple right now. We talked before how FEMA mosque or I’m sorry no boss can actually since the bathrooms several miles away.

A href=””>good group reproducers in fact females laying were between 60 to 300 eggs whenever they do lay eggs.
And those are going to hatch and guess what. There’s more Mosse there can reproduce and grow and keep and keep going. And we’ve talked about how there are 13000 of different species of the mosque in North America. Yes, that’s right. Thirteen thousand different species of moss in North America. And over 160000 different species a month around the world. So maß everywhere. They are all around the world. You know they are an unwanted insect. Inside people’s homes. And so if you do actually have in your home or near your home you don’t want them around your home. Google certainly or Tulsa will come out there will make the more situation for you so you don’t have to.

So you don’t have to get that done. OK. We will do that for you. And so that’s what’s happening with these mass is it will take care of that. Now the math we talked about how it takes 25000 sumach Coons to just make one pound of silk. Yes, you heard that right. Twenty-five thousand seven Coons to just make one pound. So. So could you imagine a traditional lab? Each one has twenty-five thousand cocoons. Can you oh my gosh. That would not be an ideal job for me. Hopefully podcasters you have the ideal job one that makes you happy. We had the ideal job that makes us happy to come and make others happy by getting rid of their past. Exterminator Tulsa

They never felt fat coming at you strongly about Mars. Hey, now there are actually some moms out there that can actually stay active in freezing weather. OK. Most And most bands most insects most moms you know most different types of insects out there once freezing weather happens most of the time they’re not staying active right. Still said boss that can’t stay active extremely active during this time. And the reason being that this is because their bodies actually contain a natural type of anti-freeze. Right. And what that does that prevents ice crystals or actually sharp ice crystals from actually breaking through their cells. And so they actually have a little anti or little natural anti-freeze actually built inside them. Right. So you don’t do NOT try this at home. You know if you have an issue with your radiator just not working right you little warm antifreeze. I don’t really recommend getting about a bunch of Mosse.

You know maybe a pound of Mosse and that and shoving them in your radiator. Through all of the rest of your reservoir into progress boards with moss. It may work it may not. I am not a mechanic. So here’s a disclaimer I’m not a mechanic. I don’t know if they’ll work make sense right. The mouth has a natural antifreeze in it where we just fill up our freeze reservoir with moss. You know this should make people happy, shouldn’t it? Keep the eye keep things from freezing up. So it’s just kind of interesting that they were designed that way and where they actually have to freeze. They can actually stay active in freezing temperatures. All right. Exterminator Tulsa.

Pretty remarkable. So but regardless you don’t want the boss around your home whether they are cool and have antifreeze in them or not. You know people don’t like them they’re annoying the why around your head. They can eat your food. They can destroy your cloth material so they really are a nuisance. And so if you or a friend are dealing with them go ahead and google exterminator toll so we are number one on that list and click on us. Of course, we’ll come and take care of that mosque will take care of your brown recluse issues will take care of your termite issues will take care of your aunt issues. We will take care of any pest issues that you’re dealing with from carpenter ants owner Sants brown recluse spiders wolf spiders silverfish earwigs scorpions are a bad one. We’ll have those who will hammer those scorpions. You don’t have to mess with them when you pre-emergent weed applications. Broadleaf weed applications when you fertilizer service fertilizes the yard to help look healthy. Strong. So give us call platinum passed along we’ll leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Or you can reach us online at Platinum pest in London where your first service is only $1 if. Exterminator Tulsa


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