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All right welcome Tulsa welcome podcasters Welcome back to another podcast. With your host Jerry Johnson.
That’s me. Founder your platinum past in lawn with my wife Jennifer Johnson and she is the mother of three kids and the father of three kids.
We are a happy family. And speaking of the family we are a family-owned and operated company a local company would never use us all your money stays in the Tulsa area.
So in fact if you google exterminator Tulsa we are going to be the premier exterminator in the Tulsa area to help you with your needs with your pet’s needs and also your lawn needs as well. We are.
We do have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. We aim to please. And if you’re looking to have any pest solutions provided at your place of residence give us a call and reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can find this on the web at Platinum pest and lawn dot com OK if you’re new to the podcast where we are fire hydrant of knowledge coming at you sharp and strong.
We will help you keep yours. Exterminator Tulsa
Your you are your home for you from the past. Free from rodents that type of thing. If you’ve listened to us for a while you know that we usually start off with a little bit of trivia in the past such as Kochhar trivia.
How long can they live with their heads cut off? The answer is one week. We’ve given. Dust mite trivia. How many dust mites can live in one square yard carpet? The answer is one hundred thousand. If you tune in the last podcast we do a little trivia about fleas. The question was how long can afford it. How long can it fully be frozen and still live and still survive? The answer is one year. Right, you can freeze a flea for one year. After years of pull that sucker out of the freezer and guess what it’s probably going to hop dragon jump on your feed right away. So we start with a little bit of trivia. And the thing is first of all of course if you do have fleas. Or pest of any kind the premier exterminator So that is us. I get the phone number.
Just call us 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 we will come and assess your situation and we will customize a treatment plan that is right for you and your home and your family there. OK so please get from point A to Point B. Right they got these tiny little legs. Yes they can jump they can hop but how do they get from point A to Point B. Well there is oftentimes they hitchhike right the transport themselves on mammals rodents. And they actually remain usually remain on their host at all times. The U-shape once they jump on a host they usually don’t jump off right now.
Fleas actually add their food their main to or their food sources are going to be blood right. They’re like little vampires.
They jump and you jump on your pets and they start sucking your blood right away. So Teresa if you do not want your blood sucked up by a flea or any type of past whatsoever what do you mean by vampires.
If you don’t want that to happen it’s time to look it up. Go on Google exterminator Tulsa. You will find us we are number one. Click on us and we’ll get squared away will get you taken care of. Were your bread is your own right. You don’t have to share that blood if you don’t want to share your blood. It’s what they do they do feed don’t feed on blood. So when they jump on a host such as a rodent they’re going to stay there. And the most time they’re not jumping off right.
So the most common species of fleas here in the United States. It’s giving me the cat flea. Exterminator Tulsa
Which feast upon. Well, what do you think? He’s playing cat’s feet span bags in. Also, feast upon. Humans. Yes, it does feast upon humans. No good. We don’t like it but we can resolve the issue. We can exterminate them. So.
If you don’t want your bread set you to don’t fleas in your house call us exterminator Tulsa we’ll come out there and get that taken care of and get that squared away for you.
OK now here’s a myth some people will believe that theories fly. They actually do not fly. But they do jump very high. Now you can see in a minute I’m going to give you a little fun fact coming strong as to why people might think that. Theories fly. OK. So how high do you think it can jump. Do you think he can jump one inch two inches 10 inches 15 inches What do you think? Well, a freeze can actually jump 8 inches high. Think about that. A tiny little flea can actually jump 8 inches high. OK. That is 100 and fifty times their own height. OK, so he can jump 150 times its own height. He can jump 8 inches off the ground. And so let’s go and put that into perspective so if we year-I could jump. 150 times on body height. Well if that was the case we’d be jumping over skyscrapers. OK.
That’s the type of this the type of vertical hops that he’s always got right digging. If we were flea’s where you actually jump over skyscrapers now if you saw someone actually jump over skyscrapers would you think that possibly that person is flying?
I think that might be an assumption right that that that that fully or I’m sorry that that person is flying. So
some people believe fleas fly possibly because they jump so high. If we flew you’d probably think we were flying if we’re able to jump over skyscrapers.
But the truth is they do not fly. They just jump crazy high. Right.
So if you want to keep these jumping fleas from jumping in your yard jumping around your house jumping on your kids jumping on your pets is time to do something about it, in fact, you might have been talking with a neighbor. They might have even mentioned an exterminator Tulsa that will take care of your issues.
So that’s most likely us too. We’re probably talking about us because we will come. We will eliminate them and we will get them taken care of for you. OK. So fleas can live on basically anyone but the animal because that’s what they feed on. But for some reason, they seem to prefer humans. Right. Dogs cats rats other roans possums. And so they can also be found. No I mean if you have a plan in place theory can be found in the carpet bed sheets they can be waiting there for hosts waiting for you to lay down and sleep in those lovely lovely lovely fleas you’re going to feed on you when you’re asleep. Exterminator Tulsa
OK. So fleas are probably most famous for spreading what was known as the bubonic plague. Blessed are all they do. They can also transmit another type of disease bacterial diseases. Actually there is one particular they actually get from rats so fleas that are on rats can feed on rats contracted disease they can jump on you bites you and guess what. Now you’ve got to do this right. No Bueno. No good. They also have an allergen that can cause reactions in humans and pets. They can also transfer tapeworms to animals. Isn’t that crazy. You don’t get that there. They can be kind of painful. They can be bumps on you. You don’t want to mess with that right. So how do you prevent fleas? Well, number one you want a vacuum you want to keep your place clean but vacuum frequently has the eggs and cyclopean in the leaves and you’re going to want to dump those bags. I’m outside I’m going to one keep yard clean and tidy and don’t let you pay your pet’s room and flea-infested areas. That’s just asking for trouble. But anyway since there are few tips a few things to do.
They really if you think you have more if you just don’t want to warn them. Google exterminator tells. Click on our Web site only.
And we will come out there and get that taken care of where you can just type in our website is platinum passed in LA dot com. And so you can call us 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. We will get you squared away. We don’t. Take care please we take care of ticks mosquitos and spiders roaches Mares termites you name it we’re going to take care of it. We’re going to get you squared away and get it all taken care of for you. OK. I’m not only that we’re going to come out strong. Tulsa we’re giving you your first service for only one dollar. I know it’s crazy. But we’re going to do it we do things a little crazy over here. We get results. We return you back a money-back guarantee as well. So tell us. Give us a shout. 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 platinum passed and longtime.


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