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Welcome. So welcome to another podcast edition with platinum Peston lawn. I am Jared Johnson and we are the premier exterminator Tulsa. You are the one we are the ones that you call when you want to get past the job done when you want a perfect lawn. And the past is gone you give us a call and you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can also find us online at Platinum Pass and more on dot com. Well if you’ve been joining in if you listen to the other podcast. You know that we have been talking about Beadle’s did you buy if you tuned in. We’ve asked some trivia questions about Beatles such as how long do Beatles usually live. How do they communicate? Do they talk they make noises. Is it through pheromones How do beetles usually communicate. How many sets of meanings do they have? How many eggs do they lay? Exterminator Tulsa
So all sorts of questions all sorts of trivia questions. As far as the Beatles are concerned today we’re going to continue that the lecture or the talk about beetles and how to eliminate them and how to eradicate them. Best way to do that and so forth so really that the best way to do it is if you are dealing with beetles what you want to do is you want to exterminate or Tulsa. There you will find us on the top of the page. Just click on us and give us a call. We’ll come right out there and get geared gardening taking care of you. So a couple of questions as far as Beatles go. So let’s talk about the Beatles or let’s talk about some bugs that people may not think are Beatles that are actually Beatles. Here goes. Fun fact for you. Coming at that strong. Ladybugs. Are they Beatles true or false. Ok ladybugs are Beatles. True or false. What’s your answer. Think about it. Exterminator Tulsa
Ladybugs. Beatles. Yes or no. Here we go. The answer is yes. Ladybugs are actually Beatles. They do have wings. They can fly. And in many cultures, they are actually considered to be good luck. How about that. Also here’s one coming at you. Lightning bugs OK. Lightning bugs. What do you think some people call Firefly’s lightning bugs are beetles. True or False. The good thing about it. Lightning bugs are beetles. The true or false answer is true lightning bugs are beetles. Do you know how they communicate? Actually it is like lighting up. That’s one way that they actually actually being paid by glowing in the dark.
And there are literally thousands of different kinds of beetles in the United States. In fact, it has about 12000 different roads in the United States about 300000. That’s right. 300000 different species of beetles worldwide.
Right. So beetles Beetles can help in her environment that destroying beetles those that that born into the wood and inking and do some damage.
But I mean so if you see that happening for instance if you notice any beetles we’re talking about power post-Beatles you know if you see any of that or that powder underneath the cabinets go ahead and give us a call. We are exterminator Tulsa and we will get the job done for you and we’ll get that all taken care of there. Now we did talk about carbon beetles how some people get those confused with bedbugs with bedbug activity that they see there. See that molds as they grow they leave behind those actually eat the carpet the fabric that type of thing. And we did talk about how to post-Beatles how we’re going to talk a little bit about today or the merchant grain in merging green beetles Yes merging green beetles A little trivia. OK, Mirchi green beetles. How big do you think they are. A half-inch be three-quarters of an inch see one-tenth of an inch or D none of the above.
The answer is C their sizes range from one-tenth of an inch to one-eighth of an inch. So these are tiny little guys. What they do is they are R are they actually their size their body allows them to get into a package.
And there they’re going to eat they’re going to live they’re going to reproduce that type of thing. So oftentimes when people get merchant Graeme beetles that they’ve carried in from the store. Right. So you’ve got about some flour some possibly some cereal you’re buying these types of things and you’re bringing them home. Exterminator Tulsa
Well guess what if you bring them home and you start seeing some activity and then you want that to get taken care of. You wonder how in the world these guys get all the way they got here is they you brought them home from the store. Nothing that you did that was wrong. But in the manufacturing area that’s where they’re all packaged. Most likely they were there from the get-go. So they’re already Pakistan. And so that’s a common way that people bring those guys home. But if you do let’s say that’s happened to you and you are on your way to work and you look up and you see a billboard that says exterminator in Tulsa. That’s most likely going to be our billboard. You just give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. And again we’ll get those beetles taken care of for you that we don’t have to worry about. OK, the shape of these beetles they’re narrow they’re white. We’ve got kind of an oval-shaped tomb that’s going allow them to get into that packaging and get into those areas that they’re going to be used in that type of thing. And in fact, have you ever wondered why the merchant green beetle is called the merchant Beetle. Well, the name actually stuck with them they’re actually found on merchant ships a long time ago. They got that and they and so it’s kind of stuck with them. How many legs do they have? There’s one. What do you think?
One only two eggs are they like spiders. They have eight legs six legs like an insect. The answer is six. Lay the merchant green beetle has six to lay. OK. But regardless if they have six legs or eight legs of the three legs if you haven’t passed that are bothering you. Just go and google exterminator Tolles you will see us there. Click on our link. We’ll come right out there and get that. Get that taken care of for you. Make sure that we wipe out the Beatles or any other pets that you might be having at the time. OK. So what do you do? Right. You come home all of a sudden you see that you have these merchant green beetles. Exterminator Tulsa
You find them in your pantry. You’re finding them in your foo. Nothing worse than opening up a cake makes them baking the cake to a poor friend or a loved one. And guess what if they’re already infested with beetles There’s nothing worse than that they’ve already laid their eggs and they’re going to multiply and reproduce and that type of thing. So what are some things you can do? Well as far as prevention goes get rid of those infested packages right. So if you find some cereal that has these guys in there don’t try to salvage it just throw it out you know to get rid of the sores. Let’s be smart and get rid of it. Yeah I mean if there’s if you have spilled grain you know or food in your house just cleans it up there’s really not much you can do as far as prevention these guys go other than throwing away any packages that are polluting contaminated already. Because the prevention is really going to lie in the manufacturer of the food product that you bought. I’m there at their warehouse where they’re shipping areas. That’s going to be where the prevention really needs to really go. So if you find that you’ve got merchant beetles in any of your food you should contact the manufacturer and tell them to look for exterminator tolls. That will be yes they will call us. We can go over there and solve the problem for them that way they aren’t shipping the Beatles all across you know all across Tulsa to invest here. Your home your pantry. OK.
So we will take care of that. That’s a platinum Peston long. We will take care of any of those little issues that you may have pest issues that you do have. We handle worth more than the Beatles we know bed bugs we do please we do tics we use spiders probably get the most call on spiders and the ones with termites. Exterminator Tulsa
You name it we’re going to take care. And not only that I’m coming at you strongly here. Your first service is only going to be one dollar. Yes, you heard that right. Your first service is only a dollar with platinum passed them on. We will come out and we will take care of any beetles and ants and spiders. I mean any pets that are bothering you and your family. And we will eradicate them and get those taken care of. In addition we also do weed control as well. So. We will take care of those weeds will make it look great. And if you want that law in the month you can give us a call so we can make it look fantastic. I remember platinum pest and lawn perfect lawn pest gone you reached the 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 4 you can look up online at Platinumpestcontrol.com.


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