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Welcome back casters. You are listening to platinum Pessin lawn’s podcast where we will leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone. My name is Jared Johnson.
I am your host today my wife Jennifer Johnson is the founder myself she is co-founder and platinum pest and lawn as am I a co-founder of platinum pest and lawn.
And we have been serving the greater Tulsa area. He has been bug-free and doing the job well. You don’t have to. We are. We are the premier exterminator so and we make sure that you can live pest-free in your home. Here in the Tulsa area and that you don’t have to worry about those bugs coming in and getting you messing with you. We just had a call today from someone where a spider jumped from the ceiling on their head. You don’t have to worry about that when you’re one of our customers so we are platinum Peston lawn.
You can reach us on the line at Platinum pest in London com you reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Today podcasters we are talking about. Well yes, you guessed it we’re talking about rats. The last couple of podcasts have been about rats. For that, we’re talking about mice. We have gone over all sorts of facts about them. Those facts are still coming in strong. For instance with the. The fact with the. That’s right. A fact with the rats. Mirek can swim three days before it drowns. OK. Now I don’t know about you know if they tested a special Michael Phelps rat or what the situation was but three days yes three days without drowning. That’s incredible. They come to this distance a rat. I could travel in three days. So let’s say.
You’re living on the island and there’s another island a short distance. Exterminator Tulsa
A rat could actually jump in the water and swim for three days and come to shore on that new island where there could be few there could be water that could be whatever needed to survive. You know those credit didn’t get eaten by a shark. Right.
Or a massive fish or evil or whatever was lurking in the depths.
But if you have an island right if you have an island if you are being invaded by rats if you have an island you most likely have the Internet in a computer where you google exterminator Tulsa. That would be us. Click on us. We will come out in a boat and we will save the day for you. So. So you don’t have to worry about that rat invasion or what. You know put a damper on your island lifestyle so if you deal with threats give us a call. But we have been having lots of trivia with my son with rats. One of the trivia questions was how long can rent swim for drowning.
The answer was three days. Also, rats can live up to 18 months but most of the time and only to make it to a year simply because of predation around them and.
And not only are Reade’s good swimmers Well they’re great swimmers but it doesn’t mean that they are that just because they’re great swimmers they’re going to survive the swim. You know if the swim is longer than three days are most likely you can drown if the swing is anywhere near a large fish like a musky or a pike.
Well, guess what. They will probably swallow them up. They love mice they love rats. Big trout will eat mice all no small rats also. And so you know if it’s swimming in the water it is fair game to be gobbled up and a chainsaw or something is going to swim by in snag. So if you are looking to make a great fishing lure and you want to know all about rats how they swim and the best way to use it to catch a fish. Go google US exterminator Tulsa.
We will drop the knowledge down on you and hopefully, you can pick up what we’re laying down there. So we’ll talk about rats. I would talk about how they’ll live you know where they feel secure. People call us they’ve had swimming parties people all over and they go to open the grill light the grill and a rat jumps out. His arrest been living in the grill Well if you think about it a grill is a nice secure location. I mean it has I mean most tend to build out of metal. Right. They have a top on it and with a little entry a little exit into the grill and so that’s what the red it stuffed it with straw with grass clippings with leaves. I mean it created itself a little nice secure home where an owl can’t swing by good in the night time. Right. They don’t have to worry about cats chasing them they don’t have to worry about snakes eating them. They don’t have to worry about all that.
I mean they are. Exterminator Tulsa
That’s a pretty good location for a rat to make a home which is mostly white dead so if you want to get your grill checked out before you start your parties in the summertime. Next thing you’re driving to work stop by a look that billboard that says exterminator or Tulsa. Jot down the number gives a shout will come out and make sure your girl is looking good and might even toss a few hot dogs or little burgers on the grill. Make sure it’s going right. Make sure the cooling is happening.
We just might be hungry. You just might be hungry and we just might just make your day.
But one thing we will not do is we will not grill rat. OK, we’re not that bad. OK, we’re not going through an around in the grill and grill that puppy. And I will tell you this if a rat does make his nest it’s lithic breeder right. Can it breed crazy?
You know we talked to mice how one female mouse could be responsible for 150 babies in one year plus their babies can reproduce and their babies reproduce after just coming months. So it’s a vicious cycle that never ends. OK. Well, it doesn’t end in there and it ends whenever you call platinum pest the law when you call Tulsa’s premier exterminator Tulsa that’s when it’s going to Haig’s we’re going to come out we’re going to in the game. Right. They have no right to live anywhere near you.
And you don’t want that happening. We don’t want that happening. So. So give us a shout. Exterminator Tulsa
Now we talked about how mice or rats have strong jaws and teeth and how they can basically cheat anything. Cinderblocks. Yes, that’s right thing Cheechoo cinderblocks. There’s something they want cinderblocks to block the block in the way they can that they just chewed through the cinder block and get to it. So that’s how crazy they are. That’s how amazingly strong their jobs are and how they fund their food. They’ve amazing smell and taste and touch and sound and all that helps them you know to direct them to a food source and so you know they can you know their food and what they’re eating. They can smell it. A lot of times they’re going to smell it and they’re going to make to make the trek over to the area where their food is. And over there going to start eating there and start munching. But you do not want their food to be your food or vice versa. You don’t want your food to be their food. So it’s important that if you want to help prevent Rath’s from living outside your home don’t do them. You don’t get into anything if you see any signs of them whatsoever soon as the startup. Google exterminator. Tulsa will come out. We’ll talk to you and we’ll educate you about rats and why they are such a problem and things that we can do to help to help prevent issues with the rats. I mean at one point they were responsible for spraying the bubonic plague. Right.
You know they just wiped down a lot of people there in Europe. So they carry a lot of diseases you just don’t want them in the house. You don’t want them near your family or your animals or anything along those lines because they can be vicious. Right. And so if you’re not sure if you have them or you think you might have something in the areas where they might be able to come in and access your home. Just call us right. Just google exterminator Tulsa give us a call. We’ll come right out there and we’ll take care of it would advise its plans can protect you and your home and your family.
But I know we do do we do that not only do we take care of rats we take care of mice and take care spiders take care of and take care carpenter ants carpenter bees. Right. Some even call those would bees take care termites take care of brown recluse spiders take care bag work take care Webworms will take care of your weeds will take care of your broadleaf weeds will take care of your Dallas grass. Take care of your crabgrass. Take care your nut said you’ll fertilize your yard.
We’ll leave you with your pest law with your pest gone. And a perfect lawn your lonesome looking green that’s what you want to look like.
That’s what we’re going to do and it’s going to look superior when compared to your neighbors. Exterminator Tulsa
Not only do we take care of her all sorts of variety of bugs. You know even mosquitoes ticks fleas. Any time a pest is going to bug your family and keep you indoors you want to go outside and enjoy the outdoors.
Enjoy your home feel safe at your home but you can look us up online at Platinum Peston Lynda.com or you can give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or you can reach us on the Internet at Platinum Pass in London. But the first thing you got to do is you got to go here you’ve got to do that. Give us a call and your first treatment is one dollar. Yes, you heard that correctly your first service is going to be one dollar. Exterminator Tulsa


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