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Welcome back. Also, look back though and podcasters.
Welcome back to the best podcast show in the Oklahoma area where we will talk to you about bugs. We’ll talk to you about the past. Talk to you about we control turf management. We’ll talk about termites. We’ll talk to you about what you need to do to keep your home pest-free because we’re destroying insects away from your home. Also, keep you weed free and keep your lawn looking great. My name is Jerry Johnson co-founder of platinum Peston along with one lovely wife mother of our three great kids. Jennifer Johnson OK now we are the premier exterminator Tulsa. We come out and eliminate you. Pest Control needs in your control needs. That way you don’t have to. You don’t have to mess with it. We are a family-owned and operated company service in the greater Tulsa area. If you would like Peskin on or if you would like a perfect lawn. The best thing to do is to give us a call. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us on the web at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. All right. As you know podcasters we’ve been talking a lot about Spyros we’ve been talking a lot about all sorts of different types of past. Oh, I think we just did seven or eight podcasts on rats alone. This is our fifth podcast on spiders we’re going to do about six podcasts when it comes to spiders. And so that’s where we’re at.
We’re talking about spiders who have been doing a lot of trivia about spiders and other different types of bugs. Exterminator Tulsa
You know we learned that that mice that one female mouse can be responsible for giving birth to 150 babies in one year. We’ve learned that. That. That ants are a big problem here in Oklahoma. It’s the older seeing when you smash the over of sand. I’m a kind of has kind of a sweet smell to it which is how it gets his name odorous. And we’ve learned that if you were a fleet you’d jump over a skyscraper. We have learned that Roj can live for 48 hours with its head cut off. We have learned that that that takes bring lots of diseases mid-spring lots of diseases that Iraq consume for three days before it drowns. You know we have just learned all sorts of fun facts.
You know when it comes to the past. But the thing is you don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to know all those things. We know them.
And so all you have to do is call us so if you’re having any issues with the past or you just want to know more information about the past. Just couldn’t Google us. In fact, the way that you do that is you google exterminator Tulsa will come up number one and then you just call us right and then we come right out and we get taken care of. So that’s how it works. So you call us we’ll take care of your pest issues or your control issues. That way you just simply don’t have to deal with it. You don’t have to mess with that because we will handle it for you. OK. That’s how simple this is that’s how easy this is. And we want to keep it simple. We want to keep it easy and that’s what we want to do there for you.
Tulsa OK Sarah so we’ve talked a little bit about spiders I should We’ve talked we talk a lot about spiders. Exterminator Tulsa
We know there are over 35000 different species of them worldwide over about 3000 different species of them live in North America.
We learned that they don’t get caught in their webs because their legs secrete natural oil. And we’ve learned that there’s a type of transfer that lives in South America that has 11-inch long legs span. OK, 11-inch long legs span. And then and then also we learn not all spiders spin webs. A lot of them are predatory spiders. Exterminator Tulsa
They just track them down and then hunt them and catch them when they capture food and eat it. Exterminator Tulsa
We learned that there are two different types of spiders over here in this area which we have them bolt the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider.
You know we were about how to identify a black widow spider and that’s going to be that red hourglass there on them. And so if you see a red hourglass on a black spider. Don’t mess with it. OK just go in you know you’ve probably seen her billboard you have seen some of our ads as saying exterminator Tulsa. Just write down the number and give us a call. OK. We’ll come out there and we’ll. Don’t mess with a spider. Oftentimes kids find them and so you don’t want kids to find them.
Just as we’ll come out there we will kill them and we will prevent others from showing up in others. You know I’m coming around your home. There now. We also learn that female Blackwood of spiders can live up to three years whereas the males usually only live for one year.
Males have spots on their side but then also sometimes the female will kill the male after the meeting.
But either way, they’re there. They’re surprised that you don’t want to have ruined your home if you do see them. Give us a call just google exterminator Tulsa. We’ll come right out there and eliminate them and we will be able to analyze the situation to see how bad they are how bad you’ve been dealing with them and how many there are there at your house. OK. Now the body of a female black widow spider is venomous poisonous but it’s usually not deadly to humans. OK. It used to be people used data from Blackwood bites. That used to be a lot more black widow vides. But this was before the time of the intervention and this was back in the time when there were a lot of outhouses. OK. So what happens is people would go outhouses are just a prime area or prime target therefore for black widow spiders and so people would go in the middle of the night they go to the house sit down do their thing and before they know they said I’m a black widow or very close to you know it started the Blackwelder they’ve come and bit him in the Heini. OK. And so because we don’t have outhouses these days we have fewer bites.
Not only that no fewer bites but we also have any of them for those that do get bet.
Now a black widow spider bite now that it’s the black widow spider bite is pale know in the middle but it’s also it also has a red ring. But also sometimes people get headaches or anxiety or itching or sweating and cramping. You know weakness you know nausea or sometimes it’s hard to breathe and sometimes they get an increased amount of blood pressure. These are all symptoms of a Black Widow bite. So but here’s the thing is sometimes people get bit by him. Whenever they pick up stuff to move things around so makes you wear gloves heavy gloves are moving things that have been stored there for a while. I know someone who went to go move a desk and they grabbed her at the desk to pick it up. There was a black widow spider inches from his finger. OK. So be careful with that. Now also shake out your shoes before you put them on. And also the clothes before you put them on. Sometimes they like that like to hide in those areas. Right. But if you do think that there might be black widows living around your home or you think your home could be a key environment for them. Good Google exterminator or Tulsa. Click on our link. Give us a call.
We’ll come right out there we’ll let you know if your area is infested with black widows or if there’s a problem in your area. Right now black you tend to live in like cellars trash piles of war. That’s a big one. You know we see him all the time in woodpiles. OK. Or if you have a bunch of bricks stacked up those are all areas that the black widows will thrive in. And those are big areas where people see him around downspouts as well. And so if you suspect that you have black widows or that they might be there in your area chances are they probably are in your area because there is such a prevalent spider.
Go ahead and give us a call. Look up exterminator Tulsa gives a shout will come out and we will take care of them for you. We’ll leave you pest free.
But not only do we take care of a black widow spider we take care of brown recluse spiders.
We take care of a wolf spider cellar spiders jumping spiders take care of carpenter ants odors ants black cats little black cats piss ants you name it we’re going to take care of it. We’ll take care of termites swarming termites won’t take care of fleas ticks. No, they’re still spreading Lyme disease and Rockman fever will eliminate those guys there for you. I will take care of Massu we take care of flies to take care. Train flies and we do we control Swee we do turf management broadleaf weeds grassy weeds such as Dal’s grass crabgrass nuts sedge pro-ana all those different types of grasses we’re going to take care of.
We will also fertilize your lawn looking nice and green OK but to make that the first thing you got to do is you got a contact saying that on the web by going to platinum Peston noncom or just give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. But here platinum pest and lawn your first service is only one dollar. Yes, that’s right you heard that correctly your first serve Riesling $1 a platinum past and lawn control. Exterminator Tulsa


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