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All right welcome back podcasters Welcome back Tosa. Welcome to the greatest podcast show on earth.
Talks about bugs and talks about we control and talks about all sorts of things to do in order to keep your thing protected from those nasty critters those paths that bring all sorts of diseases and also that are annoying to have around your home. They are pain great. They are doing anything but babbling you can cause problems in your life. So. So we are platinum pest and lawn we are the premier of the shin. Is. Is that a word we will evict your past in so we are the premier exterminator toll so that will make this happen. Give us a call. You don’t have to deal with the dirty work. We will deal with the dirty work. You don’t have to do that. We are family-owned and operated company serving the greater Tulsa area and making sure that your family and your pets and your loved ones are safe and not terrorized by those nasty bugs that nasty pest.
So podcasters if you had been listening to the podcast recently the last four podcasts had been on rats. So I guess what this podcast is on you guessed it its own rats. You might be sitting at home right now saying Oh rats. Well, that’s right. Oh, rats. That is correct. This is on rats. If you don’t want to hear about ready to go and you can go ahead and just cancel this podcast right now. But if you want to go on if you want to dive deep if you want to find out the facts and the nitty-gritty on these rats that are living in the Tulsa area. Just hang on just listen. We will dive down and we will go over that. So if you have listened to the podcast before you know that that we are exterminator Tulsa and we go over all sorts of trivia we’ve done trivia about Roca’s trivia about mosquitoes the truth about bedbugs spiders ants you name it we’ve done trivia on mice. It only takes a mouse the size of a dime to enter into your home. It only takes a rat the size of a quarter daring injury into your home. Mice can leave behind anywhere between 40 to 100 droppings a day. You know the dozen times a day. Right. And so they are prolific breeders. They spend a lot of diseases through their urine. That type of thing. So we’ve talked about this whole so we’ve gone to detail about the death. We’re going to go into detail about the facts that that’s happening. Exterminator Tulsa
What it comes down to rodents when it comes down to crazy facts like how a roach can hold his breath for 45 minutes somehow or roach can live for two weeks with its head cut off. And also crazy facts how a rat can swim for three days before it drowns. Yes, that is correct. Red can swim for three days before it drowns. So that’s what we’re talking about again today. Also, we’re talking on transition just so much information on rats. We can do this very very very long time. So just to give you a little more view of what’s happened in mice. You know as we mentioned before mice can live in captivity for about two years but most likely that you know in the wild they make usually about five months’ rent is a little bit different. You think they can live up to about 18 months but most likely or most of the time don’t even make it to their first birthday. And so and so a little bit different tween mice rats when it comes to that. Their teeth their jobs are so extremely strong and they pretty much bite through anything or anything they just. Have at it. All.
Right so if you’re laying in bed you start here’s Strachan you know starts off small a little scratch here a little nod there a little more scratch a little bit more normal. Exterminator Tulsa
The best thing to do is to google exterminator Tulsa call us. We will come out and we will eliminate the situation. We will get it. All right. You don’t want to mess with it. Because we will do that for you. OK. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it. But they’re so strong they can shoot your cinderblock. Yes, you heard that right. A rat can chew through cinderblock. It’s basically seen it. I don’t know if you just sat there and not on a rock before. You know most normal people don’t do that. Not something I recommend. I can’t tell you I’ve never done it before but not something that I recommend if you’re thinking about chewing on a rocker. You on some sea meant a cinder block. I would advise against it. However, rats can do in fact they can chew through it in order to access the area. Like I said they’ll need the space of a quarter to enter. And so that’s what they’ll don’t you go chew through that. And they’ll enter your home or enter your structure you can know if you’re concerned about this if you think they might have already know your structure call exterminator Tulsa that’s platinum pest and lawn will come out there will take a look will make sure that that your structure that your place of business that your residence that your man cave will stay rent-free. OK. Fill your glass even chew your glass aluminum. Yeah, I’ve seen them chew through cans. Right. You know cans of tomatoes. The store product cans.
Some people are used for food storage and chew right through it so they can access the food that’s in there. So how do they know that the food is in there? Well, it comes to their senses. You know they have a great sense of smell. You know and they are scavengers so they’re going to scavenge around. So if you don’t want scavengers living inside your house call us Tulsa. You know we are exterminator Tulsa. Give us a call make sure that we eliminate any access points that they have in your home. Currently haven’t you haven’t in your home. We’re going to take care of them. We’re going to move them that way. You just don’t have to deal with you don’t deal with that scratch. Waking up to that nasty scratch scratch scratch and nasty gnawing that that happens. But. But they do spread diseases. They’re extremely smart. Great memories. In fact, taking the test in some rat poison they’ll know it’s rat poison and they’ll leave. So if they know about rat poison How can you get rid of them. Well, we’ve got ways here. Platinum pest. There are certain poisons they don’t know is poison. That’s a little trick up her sleeve that the rest just don’t know about around the Tulsa area. Some areas around the Tulsa area are going to deal with rats more than others just like me town. The town’s going to have to deal with threats more than a Wasow is right but rats are scavengers. And so they scavenge for their food. Ofttimes just seen around dumpsters just scavenging around.
But here’s the deal we’re talking about Norway rats. Some people call sewer rats there. They can be super aggressive even aggressive to the point where there. It has been recorded. That. That. Babies. Have been. Killed because of rat attacks. OK let’s think about that. Babies had been killed because of rat attacks. Just a. Man. Not only babies but even adults. You know it has been documented that adults having been killed because of rats because rats attacking them. Oh man, what a miserable way to go. Right. This is like what was that movie called been where that little kid had the rats for his friends. So a horror movie the way is now it was a horror movie as well. But what’s his thing with Norway rats once they come inside they’re usually going to be on the ground floor in the basement area. Usually actually on the top floor but you know if they’re outside they’re going to live in filled woodpiles. Barns that type of thing. Usually, their nests are lined with like cloth or shredded newspaper. That type of thing. Right. That’s kind of a telltale sign if you’re seeing all those things shredded up and you don’t want to deal with them. Just go call Ekstrom near Tulsa. That’s us platinum pass along. Come out and take care of it. No for bringing all sorts of diseases as well. You know I mean they spread those diseases by urinating on food. Exterminator Tulsa
Which in return you don’t know that they got urinated on by a rat. Pretty gross. The fact that you can cause fires by age took two wires. OK, they will treat your wires. They’ve been known to start some fires you know and you might even hearsay we didn’t start the fire. It was always burned since the world’s been turning. That’s false. Never believe a. Right. There’s a reason why people don’t like rats. Never trust a rat. So they sing that song was like when they did start the fire. And it is time to fire them and get rid of them. Right now like I said before they are aggressive. They attack both animals and humans. You don’t want them around. OK, they’re bad things. And so. So get rid of rats. If you have me think you have again just called us. We are extreme near Tulsa. We’ll come out and get the job done. We’ll take care of those rats for you. That way you don’t even have to mess with that right. Not only do we take care of rats we take care of mice spiders fleas and ticks and chiggers and mosquitoes webworms bagworms bed bugs termites spiders brown recluses. Cockroaches Jim Brown cockroaches you name it we’re going to take care of it. You just do not want to wander around your house.
A lot of pasts are going to spread disease spread germs don’t let that get anywhere near how still it can do that. The best thing to do is to give us a call you reach is that platinum Salon.com. Give us a call at 9:23 763 7. But here’s the good thing Tulsa. He gives a shout if you call your first service is only going to be $1. Exterminator Tulsa


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