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All right well podcasters I am Gier Johnson and I am exterminator tourists. If you’ve recently with a podcast you know this by now. Well, platinum passed in law. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can also reach us on the web on the great internet app platinum past and dot com. Now remember with platinum Peston lawn we’re going to leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone. K Moken podcasters So we are talking about cockroaches. Yes, we’re talking about those nasty dirty little roaches or big depending on where you’re at or what you’re seeing. So let’s go straight off with of course some trivia because we’re all about the trivia. All right. How wrong have cockroaches been around? Has it been 50 years has been 500 years? Has it been a thousand years? Has it been a million years? What do you think podcasters? The answer is roaches have been around since the time of dinosaurs. Think about that. You know how hard it is to kill a roach right. People complain. Or people who have roaches will tell you they can be a difficult bug to eradicate. And so. You know people will say that a nuclear. Meltdown going to happen or that it could be the end of the world in cockroaches that would still survive. I have to say that probably is correct. Unless of course, you hire exterminator tourists. And that, of course, would be us. We are the premier pest management company here in Tulsa Oklahoma. So. Exterminator Tulsa
You can be the end of the world and most people will say that roaches will still be around. And I would have to say that is true based on how they are just resilient. They are great survivors. They’ve been around since the time of the dinosaurs. If you can believe it and we’ll see back then they didn’t have exterminator Tulsa to take care of the bugs they just had their spoons in the fire and they just had whatever they were rocks. You know what else would you be able to kill a roach with. Back in the dinosaur age, you think about cavemen stomping those guys throwing cars around them. I mean what were some of the ways that they would have to kill them. You were probably calling on them when they were asleep. No heed those guys out. No, we have a nice day, don’t we? Here in the United States of America here in Oklahoma where we don’t have to worry about that. That’s where it is is gray here because if we have we have a roach issue you have to do is Google exterminator Tulsa.
There you will find us platinum Peston lawn. You will pick up the phone you will call us and your pest or your roach issue will then be taken care of. It was as simple as that. We sure do live in a great time where we can do that. We have the internet at her figures from any pest problem we have we can get it solved right away. All right. Next question. Question number two coming at you strong. How long can a roach live without eating food? How long can Roj live without eating food? Manchego that’s a great question. We’ll see how long can you live without eating food. Is it one day. Is it a week. Is it for two years?
No. Most likely not. But.
Roaches can live a lot longer than people can without eating food. Urooj can live for about a month. Without food. Think about that a month without food. So if you have roaches in your house let’s say it’s a vacant house someone’s moved out and there’s absolutely it was less spick and span and no food for the roaches to munch on which isn’t exactly true because they can be you know glue all sorts of stuff. Right. But let’s say there was no food hypothetical situation for the roaches to munch on. They couldn’t live there for a month. Almost a month. Without eating any food whatsoever. It’s crazy. So say we’re going to talk about is we are going to talk about American cockroaches there are many different types of cockroaches American cockroach is one of those types of cockroaches, is the largest cockroach that’s found in houses. OK.
Now let’s think about this. It’s called the American cockroach. What do you think? You think it’s native. To the United States of America or maybe North America. Well, the answer is it’s probably not it most likely came from Africa. It was introduced from Africa via ships back in the 60s hundreds. So it’s most likely how it was transported here to America. And it is thriving here it is thriving strong here. You know they’re like warm moist areas humid areas. I’ll tell you what. You know I grew up in Houston and the American cockroaches were number one try Normas. Everything’s bigger in Texas. Remember that everything is bigger in Texas. But not only that. But they thrived they were everywhere and they were and as annoying as could be.
And here’s the thing is when I grew up we couldn’t you know we couldn’t afford pest control we were dirt poor. And so there were a lot of things that we couldn’t afford and pest control we just couldn’t afford it if we were living in Tulsa and a platinum pest and lawn was nearby then that we most likely could afford it platinum. Exterminator Tulsa
Well, you know we might have seen their billboard on the other side of the highway that said exterminator Tulsa and we would have called exterminator Tulsa plant aka Platinum Pass along and they would have come out and remedied the situation. But they were so bad. I remember waking up one night was something crawling across my face. It was disgusting. I woke up just out of an instinct for what was on the side of my face and it hit the wall with a thud. You know you could hear the thud as it hit the wall. Right, and of course it was an American cockroach. So it was crawling over my face in the night. Disgusting. I’ve also got to put on my shoes and lo and behold. I got a little surprise that American cockroach there in my shoe. Not fun, not fun to deal with. Not what you want to feel whenever you’re putting on on your shoes in the morning time. And these guys they were prolific I mean one time when the few times I stayed up after dark did study for a test or do some homework as lights were out everybody was in bed and the roaches came out to play. I would you know I remember sitting across the room and you’d watch these things just fly right just fly across the room is pretty disgusting. And so they were flying across the room here. Oh, this was getting to the trivia question in here. When do American cockroaches when do they get their wings or are they born with it.
B Do they have as juveniles or C they have them as adults. Well, they answer the question is C they grown as adults. So these roaches were just flying all over the place and they couldn’t even really study because they were so bad they were flying into me. I eventually grabbed a fly swatter and made it again to see how many I could hit out of the air. I played baseball and this was it was fun. Activity almost like baseball almost like a baseball drill to see how many roaches I can knock out of the air with a fly swatter. So anyways they are prolific. They are really bad there they’re in the Houston area and we dealt with them over there. But you know I have seen a few cases of them here in here in the Tulsa area. And so those that you know for instance if you do notice that you do have American cockroaches. Give us a call look us up. Exterminator.
Tulsa. There you will find us on the web. You can find us at Platinum past and launched com. There you can click on our on our website. Exterminator Tulsa
You’ll see our phone number 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 shouts. We handle everything from roaches to bed bugs to ticks to fleas spiders ants you name it. We will claim it. We will take care of it.
And remember platinum pest and lawn we’re going leave you with the perfect lawn in your past. Gone. Also here’s a no brainer offer that you’re strong. Your first service with platinum pest and lawn is only going to be one dollar. Yes, that’s right you heard us right. The first service with platinum pest and lawn is one dollar. All right. Have a good one podcasters. I’ll see at the next one. Exterminator Tulsa


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