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Uncompiled pastures welcome Tulsa Welcome to another podcast. I am Gerry JOHNSON I am the co-founder of platinum Peston along with my sweet wife beautiful wife wonderful wife awesome wife Jennifer Johnson. We are platinum pest and lawn. We are also the premier exterminator tolls. We take care of your pets needs angels one needs that we’re you know happy that we don’t have to do the dirty work just let us use let us handle that and take care of it. We are a family-owned and operated company. You can reach us at Platinum pest and lawn dot com or you can call us at 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. All right. Tulsa it is hot. Exterminator Tulsa
Hot. What are you doing to stay cool in this hot weather? I mean it is. It’s brutal. Hopefully, you’re doing something to stay cool maybe taking a dip in a pool. Maybe you are jumping in a river. Maybe you are just working side. And you go from your air nice air-conditioned house to your car which also has an air conditioner to your building that you work in that has air conditioner and then you repeat the process and you come back home. Either way, I hope that you’re staying cool if you’re working outside. I hope you’re drinking lots of fluids just as you don’t want to be outside. The bugs don’t want to be outside either. Not fun just real hot and brutal. Although pets can and they do thrive in warm humid temperatures which guess what. Tulsa has warm human tipped and that’s one reason why why a pest thrives so so much here in the Tulsa area here in Oklahoma. So podcasters if you’ve tuned in. You know what we’ve done about five cat podcast. The last five podcasts have been had been about spiders. Well, we’re continuing that right. Exterminator Tulsa. We’re still going with spiders so this will be the last podcast with spiders here in this series but we’ll bring that to you fast and strong. We’re going to be going over a brown recluse spider so what you need to know is that if you suspect your brown spiders go ahead and google extreme near Tulsa will be number one on that list. Just click on it.
We will come out there and get that taken care of for you and eliminate any spiders that any brown recluse spiders that you’re having there around your home. Now we’ve had all sorts of trivia action and we’ve come at pretty strong with some of this trivia. You know we’ve learned that.
That rats can swim three days before they drowned that mice are prolific breeders that fleas can jump like crazy. In fact, if you a flea jump over a skyscraper we have learned fact after fact after the fact you know different diseases that the bugs carry different ways to protect your home.
And so we’ve learned a lot and we’ve asked a lot of the trivia and we have got a lot of answers on that trivia such as there are over 35000 different species of spiders worldwide.
However, only about 3000 different species roam North America. We’ve learned that the largest transposes largest spiders actually in South America. Really no big surprise there. I mean it’s very hot and humid. And so they’re going to thrive under those conditions. But what is surprising is how stinking big this spider this butter actually is is the size of a dinner plate. And so it is just one ginormous spider. Good thing we don’t have to deal with that where we’re at. We are not all spiders build webs right. Some of them hunt down and attack their prey. It’s also the trap door spider that comes out of a trap door and grabs and grabs bugs as they wandered by.
We’ll reach out and snatch and grab them. Exterminator Tulsa
And not only that but they just don’t do it on their own webs.
Now the reason why they don’t get caught in their own webs is that their legs actually secrete a natural oil on them actually prevents them from getting there themselves. But I mean if you do see some I mean if you do see spider webs around your home don’t panic just go on Google exterminator Toal said Give us a call we’ll come out and we’ll take care of them for you. That way you don’t have to mess with them at all. Exterminator Tulsa
Now we also talked about black widows. Now there are a couple of different venomous spiders here in the area in the Tulsa area.
You have a block with you’re going to have brown recluses both of them are pretty heavy here in the Tulsa area. We see them in a lot of homes as you see a lot of brown recluses in homes black widows. We see a lot outside our doors of homes you know around downspout areas woodpiles a big area around rocks bricks that type of thing type landscaping. Now we learned that a female black widow is going live up to three years when the males only live up to about one year. Black widows have their female black widows have that red hourglass shape on their bellies. The males have white spots on their sides.
And we learn that females will eat the males sometimes after they mate. OK. That’s pretty vicious right. But let’s talk about Brown recluse spiders. Now they get their name because of their tendency to hide in corners that they’re more of a reclusive nature. That’s how they get their name a brown recluse.
And they are also brown. But if you suspect that you have brown spiders I’m going to give us a call.
Gretchen give exterminator Tulsa call will come out and we’ll take care of those brown Cleave’s spiders. You don’t have to worry a bit. You have to worry about your kids being in bed. You don’t worry about any of that. True story. We did have someone that moved to Tulsa from the earth to Wasow from the Kansas City area and in Kansas City. They got bit by a brown recluse spider and the wife told me the story and said that he had almost lost his leg. He had such a bad reaction to the bite. And so you don’t want that to happen. So if you don’t want to be bitten by a spider and if you are seeing brown recluse spiders then go ahead and google exterminator toll so click on the link there we all going to be number one.
And then let us know we’ll come out there and we’ll get those taken care of for you. We will eliminate them for you that way you don’t have to mess with them. OK.
Now a lot of people identify them. They’re called fiddle backs as well Brown conspires our little bags because it looks like a little fennel there on their back or a little violin there on the back.
But I mean you kind of have to get close and put your head close to them in order to see it in order to recognize it. But they’re actually needed to Kansas Texas Oklahoma and Mississippi and Kansas. But we have definitely a very strong population of them here in the Tulsa area. I don’t know that they are nocturnal pest so I’m their most active at night. Exterminator Tulsa
Not so much during the day but you’ll see plenty of them during the day or you know in a home that is infested with them. Now we do a lot of the inspections trauma inspections for people buying homes and we see him in just about every single home we see brown recluse spiders. And so they’re extremely common. But even if they are common you still don’t want to deal with them you still don’t want to mess with them. So that’s something that we will handle that’s something that we will take care of for you. And we can take care of those brown recluse and make sure that you don’t have to mess with them. Now brown spiders eat all sorts of things. All sorts of other bugs. You know they hunt them. They typically don’t have webs. They will spin webs occasionally. But you know they’ll like roaches and crickets but they’re also cannibalistic so that if you have a high density of brown recluse spiders they’re going to be in themselves as well. Silverfish is also also a big food for the brown spider but we just don’t want them peeing on anything because we don’t want them to be linning we don’t want them in your house. Now Bo clueless they usually bite to protect themselves and the venom kind of eats the flesh away. So oftentimes you get a blister where the bite is and that blister will often open up and reveal open flesh. It was just a pretty nasty thing. Sometimes people get bit whenever they leave clothes on the ground.
The spider crawls inside the clothes and they put the clothes on like a shirt or whatever it is and that’s when the spider bites when they feel pressure and then that’s when the nastiness happens. The bite. Right. But if you suspect that Jerry Brown Recluse spiders or any other different type of spider the next time you pass by that board that says exterminator Tulsa stop. Jot down the number. Call us we’ll come out there and we’ll eliminate them. We’ll get it all taken care of for you get everything squared away for you when it comes as brown recluse spiders. And we also take care of wolf spiders black widows. I’m all sorts of different types of spiders all sorts of different types of ants such as carpentering ants stance so people become pissy cancer little black hands. Things we do take care of. We don’t take care of uncles aunts. We take care of fleas and ticks and make sure they aren’t spreading diseases we take care of other webworms we take care bagworms we take care of the termites swarming termites as well. When we do we control we take care of broadleaf weeds Cressi weeds Dallas grass Johnson Grass net sedge pro-ana we fertilize the yard as well. So you give us a call a platinum pest and lawn and if we have the privilege to go out and service you we’ll leave you with the perfect wanting your pets went and your first service is only one dollar. Exterminator Tulsa


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