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Welcome podcasters Welcome back. I am Jared JOHNSON I am your host. I am also the founder of platinum personal and lawn with my beautiful. Wife Jennifer Johnson mother of three kids two boys and a girl who loved to spend time at the platinum Peston lawn shop. Plenty of fun things for them to do there. They play games and love to go outside as Cooper says he loves to go explore nature. Outside their own lives. At the shop, there are platinum pests and lawn likes to look for bugs. That’s a little bit difficult inside the shop as we are a pest management company so there are little to no bugs that exist inside our building over there on the outside would do. The shop is on two acres doesn’t take them long to be able to find little bugs out there. But we are planting them pest and lawn we are the premier exterminator Tulsa. We take care of your pest and lawn issue so you don’t have to. We are family-owned and operated company you can reach 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or you can find this on the interweb at Platinum pest and control dot com OK. Also today we are going to be talking about rats. Yes, that’s right. Rats. What you didn’t know there are rats in Oklahoma. Well, there are there’s lots of them. Them especially in the Tulsa midtown area a lot. Lots of rats but we don’t. We don’t like rats right. We want to get them taken care of and eliminated. Exterminator Tulsa
So for that, if you want to get read telling me the best thing to do is to call exterminator Tulsa. That is us platinum pest and lawn and like we said before we’ll get the job done. You don’t have to. So if you are a new podcast for who just let you know that that we are no stranger to trivia. Were there so many different trivia questions over or the podcast.
No, we have asked questions such as we’ve asked questions on dust mites. How many dust mites are you could be living on your mattress? We have asked how many dust mites live in a square yard carpet. The answer is 100000 dust mites ridiculous amounts. We’ve asked about bed bugs bed bugs reproduce daily or they lay eggs daily so they can become a problem. Just really overnight. Pretty crazy. Now we’ve asked about the best about the size of a hole that takes for a mouse to squeeze into your home. That is just the size of a dime. So not very big.
We have asked how long can a roach live with its head cut off that’s two weeks to four weeks. Originally with its head cut off now is that enough freaky or what. It’s pretty weird. OK. But today we’re going to be talking about rats. OK. So we got to that we got a trivia question for you really quick. Now we know that a mouse. All it takes is the size of a dime for them to squeeze into your home. What a rat. OK, what about an adult right. So was were known to take my baby right here we’re talking about a full-grown adult rat what size hole does an adult need to squeeze into your home. Well, the answer is the size of a quarter. That’s right. Just the size of a quarter and you have a full-grown Norway rat living inside your home. Now rats are prolific climbers just like the mice are. We talked about the mice and how well they can climb. But but but rats need to know that they’re prolific climbers. Here’s a big tongue question. Now rats are great swimmers. You know we know my three great swimmers or rats and they swim well. Now how long do you think a rat can swim continuously before it drowns. OK, we’re talking about one hour. If it’s me I can’t swim. Ten minutes before I drown maybe five at best. So we talked loud today. Sounds pretty far fetched. What about five hours. Well, think about it. How long.
Kinneret swim for Droughns right. Exterminator Tulsa
I want to know who did this test who thought you know what I’m going to throw this rat in this swimming pool. I’m going to put no walls up all sides so it can get out and I’m going to try it. I’m going to see how long it takes before this rat dies. OK. Who’s that. Who’s the person. How about that. I don’t know. But anyways whoever it was they came up with. They found out the answer. OK. Exterminator Tulsa
The answer is the can swim for three whole days before it drowns before goes caput. So. So tell us if you find a rat living in your pool. Don’t just think oh I’ll just leave for work for the day is going to be dead by the time I get back. And they can be days. It can be a day so if you see one in your pool you might be driving to work and you’ll see that billboard that says exterminator or Tulsa give us a call that’s going to be our billboard. Call us. We’ll come right out there and we will take care of that for you. And that way you don’t have to mess around with it. You know we’ve had calls from people you know they get this. Can you imagine? You know having a July 4th party your Memorial Day party there at your pool at your house. You have guests coming over. You got something great planned. Good girl some burgers you girl some dogs you know maybe some that corn on the cob action you know and they groom corn. Know you have a party happening or you that you haven’t come you have it all planned out. So excited to make this shindig take place.
And then as you go you’ve got all the guests to arrive here based around the pool and as you go to light that grill you open up the lid and guess what jumps out. A big. Fat rat. OK jumps out the grill almost latch on and takes off running. What do you think we want to have a burger after that. What do you do with all that meat that you bought? Right. You can give it to your jewelry may be that you don’t like but most of those guests are going to enjoy eating enough agreed that a rat was living in. But that happens. OK, we get these calls as that happens but that’s what they do after they happened they made the smart choice they Google exterminator Tolson called us we came right out and eliminate you know the problem there. But they like to build homes where they feel secure where they feel safe.
You have real wood so one of the purposes as it did and they probably hadn’t used a grill in a long time you know they were probably not big-time Meat-Eaters not going out there and grilling every week. So what did happen is that Red had gone into the grill mean in the world. As we said before all it takes is the size of a quarter so probably where you know went out where it went into the grill through the area that drips grease full all sorts of leaves and grass and all sorts of things to build it in a nice little nest in there. So that’s where it was living. Right. So if you suspect that’s happening what you got to do is you’ve got to google exterminator Tulsa. That’s how you’re going to find any information we are a platinum pest and laws give us a call we’ll come out and eliminate your rat problems that we can have parties have real fast happened without worrying about the route rats without even messing with the rats. One little bit. So those are what we do. Right. And as we mentioned before it rests in the swimming pool for three days. Can you imagine out there let’s say that rat jumped out of the grill and ran and jumped into the pool and couldn’t get out? Right. How many people how happy are we should the party be. Your party would be the talk of the town. Right. Everybody would scatter out of the pool. Most likely people would leave because they had nothing to eat.
Also just be a bad bad day. Not something you want to experiment with trying that one out. So rats are prevalent. Here in Oklahoma. You know some areas of the country have them worse. California has them bad in New York. Have you heard about the giant sewer rats that people say over in New York? Just lots and lots of rats. If that were splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came from over there from the subways of New York. So if you come from New York New You’re probably happy with the situation here as opposed to New York. However, they are pretty bad depending on certain areas of Tulsa. Midtown is one big area where rats thrive. A lot of vegetation there. Lots of areas further for them behind the tree to throw. So especially if you’re in midtown I’m going to give us a call we are the premier exterminator Tulsa and we’ll come out there and devise a plan customized to you and your home where we can eliminate your rat problem without having to deal with it. So the best thing to do again is to look us up. You know we don’t just take care of rats we take care of mice take care spiders to take care of brown recluses we take care of Webworms bagworms ants carpenter ants general pest control termites weed control you name it we’re going to take care of it. You name it we spray it. But a platinum pass along we’re going to leave you with a perfect lawn and you are gone.
Give us a call or you can reach the 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 5 7 or you can reach us on the web that platinum pest and Lynda.com were your first service is only one dollar. Yes, that’s right you heard that correctly your first service one dollars. Exterminator Tulsa


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