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Or write podcasters those that have been following me. Where we have been discussing.
Lately. First of all, you know who I am. I am Joe Johnson the founder. Of. Platinum pastoral land aka exterminator Tulsa. We owe. The company with a plan. To keep your family safe and leave your land looking grand. How had you made the ram come that your first thing today? We are a platinum pest and lawn you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can look us up on the web at Platinum past and man back nitride podcasters we are coming at you strong over here Intelsat. We had been talking about roaches and the effects of roaches and some fun facts about roaches and some things to say a few things to smash the roaches with. Work to do. When dealing with roaches. Exterminator Tulsa
So that’s what’s happening right now. We are going over this to keep you safely keep you and your family safe. Here it is really the best move for you. If you think you have roaches or any other past by any means it is time to look us up. That is exterminator tell some. One of the web. And look up give us a ring and we’ll come out and we will take care of those bags leaving everything spick and clean if that makes sense.
We will make it happen. Your life will be better after you give us a call. Always so coming at you and the roaches we can do in some fun facts with the roaches.
So we ask questions such as How long have roaches been around. Answer Well since the time of the dinosaurs. How long can a world live without food? How long can a roach live without water? Exterminator Tulsa
Tremblers answers. Well, it was one month without food and it was about two weeks without water. OK.
Let’s see. Oh yes, the nose can make only once but still stay pregnant for life. That’s one reason why they are prolific breeders and why they can be tough to eradicate.
Here’s a question for you. Heard about a chicken run around or someone runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. So Chaiken this. This is what’s incredible. When you go to butcher chicken you can take an x you can take in at machete you can take Hatchie you can take what you want and you can cut a steak in chicken’s head off right. When it’s time when you want when you’re hungry right when you want to eat dinner you can cut the head off. You let the chicken go and what’s going to happen. People pheromones aka farmers and ranchers will all say that a chicken will run with its head cut off for a little while.
What about wages. Do they do that? Can they live without their heads? Yes, they can live without their head but. For how man. This is going to be the question. So how long can a chicken live without its head? I don’t know I’ve never had a chicken’s head off. I’m guessing 10 seconds 15 seconds. I’m guessing probably not very long before the chicken realizes it does not have a head and that it’s really dead. Not very long at all. What about roaches though. How long do you think they can live without their head. Well, you think a minute two minutes a day. Where. Do you think? Well, this one is surprising. Podcasters a room that can actually live. For about. A week. With his head cut off. Think about that about a week with its head cut off. What other diseases can it spread? You know during that time what else can he get into. Absolutely disgusting. So they can run around without ahead for about a week. The headless Roach is what we call it. Incredible.
All right. So let’s say you have roaches at your house. Right. If that’s the case. First thing you want to do is go, exterminator. Tulsa. That is us. Give us a call we’ll come out there and take care of them. Bet we have heard of people trying to kill roaches or eradicate roaches in their own unique special ways one of those. I will be drowning. You know you think if you just throw a roach in a bucket of water where there’s going to be dead right.
Maybe wrong. Maybe you’re right. Rosamond’s and how long you live up there. But I Roach typically can hold their breath. And how long do you think? Ten minutes ten seconds. Well, the answer is actually 40 minutes long. That’s crazy.
These things are remarkable. Insects hold their breath for so long they can survive. Exterminator Tulsa
They say things are crazy but you do not want them to survive in your house. So if that’s the case you forgot about them until you’re driving down the road and you see the billboard big billboard that says exterminator Tulsa. Well, that’s a give us a call and we’ll come out there and get them taken care of for you.
Have you ever tried a roach? Chances are you probably can. But how fast do you think they run. What do you think? Do you think they run 10 miles an hour three miles an hour? One mile an hour. You know you can probably walk a roach honestly. They can run about three miles an hour which is actually really fast for them if you look at how small roach is three miles an hour is actually.
It is actually booking it. It was pretty heavy. So yeah they can then they can move around.
But the thing is they scurry to cover so fast that it’s hard to. It can be hard to smash them once they get behind. Once you get behind that cover. So but if you don’t want that to be you if you don’t want to be chasing roaches around all the time then why don’t you do something about it. You know you’ve read Home remedies on how to get rid of them really they’re pathetic. They do not work. Sure go ahead and use them if you want to deal with roaches forever. But if not if you actually want to get the job done this time to take a stand. You know it’s tough. These guys will give us a call. We are the master victors when it comes to pets living in your home that is not paying rent. You cannot let them live in the home if they’re not going to contribute. Right. The pain a little some. They’re not paying for the food they’re not paying for that air conditioner.
They’re not paying for the water. It’s time to give them the boot handle. Move along right. Well, Wolf, you want them to move along.
It’s time to give exterminator Tulsa a call. That would be platinum Peston lawn. We’ll take care of those roaches for ya. So you don’t have to. And we’ll just keep moving them to keep moving along and they’ll be singing their sad song. But we’ll just keep them going. Now here’s the deal with those roaches. They get in and they are prolific breeders.
They will breed and extremely fast rate. And it’s not good if you don’t want to have them in your home because they’ll keep breeding and they’ll keep breeding. They’ll keep reproducing and then you can get disgusted they’re going to come out you’re going to smash them you think you got them all but those little suckers they will surprise you. They
will hide in the areas that you did not know they could get into.
And there they will stay and they will make a mess and they will give you a bad day. How do you like that little rhyme there they will stay and they will give you a bad day or a bad week or bad or a bad year. I encourage you to also to not let it get that bad.
OK. Give us a call. Exterminator Tulsa
You can call us to look up exterminator Tolles. We will come out. We will take care of those guys for you. So you don’t have to. Not only do we deal with roaches we deal with bedbugs we deal with ticks we deal with fleas we deal with spiders we deal with ants we deal with termites we deal with weeds we fertilize the yard. We take care of it.
We make sure it is working sharp and looking presentable there. We take care of mice we take care of rodents we take care of moles. We do it all. And so the best thing to do is just to give a shout we’ll come out there and help you out and get everything taken care of for you to reach the 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Once again this 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 you can reach us on the web at Platinum past and oh when this just in until your first service is only going to be $1.
Yes, we’re that confident for service for just one dollar till next time. Exterminator Tulsa


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