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OK, podcasters Welcome back. I am.
My name is Gier Johnson. I am the founder co-founder of platinum pest and lawn with my wife Jennifer Johnson.
We are the premier exterminator Tulsa and we will get the job done and take care of all your past concerns and your pet needs that you may have. We are a family-owned and operated company. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 you can also find us online. At Platinum pest and lawn dot com org podcasters if you’ve been following us you know that we’ve been talking a lot about past a lot about mice a lot about all sorts of things dealing with your life. So. You know that we are no strangers to trivia. We have asked all sorts of trivia questions before in the past. Such as how many dust mites are in a square yard of carpet. How often to do bedbugs place. How many dust mites are typically living on a mattress? We have asked about roaches. How long can they live with their heads cut off? We’ve asked about mice.
How big of an opiate do they need in order to access your home and into your home? Are they good climbers are they good swimmers or are they good jumpers. The answer is yes to all the above. Great climbers great swimmers great jumpers.
We have asked how many times they eat a day. That answer is 15 to 20 times a day. Think about how I would be if I did 20 times a day. Incredible. Not only that but they poop or they leave anywhere between 40 to 100 droppings a day.
So if you got a mouse living in your house for a week that’s 700 droppings a day a month. You’re looking at thousands and thousands of dropping them and they’re going to reproduce. So we’re talking about one single mouse. Can leave that in your home. Right. So pretty. Pretty crazy. All right. Tulsa Well here’s the thing though. If you just don’t want to know a whole lot about mice if you just want to leave that at the nerd’s right such as us we are those nerds so-called nerds. The best thing for you to do is to google exterminator toll so you will find us on the web you can click on her link give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. We will take care of it. So you do not have to deal with it. Exterminator Tulsa
OK. Now if you’ve had mice before you know they can be sometimes can be challenging to take care of. You might put out the stent traps yourself there in your house. Can a little peanut butter you know put a little of that Peter Pan peanut butter on that mousetrap you set that mousetrap you go to set up a put so much better on there? Started tripping the trap we tried to set it snaps on your finger.
You’re saying all sorts of nasty words your little kids hear you say those words. Next thing you know they’re ripping it. They’re going to say in class they’re going to say for their teacher. Kids can be sent home for using use and some bad words and bad language. They’re at school on the playground just chilling with his homies. All because you try to save a few bucks and try to kill some mice yourself. OK. True story. It can happen right. Exterminator Tulsa
So not only that but they do actually get that trap set. All of a sudden at night you hear a snap. And you got nothing. Right.
And what the mouse did is it snapped the trap after the trap was snapped it had all of your bait and so you are playing a game of cat and mouse with an actual mouse. Maybe you’re playing the game. Homeowner and mouse with an actual mouse. But here’s the good news salsas you don’t really have to do that. You don’t have to put up with it. You don’t have to deal with that with dealing with those mice. All you have to do is if you have a smartphone or even a dumb phone but if you have a smartphone or computer get on there on the interweb and go ahead and google exterminator Tulsa you will find our number one. Click on early. We will come out. We will take care of these mice so they don’t have so they don’t outsmart you. We will take care of. Will hold on to your dignity right. Hold your head up high like like a man or a woman who has conquered you wrote from your room situation right you’ll be right there beside you. We will make sure this happens but remember you can’t do that unless you call the premier exterminator Tulsa which is Erse platinum Pesta. We can get the job done and we can make it as easy as possible for you. OK here’s a question for you. How long do mice?
Live right. How do they live in the wild? How long they live I’m in a laboratory. What’s their life cycle. Well here’s the deal. A mouse can live in a lab for up to two years up to two years. Yes, it’s up to two years. It is pretty crazy. But they can live up to two years in a laboratory because they’re having all their food brought to them all their food their water. They are not stressed out at all. They don’t worry about predators. They don’t have to worry about eating eating them that aren’t the word of survival everything’s right. So they live a very low-stress life so they can live up to about two years in the lab. However, in the wild, they mostly live about five months but that’s probably for the most part due to two players. Right. Like foxes. Have you ever seen a fox had a mouse? But it’s pretty cool. Or a coyote had a mouse let’s say on the frozen tundra. Right. These these animals are incredible they can hear the mice traveling underneath the snow and they’ll go on their legs and they’ll pounce and they’ll just. Dive through the snow on their front paws and they will come out with a feast with a mouse. A lot of times you know they’re going to fail a lot of times as well but because of that, they don’t live very long. And while there are other predators such as cats. I don’t know if you’ve seen feral cats around but there’s plenty of them. They’re going to eat these mice also snakes.
We talked before about snakes and the mice they will slither up and they will lay in wait until the unsuspecting mouse walks by and they will strike at that mouse. Exterminator Tulsa
They will bite that mouse and they will wrap it up in its coils and mouse will have nowhere to go or it’s a snake. They will inject venom into the mouse and the mouse will die eventually. It’s hard to stop beating that snake who’s going to slither up to it. It’s going to find its mouse and it’s going to eat its mill. Right. It will slow that mouse hole. And then you have no more mouse right. So my still live very long in the wild at least compared to laboratories and you’re looking for about five months. Oh, owls. That’s right. We can’t underestimate owls. So mice like to come out at night and guess what kind of predator like Sahana night. You guessed it owls have a fantastic vision. They will sit on a high perch maybe a tree limb maybe a housetop. And they will overlook their area that they are hunting. They will wait till they since a mouse and they will swoop by and they will grab that mouse and this talon that mouse will have zero chance of escaping the owl once that happens once it takes place so if you suspect that you have mice anywhere near your home or who knows you might live underneath a billboard that billboard might actually say exterminator tolls. If you see a so-called billboard that says exterminator Tulsa best thing to do is actually call that number because that will be our number and we will get out there and get that taken care of for you. So you don’t have to. All right.
So we’ve talked about how great swimmers mice are. Sometimes people seem in the pool so what do you do. Right. What do you do if you see a mouse in the pool in your pool? I’m swimming around. He can’t seem to get out. Well, the issue of that question is the obvious answer. If you have a cat you throw the cat in the pool see who gets out of the water fast. Right. I mean I hear the cats don’t like water. I don’t know if it’s true you have actually thrown a cat in the pool intentionally. But you don’t know if cats really like water the river. They do not. Right. So if you see a mouse in your pool. The best thing to do is to take care of it. Feel free to catch it and release it. Exterminator Tulsa
Oh, wait from your home a long way away from your home that way has less chance of it coming back into your house. But either way, the best thing to do is to give us a call you look us up on Mynott platinum pest and Lynda.com or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Not only do we take care of mice we take care spiders brown recluses ants roaches scorpions all sorts of bugs.
Do we take care of all it the past will tell you what we can do to keep you happy to make sure that you do stay pest-free in your home and in your life? Give us a call, in fact, your first service if you give us a shout. Your first service is going to be one dollar. Yes, you heard us right. Your first service is one dollar. That’s called a no brainer offer will get you taken care of will get you. Squared away and you will be happy for the rest of your life. Exterminator Tulsa


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