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Welcome back. So welcome back podcasters Welcome back to Tulsa’s best podcast when we talk about past. You talk about we control and we talk about things you can do as a homeowner. Exterminator Tulsa
To help keep bugs away from your home and to keep your family happy and safe and pest free there at your house or your place of residence or wherever you want to be pest free. So that’s what this show is going to talk about today. I am Jared JOHNSON I am your host I’m co-founder of platinum pest along with my lovely wife Jennifer Johnson made named Gaylord Formerly Known As for Gaylord who grew up born raised in the NY area. Lots of family in the area. I was a transplant in Oklahoma always loved Oklahoma. I wanted to come back in and eventually live here which which is fortunate enough to do to start a business start planting the person in line and to come out and and to help so many people who make their past problems. So again we are platinum passed along. We are the premier exterminator told so. And we get the job done so you don’t have to use us we’ll leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone. We are a family owned and operated company. You can reach us online at Platinum pest and Lynda.com or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. OK. So we have.
Trivia of course we’re all about trivia. As you know we we’ve done a lot of trivia before we’ve asked a lot of questions. We’re going to continue trivia We’re going continue to ask questions such as how many dust mites can be in one square yard carpet. And the answer is about a hundred thousand. Yes that’s right about 100 thousand. Dust mites can be good. Being the carpet and one square yard of carpet. And also we’ve asked politics and fleas mosquitoes with termites. You know they can be up to 1 million termites in one calling or maybe two million.
Either way once you start getting to the seven figures it’s all the same it’s just not all that we know and all that you know is that you do not want them around your home. You do not want termites eating peanut butter. I’m sick today. So we’re talking about spiders. We talked last last through podcasts about spiders. Exterminator Tulsa
We’re going to do more on spiders. So this is the fourth one on spiders spider activity here in the Tulsa area and how you do not want to deal with spiders. But if you currently are dealing with spiders or if you have a friend that you know of that is dealing with spiders you know you Google or have been Google exterminator so. As you see as they do that will pop up here. Click on our link. We’ll come out there and we will eliminate any of your spider problems that you’re having. I’m not we you don’t have to mess with that. OK. You’re too busy. You don’t want to mess with that. You shouldn’t have to mess with that. But that’s what we will do. We will take care of them. And so that that way you don’t have to mess with them you can focus on doing the things that you like to do. So we talked before about how there are about 35000 different species of spiders the largest species spider. Lives. Oh excuse me a spider actually lives in South America and it can get up to 11 inches in in an and with their arms that’s the size of a dinner plate. Exterminator Tulsa
It’s got away quite a bit actually.
But but spiders don’t get caught in their own webs because their legs naturally oil they secrete natural oil that prevents them from getting stuck in their webs or that is how they catch their prey and how they catch their food. But they just don’t get stuck in other words. I guess God knew what he was doing whenever he.
Never he built a spider. A lot of people wish he never would have. Exterminator Tulsa
And the thing is as he has and so they’re here so for the people that wish that spiders didn’t exist we can make them not exist in your home or your place of residence residence. But in order to do that you’ve got to get exterminator Tulsa and then you’ve got to call us and click on our link and then we can we can make it where we’re you don’t have to deal with those fires. You don’t have to mess with anything right. Just leave it up to the professionals. OK.
Now as we talked about before a lot of people associate spires with webs. Oh there’s a spider web. Oh spiders make webs. True.
A lot of spiders do make walls but not all spiders make weps OK a lot of not make webs spiders are predatory spiders they just track down their prey and they are built for speed. And they run out and catch them and then eat them. And that’s how they they they get their food. So there are plenty of spiders that do not me. They do not make webs right.
They just hunt with different strategies. Now there’s actually about 3000 different species spiders roaming around North America. OK. Let’s talk about that again. There’s about 35000 species worldwide in North America there’s about 3000. That sounds a little less scary. But only two in the southern and western United States can cause serious harm.
You know when there’s trouble or when that when they bite. Now those two are going to be the black widow and the brown recluse. Now coincidentally Tulsa is actually home to both the brown necklet and I’m sorry the. Black widow and the brown recluse and they are pretty prevalent in this area as well. So Exterminator Tulsa
there’s lots of them here. So you need to be careful and we’re going to give you some tips today on things you do watch out for them. She don’t have to mess with them so you can stay clear from them. Now the first tip is that if you have them call us called Platinum pest and lawn. You can google us on by just googling exterminator or Tulsa and then click on links. And we’re going to come out and we’ll take care of those spiders black widows Brown cluess was spiders whatever sputters you’re having. And we’ll take care of that way you don’t have to.
There is no female black widows. They actually have. So how do you identify a black widow spider. Well there’s a few different ways to identify black widow spiders. One is they have just kind of a crazy web of crazy meaning where they just kind of goes everywhere and they’re extremely strong black widow spider webs are very very very strong so very strong. Conkey Audix spider web. That’s classic of the black widow spider. But another way to identify the Black Widow and probably the easiest way to identify the black widow is going to be because they’re black right. They’re black and then you’ll see kind of an hourglass or a red hourglass shape on their belly. That’s a telltale sign of a blockquote. It’s actually looks pretty darn cool. Exterminator Tulsa
But at the same time they are venomous. And so you don’t want to have them bite you. They can cause problems that you just don’t don’t want to have around.
So again if you’ve seen them around all times they’re going to be around downspouts or around rocks or anywhere where they can catch bugs and catch an easy meal. That’s where these guys these guys are going to be so if you think that there might be some areas around your home or if you just want to get those checked out you want to check them out. You can stop by or actually just stop. Next time you see that billboard that says extreme near Tulsa and put that phone number at least shut down that phone number that’s going to be our phone number. So just call us and we’ll come out there will lemonade them we’ll get it taken care of for you. OK. Now Mel’s actually have white spots on their side. OK so females have eight hours hourglass shape. Males have white spots on their sides and nails actually only live about a year whereas a female can live up to three years. Right. So you don’t want them to reproduce. They lay lots of eggs and you don’t want those to have so but up to three years. Men’s only live up to about a year a year long.
So anyway I don’t want any black widows living around my house. No matter how long it is.
Now here’s the thing. Now this is crazy. A hungry female black widow spiders. Now they’ve actually been known to kill the male after mating. But that’s always the case right. But but you know after after they make they’ll sometimes just go and kill a black widow. So they are overpowered I’m sorry. They’ll kill them. They’re just overpowered the black one who is stronger.
But sometimes that’s what happens they don’t always do it but sometimes they kill them sometimes they eat them. But if you are if you suspect there’s black What is some time your kid finds a black widow to Google exterminator tolls so you can click on her link will come out there and we’ll get you taken care of make sure you don’t do Blackwood’s again.
But we don’t take care of those we take your brown recluses we take care of all spiders take care Kumkum durians odors and black in-space sense. You name it we’re going to take care of it. We take care Termite’s we take care of all sorts of different types of bugs. Mosquitoes we take care of flies drain flies well and and all sorts of variety of all sorts of different bugs to weed control and fertilization yard. So we are a turf company and your management company as well I give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can also reach us online at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. OK. But give us a call your first service is actually just going to be one dollar. Yes you heard that right your first service with platinum pest and lawn. It’s just one dollar. Exterminator Tulsa