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Welcome to the podcast. We are talking about spiders today. Exterminator Tulsa
I am Jared Johnson and co-founder of the platinum test along with my beautiful energetic and awesome wife Jennifer Johnson mother of our three children two boys and a girl. We are a premier exterminator Tulsa.
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Well, we’ve talked about it. All sorts of trivia tools. We have. Exterminator Tulsa
Thrown out lots of trivia questions such as how many times a mouse eats a day. Q How many droppings in one day. By the way, they can leave behind anywhere between 40 and 100 droppings per day. That’s incredible. That’s way too much. You don’t ever want mice here. A female mouse can be responsible for giving birth to 150 mice in one year. Another reason why you don’t want to do with mice. We had all sorts of trivia questions. We found out that a rat can swim for three days before it drowns. We also found out that a roach Cockburn’s can only hold his breath for 40 minutes. Now you may see only 40 men you say. That is a long time.
Forty minutes yeah it’s a lot more than I can that I can hold. You know I can’t hold my breath for 40 minutes. But apparently Roach can but I guess. I don’t know. I guess you really need to hold your breath all that much if you can swim for three days before you drown. And that’s where rats the Reds can swim for three days before they drown. Pretty remarkable as well. We know that a cockroach can live up to two days with its head cut off. And also that dust mites are everywhere. And we take care of fleas and ticks. And we’ve learned about fun facts about fleas. How if you were you’d jump over a skyscraper. That’s. Exterminator Tulsa
A pretty remarkable feat. That’s what they do. But they also we’re talking about spiders. We talked about spires last podcast and plug and talk about this one and three more afterward just simply because Tolson does a lot with spiders.
But the best thing for you to Tulsa’s if you’re dealing with spiders just go on Google exterminator Tulsa will come out there will get that taken care of. We will make sure that you aren’t dealing with more spiders in your house and your place of residence. And so as we talked about before and there are over 35000 different species of spiders OK over 35000 different species of spiders. With the largest spider live can sell a bear cub. With a leg span of 11 inches. OK, that’s about the size of a dinner plate. That is a normal Spierer. But they’ve had that that’s over in South America. So you do not have to worry about that over here in Oklahoma. Over here we’re dealing more with spiders brown recluse is black widows cellar spiders jumping spiders all sorts of different spiders but not the 11 inches that are. That’s crazy. That’s really big. And so you don’t have to deal with that. Because we don’t get that big over here. But if you were camping deal with that. Now sometimes we’ll get a call from someone.
And in fact, you might even see a spider that you swear the size of a TV is so big or that happens sometimes is you see something that kind of scares you or startles you or frightens you. Sometimes it’s going to look bigger than it’s going to appear bigger than what it actually is. OK. And so sometimes that happens with spiders. But here’s the thing. If you see a spider that you don’t want around.
Google has just grown Google exterminator. Exterminator Tulsa
Tulsa will come out and eliminate those spiders. That way you do not have to deal with it. You do not have to do any of the dirty work that ranking the spiders because that’s something that we do. OK. Now we learn why spiders don’t actually get caught in their own webs.
If you recall in the last podcast. Although that’s not the case of food. So birds jump into the web-like grasshoppers they might fly into their web. But they get caught they are spiders will run and grab them and twist them all up.
But the thing is is that spiders actually don’t get caught in their own webs That’s because their legs are oily they’re actually oily and that prevents them from getting caught in the web.
But if you are seeing some spider webs around your property next thing you see that billboard that says the exterminator told Tulsa I just couldn’t grab the information from it because that’s going to be our information on a call us out and call us and we will. We’ll get taken care of. And in that way, you don’t want to deal with them so if you’re seeing spiderwebs let us know when you come out there remove them and anti spiders and that might be in there. OK. Now a lot of people actually associate spiders with webs but not all spiders actually spin webs. Right. So are they just run and they catch their prey. I don’t think there are lots of different spiders that they do that they’ll run and catch their prey. Here in Oklahoma you know brown spiders they’re one of those they’re more of predatory spiders. You know they will spin some webs but most of the time they’re actually predatory spider where were they hunted. They tracked down their food. They go in they catch on with spiders are the same way. And so not all spiders spin webs is also the trap door spider which is pretty crazy. You ever saw a video of a trapdoor spider just leaving a hole on the ground and as an insect walks by they look at the door run out grab the insect eat it and they got themselves a trap door spider. Now we’re not. Here in Oklahoma, we’re not fortunate enough to have any trap door spiders. Bet you just don’t want any spiders around your house.
Just google exterminator tolls so we’ll come out there and make sure that we eliminate the access areas that they do have in your home.
Now you talked about the different ways that they actually into your home. One of those ways is once you open the door in your house. Right. Often spiders are just hanging around outside the door. You open the door they’re coming right in because it’s cooler on the inside. Another big way that spiders actually enter your home and get into your home is actually on your animals because you let your animals out to go do their thing right. And so and so when they’re out there they’re out in the grass they might lay down on the grass. Now was have a lot of furs. Right. And so what happens when they’re there the grass may be rolling around or whatever then the spiders actually get on there first. And then when the dog comes back in the home or whatever animal you have there may be world llama whatever is happening will you have a guinea pig that you let out to go do its business. They can get on there.
And then whenever they come back inside guess what you got inside the house now. OK. So they’re transporting this. That’s another way that spiders do get inside your house and do access your house actually through your animals as they’re as they are actually carried into the home OK. But you don’t want that to happen. Nobody wants that to happen but here platinum pass along will do a good interior exterior flush. In fact, if you google exterminator toll so you’ll see us click on her link and then we’ll tell you all about how we treat the spiders and how we make sure that spiders do get inside your home that you don’t deal with them and that and the ways to take care of those.
So that’s what we’ll do for ya. Now platinum. The best thing to do. Well actually we have talked about all sorts of different types of bugs but now we do take care spiders.
You know like brown recluse spiders black widow spiders were spiders. You will take care of it. We also take care of scorpions. We take care of mosquitoes. We take care of fleas and ticks. We take care of webworms we take care of bagworms we take care of termites. Of course, we take care of crickets’ earwigs’ silverfish dust mites. We take care of any moments and all sorts of other different types. All sorts of different types of Mosse. We will take care of so you name it I mean there’s a pest up to this and your travel will take care of it. We also do broadleaf we control. We also do Grassi we control like crabgrass Dallas grass. That type of stuff will take care of that for you. Give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 you also want us on the web at Platinum Peston London. But the good thing you told us is if you give us a call we’re going to do your first service a dollar. Yes, that’s right. You heard this correctly the first service is going to be one dollar. Exterminator Tulsa


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