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All right good morning podcasters welcome Tulsa welcome to platinum Peston long podcast.
I am Jerry Johnson her dear Johnson founder co-founder of platinum Peston along with my sweet and beautiful wife Jennifer Johnson. Previously known as Jennifer Gaylord.
Those who are working those who are just for the first time and those that have listened to us for a while know that we have been talking and all sorts of bugs all sorts of past.
We are the company with a plan that’s going to customize a plan for you in your home in your situation to make sure the bugs are long gone. So we are a family-owned operated company and we are the premier exterminator tolls. We will get the job done when it comes to taking care of pests. You can always reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can find us on the internet. Platinum pest and lawn dot com. All right a little overview of things we’ve been talking about before in the past we’ve talked about all sorts of different bugs. We talked about dust mine through Taco Bell bedbugs tiger mosquitoes. I would talk about brown recluse spiders. We’ve talked about all sorts. Exterminator Tulsa
Of creepy crawlies and that that people just don’t want around their home and that people just do not want around their families. We’ve thrown out a lot of trivia. Actually Tulsa and you all have responded and now you have a wealth of information when it comes to pest here in the Tulsa area. This interview that we have thrown out before that passes how high can a police jump. If we were a family. How high could we jump? Well, the answer to that question was if we were full we could actually jump over skyscrapers. That is how high they jump in compared to their body size. Pretty incredible. It would make for an interesting NBA basketball game. I’ll tell you that much. We have asked questions about roaches where the roaches like to stay. What kind of diseases do they bring? How long can they live without ahead? Why they are so resilient. Why they are so hard to kill. We have. Asked questions about the dust mites.
Dust mites are pretty much microscopic right. They can be thousands and thousands and thousands of them living on the mattress that you sleep on right now.
That you don’t even know about. Exterminator Tulsa
Right. Mealing carpet. They can just be everywhere. Oh about tics. We’ve talked about all sorts of different bugs but lately, we’ve been focusing on mice this will actually probably be the last podcast for a while that is going to focus on mice and focus on rodents. But here’s the thing. Tulsa if you have in the past that we have talked about and if you do not want them around your family well then it’s time to give us a call. Go to your computer. Google exterminator in Tulsa. You will find this on the web. Click on our link give us a shout. We’ll come right on out and figure this all about and get you taken care of. OK. So mice let’s go for a little overview of everything that we’ve been talking about with the mice. We know that they do not need much room to squeeze into a home. Exterminator Tulsa
They just need an opening the size of a dime. Is it for them to squeeze in and make your home theirs. But you don’t want that to happen, do you? So any time you want to evict them is the ton. Give us a call. Look us up. We’ll come right out there. OK. Now although they’re really small they between 15 20 times a day. And when you eat that much you’re going to poop a lot too and say they’ve been behind 40 to 100 droppings a day. Right. And also the common house mouse. Not only do they leave some of these droppings mind but they’re also going to eat their droppings as well. That is disgusting. But they do it because it helps them that they get what they need. And actually where does this sound that actually helps them be healthy. So they are interesting creatures. Pretty gross but if you don’t want any of that happening around your home the next time you’re driving to work and you see a billboard that says exterminator or Tulsa call us we’ll come out there and we’ll take care of the issues that when you don’t have to deal with that. But where do they actually come into your home? Well, it’s important that when you’re looking for these dime-sized openings that you don’t just look down I mean that the natural inclination is to look low because of my show on the ground. And so you’re looking for where they can actually into the home from the ground. But it’s not actually the case. Mice are fantastic climbers.
I’ve seen them scale brick veneer homes like it was nothing. Right. So they can climb extremely well so it’s important. Look for any openings in your home may be even your home you know around those areas you want to make sure that we’re able to keep those guys out. But if you are doing this if you’re looking for any areas if they’re entering into your home and if you happen to see an area that they might actually be coming into I’m going to google this Google exterminator Tulsa and we will come out and sell those off for you. We’ll devise a plan for you to keep your family safe from the rodents from the past from the for the mice. You name it we can make it happen. But not only are they good climbers but they’re fantastic jumpers as well and they’re great swimmers. Sometimes people will see them in their swimming pools. They can live up to two years in captivity most of the time they only live in about five years out in the wild because they got a lot of predators to kill them.
And so we talked about deer mice. Contrary to popular belief deer mice do not get their name because they followed deer around in the woods all the time. Nope, they get their name Deer Mouse because their fur looks like a deer. And they will come inside. They will come into your home to make your home theirs. What’s surprising with your mice is they actually prefer to eat insects as opposed to grains and seeds and that type of thing but they’ll eat all that they’ll eat it all. OK. Now I know we talked about how they could spread diseases that are still true. We talk about the house mouse right now this was probably the most alarming fact. That we had when it came to house mice and that fact is that one female house mouse she can have dozens of babies or each litter of she can have up to a dozen maybe so each time she gives birth that can be up to 12 babies and she can do that every three weeks. Exterminator Tulsa
From her height. Think about that every three weeks. She can have 12 babies. You know that’s a hundred and fifty baby mice running around your home just for one. But not only that but once those big mice reach two months old they can start reproducing. And the vicious cycle goes on. So Tulsa if you do not want that to happen in your home the best thing to do is to give us a call. We are the premier exterminator Tulsa we will make sure that does not happen to you and your family. So what they do is these help house mice. They actually come inside and they’re going to make your home theirs. They’re going to bring throughout the year. Right. They’re not going to stop and they actually share their nest with some of their relatives. But here’s the thing. OK here’s the impact that these house mice have on you or me. If I was living in your house and on small children especially now they urinate a lot. But even just the smallest amount of urine can trigger all sorts of allergies. OK. Especially young children especially babies you know newborns.
That’s because their immune systems are still in the development stage. So they’re still developing. And so just a small amount of urine can really have a big response. They can do all sorts of diseases. You know I mean they also you know with mice if a mouse happened to bite you. They can really give you a lot of diseases but you know a lot of times what they’re doing is they’re mostly contaminating your food and water sources with their urine and with their feces and just with them being around you know they can also spread all sorts of diseases. You know usually, they will have fleas with them oftentimes and fleas cause diseases might do as well ticks all these parasites can and can’t be on the mice and they can actually and those fleas bite you. Right. A mouse that can then that can make you sick. Right. But if you just don’t even want to worry about that it just grosses you out that’s fine it grosses a lot of people out. Just call us. We will handle it. Google exterminator Tulsa. And then click on our length and give us a call on that number that pops up and we’ll come right out there for you OK. We are platinum passed along. But we don’t specialize in mice and rodents in rats. We take care of mites. Exterminator Tulsa
Dust mites fleas ticks bedbugs Termite’s brown recluse spiders ants moles you name it. We’re going to take care of it. So if you’re dealing with those issues you can give us a call or you can reach is 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can also reach us on the Internet at Platinum Pass and Lynda.com. Here’s the great news for you. Also if you give us a shout your first service is only going to be one dollar. That’s right. Give us a call. We’ll leave you with the perfect law your past gone and that will only be $1


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