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Get them back to work will podcasters if you can listen to us if you can phone our podcast. You know when you’re getting your wealth of information about all sorts of pest out there the Tulsa area. I’m in the great state of Oklahoma in that we’ve been getting tips on how to get rid of them have you been away from your home and how to not have them be part of your life. OK. Nobody likes dealing with pests nobody likes dealing with bugs nobody likes dealing with weeds in the yard. So that’s why to do those issues. You got to give us a call right. Give us a chance and we are a platinum pest and lawn and we are the premier exterminator Tulsa and we take care of those issues so you don’t have to use you can enjoy life. Right, you leave that dirty work up to us. We will take care of it. We will take care of that dirty work. We will clean up and that way you don’t have to be that way you can just have a life full of rainbows and butterflies and not Moss. Exterminator Tulsa
Right. Not mass not rainbows in Mahsud. People don’t like moss.
They eat fabric. Nobody likes them. In fact, in fact, nobody likes them so much that they want to get rid of them.
They want to kill them especially when they eat into their clothing and they cause all sorts of damage. Nobody likes those mice and in fact, if you remember. Listen to some of our podcasts before that we’ve talked about Mosse and how some Maschine sense of humility is two miles away. So in ways, there are extraordinary critters but we don’t want them around. We don’t want your life full of rainbows and Mars. We want your life full of rainbows and butterflies but we are platinum passed along we are family owned and operated company serving the greater Tulsa area. You can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 5 7. Or you can reach us online at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. Exterminator Tulsa
All right. If you’re to guess what we’re talking about today what would your guess be? Well, you got it it’s red threats rats rats rats. That’s right. Oh, rats. You know I wonder how they got that saying Oh rats. You know who came up with that. Oh, rats. But anyways I guess it fits.
Nobody likes rats nobody likes dealing with them. They bring a lot of diseases. They’re ugly and they’re just no good. Nobody likes playing with rabbits right. Nothing people pet rats. Well, I guess there are some people with pet rats. I don’t know what they’re thinking. Just don’t let it just do not let your pet rat loose. Exterminator Tulsa
If exterminator Tulsa’s showing up at your house the exterminator also showing up at your house. You got a loose rat on your hands. Well, you might have a dead rat. By the time that we get done so what we’re doing today we are talking about rats as you probably know that human phone our podcast who’ve been doing all sorts of trivia action actually not only about rats but about bedbugs you know bedbugs lay eggs daily they’re found and oftentimes in the scenes you know all kinds of brought back into the house picked up.
Hotels and motels they’re picked up by people that haven’t very bad and they go and they go on to their friend’s house and before you know it that it is now infected and it goes on and on and on and on. So.
If you think that is happening to you don’t waste the time call professional and that professional will be us and we will come out there and eliminate the issue so bad. Well, let’s go and talk about mice we talked about how they are prolific breeders in your house through a hole the size of a quarter I’m sort of rats going into your home through the hole the size of a quarter. Mice can do it through a hole the size of a dime. So if you suspect that you have any openings in your home that might lead to mice and rats entering into it. Call exterminator Tulsa. That’s going to be us. We are a platinum person law. We’ll come right out and we will.
Seal off those areas. That way you don’t have the mice you don’t have any rats you don’t have. Any of that. Entering into your home. All right. So I got the hiccups. Hey, listen if you hear me I’ve got the hiccups. If you hear me so I’m hiccuping. Just ignore it. But I do have the hookups when it comes to taking care of mice and take care of rats and take care of any other pets there are around your home around your area. Now. We talked to rest and swim for three days before they can drown. So if you do get one you throw it in your pool and you think it’s going to die it’s going to take a while I got news for you. Right. I’m ready to live up to 18 months but most of the time they die before they are 1 year old. They have such strong teeth and chewed through glass cinderblock wire and all sorts of stuff but they’re scavengers. So what they do is they use their awesome sense of smell to find food to find things that they can eat right and digest and that type of thing. If you are if you listen to our podcast about my cell my spread disease rats do it too. There is a rodent in the nastiest places and then they spread the disease, in fact, they were responsible for spreading the bubonic plague as well. But Joe RATH has a great memory in fact. They can identify you know substances like poison. Right. Just try it for a little bit.
Sometimes they can sense that they say that they sense that they know that that is harmful to them.
And so that’s why it’s important to use Tulsa’s premier exterminator. That’s us platinum pest and lawn. And that way we know what to use and how to eliminate them without you messing with them. You know if they can just taste it and know it’s rat poison. You’ve got to do things a little bit differently. And we got the arsenal we can make it happen. We’ve been doing it for years and we’ve eliminated you know thousands of rats you know from people’s property. And so we do the same thing for you. But anyways all sorts of fun facts are out about rats but let’s talk about Norway rats right. Some people called the sewer rats. Yeah, they’re huge right. They can be anywhere between 10 to 12 inches long. Right. Their bodies can be 10 to 12 inches long. That’s the size of a foot a full-grown. Human foot. If you can imagine that sucker running around your property right around your house. They’re scary looking. Not only that but I know what rats are known to be aggressive. You know they’re not necessarily timid. Have you ever seen a possum get aggressive Norway? Norway rats are known to do that also. And you know they’ll attack other animals you know they’ll tell you if you’ve got a dog or a cat around you know that old saying you know cats got the mouse or cats hunt mice they hunt rodents.
Well, guess what if you have a cat and you think you’re good you think it’s going to take care of the rats not necessarily the cat the case the rat might actually take care of your cat. So for some of you that might sound like a plan. Others not so much. OK. Now the Norway rats eat all sorts of types of food you know from fish to grains you know cereal grains meats fruits you know they interfere. They prefer these. You know they prefer cereal grains and that type of thing but they’ll eat all sorts of things. Often you’ll see in the trash. It’s a great way for them to scavenge for food as we talk about where they’re scavengers. And so they will do this in order to find their food and they’ll scavenge around they’ll find the meat. You know they’ll smell it they’ll sense it. I mean again they have great memory. Right. So they had a great meal out of a dumpster one night. Well, guess what I’m most likely going to come back because they have a great memory of where that spot is. They have a great memory of how great it tasted. And so we find rats around on dumpsters quite often you know like commercial accounts will be filled with rats you know because a lot of time there is a lot of stuff way the dumpsters and it’s best to keep those dumps dumpsters away from your buildings. The Redstone actually enters your building is what you want to keep outside. The best thing to do is actually eliminate them all the way.
But if you want to get them eliminated you better Google exterminator Tulsa and give us a call we’ll come out there and Alamitos those refs there for you that we don’t have to mess with it. And also some ways in your yard let us know we’re going to make it look good for you. We get those we take care of. That way you guys don’t have to you have to mess with it because that’s what we do. Not only do we take care of mice and rats but we take care of mosquitoes who take care of chiggers fleas ticks termites webworms, bagworms, ants, carpenter ants, odorous Hanse brown recluse spiders, all spiders tarantulas, you name it. So we’re going to take care of it. We also do have a vapor barrier in your crawl space if you have moisture issues you want to make sure that the moisture is under control because moisture will actually attract bugs or attract termites. I mean you don’t want that around your house. So so let us know we’ll come out there and get that squared away and get that care for you. But the best thing for you to do is to give us a call. Call us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. It reaches out on the web. Platinum pest and lawn dot com were your first service is only one dollar. Exterminator Tulsa


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