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I am Jim Johnson and I welcome you to another podcast. Yes, we are.
Exterminator turns out and we are platinum pest and lawn. The company that will give you the perfect lawn in your past go. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can also visit us on the web.
At Platinum pest and lawn dot com. Well welcome. Also today we’re going to be talking about ants what ants. Yes, ants.
Those pesky little buggers. Nobody likes them. Chances are though that if you have found ants in our living area you most likely have looked for an exterminator turtle to take care of. Of your aunt issues and chances are if you have with us we have come out and got rid of those ads for you we’re live in. And for now, while your neighbors are dealing with them so let’s talk about these ants ants ants ants. Why are there so many ants? Well, this is why there are so many ants.
Did you know that in an ant colony there can literally be millions of chance right millions of fans? And so this would explain the scenario. Let’s say you come home and you find tons of ants. Let’s say your kids left some cereal or something sweet. Maybe you can pop. On the counter and then you come home and are and everywhere. What do you do? Well, you might have gone to go to the cupboard. Gone to the garage and picked up a can of over-the-counter product and sprayed those agents dead. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself because you’re not seeing any more ads on the Coke on the counter on the scene here that was left by your kids and as you’re feeling pretty good about yourself and so you go to sleep you wake of the morning and lo and behold there are thousands of ants back out again. Well, the reason is that you weren’t able to exterminate the colony.
I mean there are millions of ants and so at that point you most likely Google the exterminator Tulsa and found platinum pest them on on the top and they called us out and we came out and eradicate those. Those ants there for you. I’m just saying that’s probably what happened if you have dealt with a situation an ant situation like that before asking some of our customers have and then once they’ve called us we’ve come out in them and they are happy. All right a little trivia time.
Did you know an ant can lift 20 times its body weight? What 20 times his body weight. Think about that. One.
It can lift 20 times its body weight. That is pretty pretty pretty pretty crazy. Exterminator Tulsa
And so ants can live for for for many years and during that time frame a queen isn’t she alone can have.
Millie That’s right I said millions of baby ants that during that time frame. So if you see ants chances are there are more than one. And what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to run our call us. In fact, you might have even seen a billboard you might have been driving down the road and seen a billboard that said exterminator Tulsa. And then with our name and our number down below it did give us a call to eradicate those guys for you. All right now have you ever noticed that that ants let’s say are over here in Oklahoma. People deal with carpenter ants a lot.
OK, carpenter ants are one of the main answers people deal with over here in Oklahoma in the Tulsa area in green country. Now did you know that those ants what they do is they leave a pheromone trail behind them so that way it sends signs it sends signals to the other ants that are following them?
And so that’s in fact the pheromone trail. Exterminator Tulsa
Yes. So that’s that way that they know where they’ve been. Now I want you to do this Tulsa. If you see a Troll be and little brat can’t typically there’s going to be odorous ants effect. They get their name cause if you kill them and if you sniff your finger or if you smash them and sniff them they actually have kind of a sweet odor that they leave behind but I want you to list also. Now, this is why it’s so important to use the right products and the right company when dealing with these ends. When you see a trail of little black hands chances are those are going to be an odor. If you watch them they’re bumping each other as they communicate to each other as they’re on that truck walk by and just touch each other bump each other. And then this what I want to do. I’m sure they’re acting very calm as they’re doing that. I want you to take more of those and just smash them. Yeah, that’s right you heard me just smash them. Take your finger. Smash them. Kill one of those ants and then watch and observe what you’re going to see as the other ants get to the area where that.
With where that where their aunt was killed. They’re going to sniff the area they’re going to sense the area. So it looks like they’re sniffing their action sniffing but they’re going to sense that area and then they’re going to start going crazy. They’re going to start going in erratic motion and that’s going to spread to the other and some for you know it. These ants that were going in a single file line are just gone absolutely out of control. OK. Now why that is because when you kill them in the sense that there is a danger right. So that will be a danger pheromone and they’re going to sense that pheromone and they’re just going to. Exterminator Tulsa
Start going crazy because they know that danger that something is happening right. And so that is why some people use the right products. Most of the products that you’re going to buy dispraise and some kill and so you can find it at the hardware store. Most of the time those are going to be. Ones classified as areas repellent meaning that they can sense they’re there the ants can sense that they are harmful to their colony and so they’re going to water.
Yes, I’m sure you’re going to kill some of those. But what they’re going to do is they’re going to avoid the area for a little while and next thing you know they’re going to come right on back.
Right. And so if you actually want to get rid of the problem get rid of the situation. Exterminator Tulsa
The best thing to do is to go exterminator Tosa. And we will come up. Top. Of the list platinum pest in London come to give us a call. We’re going to come out there and use the right product to eradicate those ants from inside your house. That way you’re not dealing with those guys anymore. OK. So so give us a call now a little fun fact for you guys when it comes to ants. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen two ants. Fight. It looks like they’re doing a little dance but a little trivia. Did you know the ants when they fight they oftentimes fight to the death. They fight until one of those answers is dead. It’s an all-out brawl. Yeah, know there’s no back from there. Once you decide once say once they go to fight its winner takes all on that. Now sometimes you might see ants with wings sometimes they might be termites. Right. And people getting confuses ants with wings. But sometimes there are ants with wings. Okay, trivia question for you Tulsa. When you see ants with wings are those a. Male ants are they be. Female ants. Or are they see queen ants. Or.
D all of the above. Exterminator Tulsa
OK, what’s your answer or here’s the answer are they. And the answer is No they’re not. Female ants what you’re going to see ants with wings. Those are going to be either the male ants or those are going to be queen ants the ones with the wings. So we go to a really fun factor. But either way, if you do see any ants with wings without wings with wings give us a call. Exterminator Tulsa
Just look first and look at the exterminator tell us. You will find us, of course, will take care of them but it’s a good thing to have us come out there and take a look. I’m ofttimes people get those confused with termites. So we just want to come out and make sure that that you’re not actually done with termites that the termites aren’t eating away your structure and in harming your home and in any means anyways. So we want to make sure they are and the way we are going to take care of them we are going to eliminate.
We are going to eliminate them from your home. Now we are a platinum pest and lawn care for all sorts of a pass from termites carpenter ants odors ants would bees spiders ants.
You name it we’re going to take care of it. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can visit us online at Platinum pest and lawn non-con. This just in. If you give us a shout. We’re going to. Hook you up. We’re going to do your first service for just one dollar. Yes, that’s right. You heard his one dollar. Give us a call.
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