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Come back. Welcome back podcasters.
You are listening to the podcast show presented by Platinum pest and lawn. I am Jared Johnson. I am your host and I am the founder of Platinum Pass along with my beautiful lovely. Energetic wife Jennifer Johnson mother of our three children. Most likely there’s going to be some more but we just had our third about a month ago and we are wondering how many more are going to have but I’m sure he will grow out of this phase and will soon forget how hard a newborn is and will be ready to procreate. Get some more kids here on in the Tulsa area. So again we are platinum pistol and we’re a local family-owned and operated company. We are the premier exterminator Tulsa. We get the job done. We take care of it. We take care of the problem so that way you don’t have to not only do we take care of general pest control as well. Exterminator Tulsa
You can reach us by telephone at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Or you can reach us on the Internet on the web. Platinum pest and lawn dot com. OK well, we’re talking about Retz. We talked about Redmond the last podcast. Thank you for joining us we’re talking on again and this podcast and we’re going to be talking about rats in the next. Few podcasts. So yeah. RATS RATS RATS. Nobody likes them. But they are there they are prevalent. They have been around for ages they are continuing. They will continue to be around and dominate populated areas. The fact that we know the Bubonic Plague Rats were actually credited to helping spread that the fleas off the rats that get off the blood of the rats they were in fact with the bubonic plague and that just spread and we know how that ended it wasn’t good. Right wasn’t good what so ever. So anyway we don’t want any of that ever happened over. Over in the United States of America. In today’s age. But if you think you’re dealing with rats or any other pest. Go and google exterminator Tolles. You will be able to click on our Web site give us a call we’ll come right out or eliminate your past needs. That way you will have to. You want to mess with it right. Because that’s just what we do. OK. If you are a podcast your you know that we ask a lot of trivia. Always have since we since we’ve started the podcasting. Here’s some trivia that comes straight for you. How many litters of arms are here?
Here’s the question. So a female mouse. How many babies can she have in one year? OK. Well the answer that question is 150 1 female mask’s responsible for giving birth to a hundred and fifty babies a year. Not only that but their babies can reproduce in two months and not only that not only can your babies reproduce in two months but whenever they have a litter they can have up to 12 babies in the litter.
So just some fun facts hitting you hard. And so that’s what we’ve got coming at you today. Exterminator Tulsa
A mouse only takes the size of a dime hole to fit into your home or rat about the size of a quarter. Either way, you don’t have any openings into your house if you’re not sure if you do or if you don’t or if you think that that mice are coming inside you’ve got rats coming inside.
The best thing for you to do. Next time you’re driving to work you see that billboard I’m the one there on 169 or maybe you’re on 2:44 maybe 44 and you see the billboard that says exterminator told so just pull over Jaiden our number give us a call. That way we can come out and take care of that seal off your home. That way you do not have to deal with the mice or the rats getting in inside your house.
So I also, in fact, we asked the question last night in a lot of the last podcasts How long can a rat swim before drowns.
Well the answer to that question is three days. Yes, you heard that right. Three days a mouse or a rat can swim for three days before it drowns. A good thing they don’t have you know rat swimming in the Olympics. Q Aktion been around for three days. Have that race just drawn and drawn and drawn before. Before one of them croaks out. So. So anyways rats can swim for three days before they finally get the ghost run out of energy and drought. Well here’s another fact for you or another question other trivia.
How long can Raths live? Exterminator Tulsa
Yes, so how long can last.
OK well, the answer to that is they can live up to about 18 months. So about a year and a half. So one can live about a year and a half but actually most of them die before they are a year old. We talk about mice how oftentimes they die a lot sooner than those in captivity simply because there’s a lot of predators you know going after them killing them eating them that type of thing. So same thing with rats when they can live up to 18 months. But most of the time didn’t even make it to one year. So because they had predators have to get some life is stressful. But here’s the thing if you don’t want any rats to live on your property whether it’s one year one day one hour give us a call. You just actually just go.
Go google. Go google exterminator toll so we will you’ll be able to click on our Web site will come right out there and get that get whatever issues or mix issues that you have. We can get them under control and get it all taken care of for you.
That way you only have to mess with it because you don’t even want to mess with rats. I mean they carry a lot of diseases. Number one the prolific breeders’ prolific swimmers prolific climbers. So when you’re looking around your home to see if you have any openings where they can squeeze and don’t just look down below you’ve got to look up you’ve got to look high because they’re going to climb on bricks. They’re going to climb on tree limbs nearby and be able to get into the access points to be able to enter your home.
So if you suspect that you had any openings were Rhett’s might be entering the house you know underneath that is the home the poles your home getting your attic. Do not hesitate. A Google exterminator Tulsa call us we’ll come out right away. We’ll take a look and we will.
We will let you know if you’re dealing with those issues. And then we can fix it we can devise a plan that will take care of it for you. That way you don’t have to. You don’t have to mess with it at all. Now rents are notorious for having strong teeth and they can actually get your glass they can chew through cinderblock. They lead them to through aluminum chewed through a wire. I mean they can shoot through all sorts of things so pretty much if there’s something on the ground that you think oh that would probably break my teeth and maybe kill me may be causing lots of pain. Well, guess what. I reckon most likely chew right through it. And so just because you think you have you had your home sale or maybe you have a piece of wood over an opening and that your rat likes to use don’t they just because. Just because that is there and start over an opening.
That’s necessarily going to keep the rat out forever. Exterminator Tulsa
They got those strong jaws strong teeth they can chew very well the prolific chewers but they can chew right through it. And then your home is not uncommon. It happens all the time. And so the best thing to do is call a professional come out there and take a look at your home see if they have any access points see if they are sealed off. I mean really the best method decision those access points off that way you can stay free in your house.
So if you’re curious to know if your home is rent-free Iraq prove the best thing to do is to give the premier exterminator Tulsa a call. That’s us. You know we are exterminator. Tulsa will come out we’ll exterminate any. Make sure that you don’t have to deal with them. But not only that we don’t take care of rats we take care of mice we take care of bedbugs take care of spiders take your brown recluse spiders to take care Tranch. We take care of all sorts of scary bugs we take care of roaches we take care of German Brown cockroaches. We take care of Oriental cockroaches Oriental roaches we take care of spiders ants moles webworms bagworms you name it. We have a solution to your pest issue. But the thing is you’ve got to look up and you’ve got a cause. Right. You can look it up on the web at Platinum pest in London com or you can give us a call 9:28 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 platinum pest and lawn where we leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone and putting someone your first service is only one dollar. Yes, that’s correct.
You heard that correctly your first service is only one dollar and past and lawn. Exterminator Tulsa


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