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Hello, tulsa, hello, oklahoma, city, low texas, kansas, oklahoma I already said that girl you, wherever your listing from hello or good i, might or whatever it is that you say this in your culture that that a greet someone so a greetings. My fellow podcasters thank you for joining with us today. We are happy that you’re with us excited I’m in elated that you are with us today, spend your time talking about past talking about lawns on the best way to add to make sure they stay, looking good, make sure the best way to make sure you don’t get roaches in your house or bed bugs in your house or I or anything along those lines. Termites make sure they aren’t eating your home down. But that is what we are here to talk about today. We want to make sure that you have a fantastic fantastic day and a greati listen to my name is jared johnson on the hostess podcast series. To date, some people just call us mr. Pest control tulsa, that simply because we offer pest, solutions and turf solutions to everyone in the greater Exterminator Tulsa area, a big or small. That is what we’re doing we’re making your day. We want to leave you with a perfect lawn and you’re pissed on, but if you want that to happen, you give us a call. You receive 918-376-0857, also regions online at platinum, pest & lawn., calm and so on, and so is it. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm will guess what, if you want to take care of moles the poison worm gets the mall cuz. Those poison worms actually get moles and kills mold, but today we are talking about all sorts of other different types of bugs and weeds and i. Think that that they keep you saying to keep you grounded here., make, sure you don’t you don’t lose your mind out there, dealing with them and and so, if you’re, the type of person that I just does not want to deal with deal with test for weed control. Everything along those lines, not only that, but if you want the most effective products on you you’re the professional products, what you got to do is you got to give us a call? You got to give us a shout right into the best way to that affect the way that most people find the most customers of ours, the internet, it’s a new thing called the internet, and what do you do there’s? Actually don’t the internet and and they go to google and they type in Exterminator Tulsa . Those are the keywords that they type in all of our information comes up,. Give us a call, we help them out things, look good, they are happy. We are happy, we join hands. We seen come by up cuz, that’s what we do. That’s just the way that we do it and as we can, we can do that for you. We can make that happen for you as well. I’ll give it a shot. I’ll give us a holler, and we we. We can do that so I’m. So we take care of mosquitoes termites bed bugs spiders and flies wasps yellow jackets. We control as well I’m pretty much applications. I will treat for her out4 broadleaf weeds and also fertilize the yard over seat for fescue lawns lawn aeration, a you name it we can make it happen as well. So we provide those services for you and i, both pest & lawn with us. We want them to be you call. The person doesn’t remember everything that is said or everything that is, that you listen to than your normal, so you’re not going to remember everything that we talked about it. Okay to do is next time that you see that pest control tulsa billboard just pull over and die down all of all that information. Cuz! That’s going to our information that information is going to lead you to us and lead to a perfect, lawn and pest on for you, and let’s talk a little bit about thatdo. Exterminator Tulsa You know what you’re talking about I’m going to hang up and I can listen to podcast I’m, not going to spend my time. Listen to you, there’s no such thing as blue want. Well. There are just joking, but I bet. If you drive around your neighborhood or wherever right now, and if you see one that looks blue, looks like glue or maybe it’s been painted, yellow or green or whatever it is I really want that have been treated with pre-emergent applications. Now, I think that the blue stuff on the lawn is actually the herbicide, that’s actually treating the lawn. That’s not the case of blue stuff is actually that diedbut, that’s what we will do and but so, if you see a green lawn that it’s very interesting and that is blue and then also the green is a mixture that are the tracker, lite plus another pre-emergent application, which is yellow sweet mix. Those together, blue plus, yellow equals great I’m. So that does happen. If you want that blue on your yard for a little while give us a call, if you just don’t want to see any weed, I’m call us and then so just search pest, control tulsa, the search allegiant to usand I know we can we can help you out there, but the pre-emergent that’s going to actually prevent weeds from coming up, and so let’s be smart about it and let’s, let’s prevent the problem. So if you want to prevent it from happening anytime, you see any of the billboard to say pest, control tulsa, just just get those billboards I mean. Don’t you pick them up and and disconnect them, and do that type of thing I mean i, don’t know how any human being would would make that even possible I’m.

So don’t worry about doing that, but all you do is really jot down the information right. So Exterminator Tulsa just write down the information that information will leave bleach your test, but we would take care of all sorts of spiders and ants and crickets and silverfish and scorpions yeah. We take care of spiders black widow, spiders brown, recluse, spiders, ants, carpenter, ants, odorous, ants, carpenter, bees, wood bees, fleas and ticks mice and rats, I’m, centipedes and millipedes. We also take care of bed bugs bed bugs are jews termites termites with wings. Subterranean termites will take care of all sorts of different termites, and-and so we can, we do that, for you also. We also we control commercial applications as postmarked applications. We do all sorts of different type of applications that you are aware of, and as so we do Exterminator Tulsa for you make sure that things look good there at your house and they’re in your yard also wanted to make sure we leave you at the purple on and your past gone i. Give us a call, but you got it. You got a search for us just going to google Exterminator Tulsa That search will lead you right to us. He also reached at 918-376-0857 and I even reached online at platinum pest loan.Com, remembering she’s platinum blonde will leave you with the perfect lawn and you’re pissing on your first service. Only $1


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