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OK welcome back. Also welcome back podcasters you are listening to the best podcast.
That you can find when it comes to pest when it comes to weed control when it comes to the things that matter to you and your home and keeping your family safe right. I am. Jared JOHNSON I am co-founder Platinum Pass along with my lovely wife Jennifer Johnson. We just had a baby a few weeks ago to add to our kid total to three at this point. We’ll see how many we end up with. Most likely will be more than three. But right now we’ve got three children. She is the mother of those children. And we are platinum pest and lawn we are the premier Tulsa exterminator or the premier exterminator Tulsa and we will take care of any pest needs to have and we will get it done. So you don’t have to. OK. You can always reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can find us online. At Platinum pest and lawn dot com. OK. Also if you are no stranger to our podcasts you know that we consistently talk about bugs consistently talk about the pest. From brown recluse spiders to carpenter ants to termites. To wasp to dust mites or roaches to fleas ticks you name it we talk about it we get it taken care of. But. Really what you need no know we’re going to give you all sorts of fun facts but really the best information that you have is that if you. Exterminator Tulsa
If you run into any of these issues any of these problems any of this past what you have to do is you have to google exterminator Tulsa. There you will find us platinum pest and lawn. And we will come out there and get that get the problem taken care for you. Contact us. You will talk with our one of our lovely assistants and they will get you all lined up and they will go over all the details with what we’ll do in order to help you and your family stay safe from any pets that you may have that you don’t want around your home. So before in the past, we have talked about roaches and we’ve talked about how long they can live without ahead. How long roaches can hold their breath. Talk about fleas. How high they can jump. Diseases that they carry. We’re talking about mice today. We did. Oh I don’t know how many. Probably. Probably ten podcasts they have to do with mice. We went over a number of those. I mean there’s just so much information with my There are so many diseases that they carry in you just do not want them. You don’t want to mess with them. So if you or if you know anybody that has mice or that might have mice or that has pest. Tell them to call exterminator or Tulsa that is us right. We are platinum passed on. We will work hard to make sure that their families are safe and they don’t have to deal with the mice with rodents or anything else along those lines. Anything that might terrorize their family time.
And so we will talk today about Mohs we were speaking the last podcast about Mohs reaction and continue the conversation today about moms and why people don’t like them and want to do some things to do to avoid mass for them from coming into your home. Some people ask why how did these laws come here and walk-up. And then there they are they just magically appeared in my house. So a lot of questions of how that actually happens why moms actually get into the home. How mosque into the home and what can be done about it. OK.
Now we through some fun facts that you left podcast such as male moth can sense right can sense can pick up the vibes of the female moth miles away. OK. So if you relate that to a human. I mean you know Mosser small right. So let’s say a bottle is human size. I don’t know. I would probably equate that to probably a couple of hundred miles that they could sense another female around. So if we were Mohs we could sense a female moth if were a guy. You can sense a female moth you know a couple of hundred miles away. Right. But since they are so small they can still sense a female several miles away. Right. That’s called picking up the vibe. You know you’re picking up what I’m laying down. It’s called pick them up the vine the vibe. OK. We talked about Mexican jumping beans some people think those are a myth. Some people think that Mexican jumping beans don’t exist because think about it how could a plant grow. I mean you’ve plucked that being off and all of a sudden those beans are jumping around. How is that possible. It makes no sense. You know so when people thought that Mexican jumping beans were a myth. Well, let me tell you. In fact, I am the premier exterminator Tulsa here to tell you that jumping beans are not a myth. They are real. But what it is that actually causes the jumping action from those beans actually gives me the larvae of a moth. Right. Exterminator Tulsa
So the log of the moth is inside the beans and when the sun hits it when their lobby heats up it’s all warm. It starts moving around it and it makes it look like the beach is jumping. If you can relate that to yourself can you imagine if you were it’s hot Tulsa? Right we live in Oklahoma. It’s summertime. It’s hot let’s say right now the middle of July. Temps are pushing 100 degrees. Let’s say you go out in the afternoon outside in the middle of the parking lot to see a blacktop. So you got that blacktop and that he is right not that blacktop. And let’s say if someone wrapped you in blankets right and just continually wrapped in blankets you’d get a little warm and you’d start wiggling around and jumping around and you cause blankets to look like they’re jumping. Right. The same thing with the Mexican jumping B. Once they’re inside that Lauri’s inside that means that and the heats up they’re going to move around and it’s going to give the perception that that being is jumping. Hence the name Mexican jumping bean but so go and tell your friends at the Mexican jumping beans do exist and they’ll ask you Were you heard about it and you say hey I heard it from the premiere extreme near Tulsa to the podcast aka Puttnam pest and lawn. They know what’s happening but not only do they take care of moths. They take care of all sorts of other bugs as well. I so those are a little bit of fun facts coming at you strong Tulsa. Here are some more.
OK, so when a female moth lays eggs she can lay anywhere between 60 and 300 acres. OK let’s think about that. We have. Three children. OK. We have exactly three children living on this earth. And it was hard to give birth. So my wife says I believe her. Can you imagine living anywhere between 60 to 300 eggs or having twins 60 to 300 kids all go crazy right? Your body can’t handle that. So whenever a mom lays eggs that females lay anywhere between 60 to 300 eggs. And guess what those eggs are going to hatch. There are going to be moms everywhere. So if you see any moth execs anything that might be suspicious to eggs. Exterminator Tulsa
The best thing to do is to look up exterminator Tulsa. That will be us. Give us a call. We’ll come out and save the day for you. That way you don’t have to. You don’t have to mess with that. You don’t have to mess with the eggs or anything else. OK. OK here’s a fact. OK, how many. Well here’s a little trip you actually coming at you. How many species of Mosse are there in North America. OK, we’re going to ask about North America. We’re going to ask throughout the world. So how many species of moss are there in North America. What do you think? Five. Or do you think? Five hundred five thousand 50000. How many species of moss are there in North America. Well here’s the answer the trivia is up there about 13000 species of moss in North America. That’s just a few. Right. And so and so 13000 species a mass in North North America. But the good thing for us is a lot of them exhibit you know some of the characteristics of others but there’s about a hundred and sixty-five thousand different species most throughout the world. That’s right 165 thousand different species of Mosse around the world. That’s a lot. Right. But don’t let there be Mahsa around your home. They’re annoying. You know they can cause damage to the fabric. They can get your meals that they can stimulate your food so you don’t want that happen Lucus up, exterminator. Gives a call come right out.
Now when do we take care of Mosse we take care of mice brown recluse spiders spiders yellow or spiders ants carpenter ants odors ants. Some even call them to piss ants black ants. We take care of the ghost dance. We take care fleas termites take your submarine subterranean termites swarming termites you name it we’re going to take care of it we will get you covered Tulsa so you don’t have to worry about dealing with those issues. But you can lose. Give us a call 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or you can reach us on the Internet at Platinum pest and lawn dot com and here platinum Peston law and dot com I’m your first service is only one dollar. Yes, you heard that right. Your first service is only one dollar.
The look is that it gives a car you will not be disappointed.


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