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This is Jared Johnson your host founder of platinum pest and lawn aka exterminator Tolles. We are the premier exterminator in the Tulsa area. We take care of everything from mosquitoes to termites to moles to beagles to Anstiss spiders brown recluse scorpions you name it. We’re going to take care of it. You can find us online at Platinum pest and lawn dot com or you can give us a shout at 9 1 8 3 7 6. Exterminator Tulsa
0 8 5 7. Well hello podcasters. If you can follow along. Recently we’ve been talking about roaches and what a nuisance they are and the diseases they carry. Really some bad guys and bed bugs. You do not want to deal with it. So good news for you is that if you ever are dealing with roaches you can always google exterminator Tulsa. Give us a call we’ll come out and get that taken care of for you. We’ll today we’re going to actually switch gears and we are going to be talking about a past that you may or may not have heard of. Some people have some people who haven’t. Some people may think they’re a myth and they do not actually exist but they do. Today we are going to be talking about the little tiny bug called Dust mites. All right what are dust mites? What you’ve never heard of dust before or is this something that I’m making up. No, I’m not making this. You can’t make this stuff up. But we’re going be talking about dust mites. And of course like always we can go for a little trivia. Start things off. For the fellow podcasters out here. All right. Dust mites. Question for you. Are can you see dust mites without a microscope. Ooh. Great question. Are you able to see them without a microscope without magnification? Well, the answer is it’s nearly impossible to see him without a microscope. That sort of met magnification. They are tiny they’re small on the fact they are so small.
Did you know typical matches can contain about ten thousand dust mites? Yes, that is correct. Typical matches can’t contain about ten thousand dust mites. Let’s think about that for a second. Ten thousand dust mites. If he had ten thousand pities how much space would 10000 pennies take up. That is a lot of space right. Ten thousand of anything is huge. Right. Let’s think about 10000 ants. If you had 10000 ants crawling all over your kitchen sink. What would it look like? It would be covered. That would be a blackout with black. It’s but. But. Yes. They’re just everywhere. So. If you think that typical matches can have about ten thousand dust mites. That’s pretty insane, isn’t it? That said that’s pretty remarkable. But the good thing for you Tulsa. Is that if you think you have dust mites. And you want to get get your home treated for dust mites. The best thing to do is to give us a call. You know you might have even seen a billboard that says exterminator Tulsa. If you do I’ll most likely be our billboard. Just look at the phone number there and give us a shout and we’ll get you all squared away.
We’ll get you all taken care of. Exterminator Tulsa
And so does my. OK. Still coming hard at you with the trivia. OK. So if typical matters containing can have. Tens of thousands of dust mites in it. Let’s think about it. An infestation at home that is infested with dust mites. It’s remarkable how many there are. In fact, let’s talk about the carpet OK. Dust mites like carpet. Let’s talk about a square yard a carpet so a three-foot. By three-foot section of carpet. How many dust mites do you think can live in one single square yard of carpet. Is it 10000. As we’re talking about with the mattresses is it 100000 to 200000. Is it 1000. What do you think it is. All right scary back scary factoid coming at you podcasters. One square yard of carpet can contain nearly one. Hundred. Thousand mites. Isn’t that crazy. One hundred thousand might. So if you are ten square yards that’s a million to one million mites. Coming at you strong. Not something that you want to deal with. Not something that you want to take care of. Or even mess around with OK. So what do they eat? What do you dust mites? Well. They’re going to have plenty of food if they’re living inside or living on mattresses and so forth because the primary I mean they really feed on the dead skin shed by us. Humans. Humanoids and also other animals so they’re just feeding on dead skin. And. Believe it or not but you shed skin dead skin is shed from you daily.
And a lot of it. So they’re going to have plenty of food. So try to eliminate the food source might be a little tough. And not only that they don’t have to go to drink water. We talked about how roaches can live for two weeks without water. Right 14 days they can live one week with their heads cut off but. 14 days without water. Well, guess what. Dust mites can actually observe absorb moisture from the air. Isn’t that crazy. It’s kind of nasty. But here’s the thing. If you suspect. That you have dust mites or if you just want general pest control on your home gives us a call. We are the premier exterminator Tulsa and we will get the job done. Let me tell you about a lady that had called us up and about dust mites. So she was having that let me back up a little bit here. OK. Dust mites. They’re actually harmless to people but they carry some form proteins and they carry allergens with them and they can cause allergic reactions in some people by basically triggering the immune system to overreact. Right. And so that’s what they can do. So some people react. Extremely heavy or extremely severe to dust my bites. Right. And so and so there was a lady that gave us a call she was one of these people that react pretty heavily to dust mites and so she was getting bites all over. Exterminator Tulsa
And she was you know pretty worried about how she was getting these bites and she neared them down that they that the cause was were dust mites. That she was dealing with. So she did the right thing she Googled exterminator Tolles. She found us. She gave us a call. We went out there were able to eliminate that dust. My issue there at her house she was forever grateful for us to come out there and do that. But a few things you can do to help prevent you know dust mites or help keep populations down. If you can actually change your bedding often. OK. Like we said they feed on dead skin people sleep on the bed there’s dead skin that falls off on the bed. Change your sheets frequently wash and dry them. Get that taken care of. Another thing is because as we talked about dust mites you are found living your furniture clothing carpets that type of thing. So the carpet is a big one as we mentioned 100000 dust mites can leave one square yard of the carpet so that you make frequent frequently can help prevent dust mites or help prevent. That. That issue there right. So so backing frequently vacuum regularly you know to use a HEPA filter change that out makes sure those suckers are not being spread. OK. But really the main thing and the important thing to do is that if you are. Dealing with dust mites. The best thing to do is to call a professional don’t try to do it by yourself. But if you’re going to call a professional you might as well call the best that’s going to be us that we are exterminator. Tulsa we will get the job done.
We will and we will get it done right. Overall saving you time money and headaches. So that’s us. We’ll make sure we get you taken care of. We are a platinum pest and lawn you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can reach us on the web. Platinum pest and lawn dot com. Gives a shout. We take care of all sorts of critters. We have a lot of services from the vapor barrier in the crawl space to termites to wasps to mosquitoes to dust mites to fleas ticks. To spiders brown recluses scorpions ants carpenter ants. Pretty much you name it. You name the service and we’re going to make sure that we can eliminate it from your home or eliminate the issue from your home. OK. And here’s the best thing Tulsa is basically risk-free we have a money-back guarantee. What a money-back guarantee. Yes. A money-back guarantee. We are that confident with our service. And your first service is only going to be one dollar. Exterminator Tulsa
That’s right you heard us first there is only one dollar. Give us a call Cottenham passed along where we leave you with the perfect lawn and your Pescado.


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