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OK. Welcome back podcasters. I am Gier Johnson. I am your host. I am the founder of platinum Peston along with my beautiful wife Jennifer Johnson. Together we are the premier exterminator Tulsa.
We will get the job done when it comes to your guests to need the pester we need. We are the people to call. We found the company six years ago. We are told based companies servings servicing the greater Tulsa area. You can always reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 where you can reach us on the web at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. All right if you are a fellow podcast you’re told if you’ve been listening to the podcast you know that we have been doing all sorts of trivia about pest around the Tulsa area about the pest that people commonly encounter is about pests that people just do not want to deal with in their lives. Pest they want out of the house pests that they do not want anywhere near their families. And so we’ve been coming strong and hard with some trivia questions for you we’ve asked questions such as how long can a roach hold its breath. It’s longer than you and I can tell you that much as 40 minutes. We’ve asked about how many dust mites are in a square yard or carpet typically. Exterminator Tulsa. How many dust mites are typically found on a mattress does winds are pretty much microscopic by the way. We have to ask questions about the police. How high can fleas jump? If we were a flea what how high could we jump. The answer was over skyscrapers. Pretty incredible. We had asked how long ropes can live with there without ahead with their heads cut off. And we’ve asked all sorts of very intriguing questions and interesting questions.
But the thing is Tulsa you don’t have to know those answers right. Leave that to us. Leave that up to the professionals. And so if you make it into us you’ve you know we’ve been talking a lot about mice right. About mice rodents. How they. But yeah how to get rid of them. But here is the information that you need to know is that if you’re dealing with any rodent problem what you need to do is you need to get on it. Peter, you don’t that Google and go ahead and google exterminator Tulsa will be the top choice. Just go and click on our league exterminator Tulsa give us a call and you can say bye-bye to your rodent problem. Orphanage we control that you won’t give us a call. We will. We will take care of that situation for you to live. Let’s go back to Miles. We have talked about a deer mice move talked about mice in general drones some fun factor. Facts out there for you. For instance fun factors. Fun trivia question we have asked the question of how what size hole does a mouse need to enter a home or enter any type of structure. And the answer is a hole the size of a dime. That’s it. They do not need a bear. They do not need very much ordered come income into the home and here’s the thing is that why are there such great climbers great jumpers great swimmers but they climb so well and so you don’t need to just pay attention to what’s below. Right.
So what’s the eye level and below they can scale your brick in the wall without a problem whatsoever. And so you must check on the eaves of the home to see if you see any access points that they have that they might have in your home or if you find them if you find access points or if you just don’t know really what to look for. That’s OK. You can call this you’ve probably seen our billboard that says exterminator or Tulsa. Our phone number is on there and give us a call we’ll come right out for you we’ll get that taken care of we’ll seal off those access areas just simply say they don’t have access to your house. Right. We’ve asked the question How often do mice eat today. The answer that question was 15 20 times a day. If you think about that if any person was 15 20 times a day who knows how much weight gain you know I’d probably weigh a thousand pounds by weight if I eat 15 to 20 times. There probably wouldn’t be living and probably would have already had a heart attack by now. But when you eat a lot you’re also going to poop a lot. Right. Exterminator Tulsa
And so they will drop. Anywhere between 40 to 100 droppings a day. That is an insane amount. And so it doesn’t take long for all those droppings to be noticed there in your home for you to notice that you are having a mouse infestation. We’ve talked about their lifespan and the wild. It’s usually about five months however in captivity they can live about two months and that is you know outside they have all sorts of predators you know working against them trying to eat them trying to make them their meal in that type of thing. So here’s the thing is when most people are time and we get the most phone calls on mice initially between October February so you look most people are that run into a mouse problem they’re going to google exterminator. So usually during October through February, this is when the mice are trying to come indoors and become terrorists to your family but don’t want that happen. Just give us a call we’ll come out there and take care of that there for you. We’ve talked about it. About. Dealer mice and how they come inside and also their food and how they got their name. They got their name has their fur looks like a deer for the world we want to talk about today’s We want to talk about high house mice. OK. Now house mice are the most. Common rodent pests in most parts of the world. So there could be the most common bird passed over here in the Oklahoma area. Now get this right.
This is one reason why you cannot let a mouse issue get out of control once you find when you got eliminated right away. Now. A female house mouse can get both too. What do you think of Tulsa? How many babies do you think? You think a house mouse can have just in one birthing. Well, the answer is 12. Right. They can give birth up to 12 babies and they can do that every three weeks. OK let me break it down for you so they can give birth up to 12 babies and that can happen every three weeks. So one mouse can be responsible I guess epitomize right can be responsible for up to 150 babies a year. Right. And that’s just there’s this just the babies of that ONE female has right now if they’re having babies and. Their babies are going to have babies about two months later. Right. And so that number can grow and grow and grow and grow and it will grow exponentially if not taken care of. Not sought after. So. Here’s the thing if you suspect that you have mice or that you have rodents if you see those droppings are 40 to 100 droppings a day taking place. Give us a call. We are the premier exterminator Tosa and we will take care of it for you. That way you don’t have to. We will be that guy. We will be the people that will come into the house. Find out where they are. Find out where the problem is eradicated so you and your family can sleep at night. Right. Now. The house mouse.
You know they primarily feed on planes food that you leave behind that type of thing they will also eat and you know dairy products and meat they need to drink water. However, they don’t need a whole lot of water. OK. That’s good. Now that’s important. They don’t need a whole lot of water. Now here’s a gross fact coming at you hard and strong. Tulsa Did you know that house mice they’ll eat their droppings. Yes, you heard that right. They eat their droppings. But why do they do that? OK, they eat their droppings so they can get the nutrients that they need. This problem that’s produced by the bacteria in their guts. All right. How. GROSS Is that. Who wants to be living with such gross. You. Not you not I. And that’s why you’re going to give us a call that that’s why you’re going to google exterminator Tulsa. You going to click on her link. You can give us a shout. We’re going to come out and save the day, therefore. OK. They’re living in your home. They’re not paying rent. They are sloppy roommate and they bring diseases. I mean you do not want that. In your house. Right. You’re smarter than that. Tulsans that’s where you’re going to do the smart thing you’re going to look us up. You’re going to give us a call. You can reach us at 9 1 8. 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You also find us online at Platinum. Exterminator Tulsa
Pest and lawn dot com. Now here’s the good thing for you Tulsa is we don’t only take care of my eyes.
We take care of brown recluse spiders wolves spiders ants carpenter ants odorous hands it’s a habit and that is bothering you that is being annoyed to you and your family. We will eradicate and we will resolve this situation. We take care of Termite’s we take care of Mosse we take care of flies Dragonfly’s fruit flies gnats. Exterminator Tulsa
We take care of fleas and ticks. We take care of pretty much you name it and we’re going to take care of it. Exterminator Tulsa
We’re going to prevent any pest from terrorizing you and your family. But the thing is you have to call us for us to do that. Not only that we all knew we’d control. So if you want the order of the month you want your yard looking green. You want the perfect lawn your pet has gone it’s time give gives a call. Quit dreaming. Give us a call Potten in Peston line you reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Reach us on the web on the Internet. At platinum passed in non-comp and you get this title says if you give us a shout you call us. We’re going to your first service for $1. Yes, that’s right you heard us right $1. You virtually have no risk. I’m involved with calling us out on because we also have the money-back guarantee so any time you’re not satisfied with our service you let us know we’ll come out and resolve the issue if we still can’t get it taken care of we’ll give you your last service money back. No brainer. It’s time to do it. Also, give us a call platinum pest and lawn perfect launch Peskin.


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