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All right. Welcome podcasters welcome. Tulsa Welcome to another podcast with your host. Jared Genser, I am co-founder and pest along with my beautiful wife.
Jennifer Johnson.
She is really the brains behind the operation. She knows what’s happening. She is.
The really the head honcho when it comes to platinum pest and lawn bud. Exterminator Tulsa
But she assigns me to do the work to do the best intro work here. And so we are talking about bugs. If you are no stranger to our podcast you know that we consistently talk about bugs. We talk about ways to control bugs but we are plotting and personal on we are Tulsa’s premier exterminator Tulsa and so it gives a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us on the web. Platinum pest in London come we’ll come out and resolve any of your pest control need any of your control issues. Anything that needs to be done we can come out there and make it happen and get it taken care of for you.
OK. Well. We’ve been talking about all sorts of past and it has been all wrong.
You’ve got to find this out you’ve been able to listen to and to know that we are some passed new rules over here. Platinum. Pest and lawn. We will come out and take care of your pets so you don’t have to buy it. But here’s the thing is we’ve come some We’ve got some fun facts that we’ve come into strong about Mosse about mice about spiders about ticks about roaches about fleas about weed control. Pre-emergent applications we have given you a wealth of information a wealth of knowledge. Now it’s up to you to actually take that knowledge into Google us Google exterminator Tulsa and from there we will. People call us up.
We’ll come out. We will take care of your pest control needs that you have to make sure that your family is safe. Right. And to make sure that you don’t have to deal with those pests that you don’t have to deal with those creepy crawlers because there’s somebody else out there that will take care of them. And that’s as we’re used to it we’ve been in the business and we’ve been keeping Tulsa’s happy. Oklahomans are happy. We served the greater Tulsa area and we can now we are confident we can take care of your pet’s needs. In fact, we’re so confident that will do so. We give you a money-back guarantee. That’s right. We are able to see him hide or work with a money-back guarantee. So many companies can do that but we can do that so that way it’s a risk-free decision for you for us to come out there and assess your situation and take care of any pets that you have.
OK. So if you have been listening to our last couple of podcast we’ve been talking about Moss. Yes, we have been talking about months.
You know those pesky little flying bugs that you see oftentimes at night most likely going to be around a light source. Let’s see if you have a light there on your front porch. And you know those flying bugs that are that seem to be attracted to it that are flying around the light. Yes, we’re talking about those today we’re talking about some models. But here’s the thing. Tulsa if you have a math issue if Moss inside. And you don’t know where they’re coming from. Right they just all of a sudden appear had people call us and say hey we are vested with the mass in her attic. They are everywhere at this time of year we can’t find the source. We don’t know where they’re coming from. What is the deal? Help us out. Well, we can help you out. We have the knowledge we know we have the know-how. To make sure that you don’t have to deal with those guys. But you’ve got to take some steps. So what she had to do is yet to call the premier exterminator Tulsa platinum pest and lawn and we will come out and we’ll assess the situation and will make sure that you do not. I have to deal with those Mohs again. Right. We will resolve your concern about your issue or your money back. We will give you your money back because we offer that money-back guarantee for you. Let’s compare. As we mentioned a little bit about Mexican jumping beans. They are not made up. They are not make-believe they are not a myth.
Mexican jumping beans are real. At least you get the name Mexican jumping beans. Why do you think they get that name Mexican jumping means. Well, one would say Logic would tell you that probably a bean that jumps hence the name Mexican jump be well then somebody else will say well how is that possible. How can a bean jump especially if it’s been taken off the planet and it sits in your hand. How come it’s jump. That’s not really that’s fake That’s imaginary. Well, that’s some hard facts coming at ya. A doubter disbeliever. Mexican jumping beans are real. They are a real thing but it’s not caused by the plant itself. What does it cost VMS’s cause from the larvae a moth has gotten inside the bean and when it heats up.
It’s going to jump or it’s going to move around as it gets uncomfortable and so gives that perception of a jumping bean of a being that jumps right. So if you see jumping beans at your house or if you think that moth larvae around your home Google exterminator or Tulsa call us we’ll come out and eliminate the issue. We’ll assess the situation and we will get you all squared away and all taken care of. So you do not have to deal with Mohs. Leave that up. Leave that up to the professionals. And we also talk about how a bad boss can actually since a female from a couple of miles away. That is remarkable. But they can actually sense that they can sense females from a couple of miles away. That way they can meet up and they can breed. And that’s one reason why we have over 13000 different species of moss in North America. Yes, you heard me correctly. That is over 13000 different species of moss in North America and about 160 5000 different species of moths around the world. OK. So there are a lot of Mohs most aren’t going away. They’ve been here for a long time. They’re going to stay around for a long time. But the thing is Tulsa’s you don’t want them around your home you don’t want them around your family. And so the next time you’re driving down the road and you see that billboard that says exterminate or Tulsa give it a call that wants us platinum pest in the lawn. Make sure it says platinum passed along on there as well.
We will come out and eliminate those Moss or any other pest issues that you have that you do not want to deal with. OK. Exterminator Tulsa
OK. There’s sick. Yes, there’s a moth and that that actually kind of creates a self like a cocoon. And let’s think about this for a second so silk is a precious item of precious material so someone considers a person’s material has some value to it. Let’s think about this OK. One pound of silk if you have one pound of silk so you have container silk and the total weight on that container silk is one pound. OK let’s say that you do have that. How many Cancun’s. Of true silk moth. Would it take to come up with one pound of silk? Well here’s the fact right. Here’s the fact it’s coming at you. If you Rabil the cocoons of twenty-five. Thousand Baso trousseaux more so if you have 25000 true supermoms lying around you know just oh I just got next to 25000 over there and 25000 over there. I don’t know if you were to take the tedious responsibility upon yourself to unravel all of the cooking’s the true silk moth. It would take twenty-five thousand of them to get enough silk. To weigh. Exactly. One pound. OK. That’s a lot of silk That’s a lot of Mohs to actually get such little silk right. So but still it does have somehow some value to it. And so that’s actually remarkable is that it takes so much silk. To just get word to me. Exterminator Tulsa
Somebody could sew me up homes right to create just one pound of silk. So hopefully you’re not in the silk business if you are we won’t take care we won’t kill your boss right. But everybody else also wants Mahsa exterminated from their home.
I just go google exterminator Tulsa will come out and we will make sure that you do not have to deal with them anymore. But we don’t just take care of Mom. We take care of e-mailbox we take care of carpenter ants take care of odors and some people call him his hand’s little black hands. We take care of brown recluse spiders. We take care of all sorts of different types of spiders and wall spiders cellar spiders or spiders. They’re the ones that create those pretty well some people lying around the home. You know we’ll take care of fleas ticks if you have an animal has fleas and takes on and we’ll take care of it. We do pre-emergent weed application broadleaf we control weed applications. We fertilize the yard. We do fescue lawns. You name it we’re going to get it taken care of. We can get it done. Therefore you can get it done at an affordable rate and that also you virtually have no whatsoever because the first service for you is just one dollar. And not only is the first search for $1 but we do give you a money-back guarantee we’re if we are not able to eliminate the pest issues that you’re having. We will give you your money back for the last service we are that confident that you will love us. Looks up you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us on the Internet. Exterminator Tulsa
At platinum Peskin launch.


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